You don’t have a duty to try and save people.

@happylearner Even if it is an inside job it mirrors your emotions. So if you are selfish unto your own reality your own negativity will flow back to you. Reality, be it objective or subjective, has a feedback mechanism. The objective and the subjective are the same thing, which is infinite probability experiencing itself forever. Yes, there is just you, you are consciousness, part of the greater consciousness system, but you’re not living all of yourself at once, unless you transcend ego.

Ich bin Kanadier, also WeiƟ ich Englisch.

Fantastic video! So relevant in the age of social media. This is quite simply the direction human consciousness is moving these ways.

Did i just have a class in 7mins..? Much thanks Derek!

…what about porn stars

My skype id is: full. skype2

Bing translates to klingon

Machine: “Well after hearing you fire Guy 2, I learned that machines are better at owning other machines than any human can. I’ve bought out all the machines you own and now the machine is in control of them. Haha.”

I knew it! i knew u were gonna say that -,-

Great video!

Side Note: The Borough of Brooklyn is also Kings Country while the borough of Queens is Queens County. We all know that A King trumps a Queen. Eat your heart out donny that you are not a King nor will you ever be.

If wou hire great people and have them stay working for you, you have to let them… > insert win <

Can you do some videos on The Scarlet Letter?

I’m German and I don’t have any problems speaking American English without an accent. I recorded myself to test it and compared it with native speakers who recorded the same sentences. Also, people always tell me that they didn’t know that I’m German once they find out where I’m from.

I love the whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same

Speechless Who needs Sparkznotes

Get Paid To Mess Around On Facebook And Twitter!

Im getting dizzy trying to comprehend this..

Kyle, I never claimed to know the ‘individual stressors of a current college student’. What I do know is that an balanced view is usually a composite of such subjective data combined with objective data gained by viewing the matter from a detached perspective.combine this with more complete data from which to draw reasonable inferances about the whole, & you then start to approach a wise conclusion.


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