But what about us? I believe that humans need to work to do stuff to feel like progress is made. When others do it for us, wouldn’t something we need to feel whole be missing? I want technology to improve but I also want humans to keep working to be content with the work they do. With the progress they feel that they are making.

Can we have a fantasy and scifi book list because this list is a bit stale and unrelatable to a decent part of this generation.

Rick would be a “no” man then. Alan Watts says you can either say “yes” to life or “no”. You can be like fuck it everything is constantly changing so whats the point? saying “whats the point?” is really a way of hiding an urge to find a point/meaning by brushing it under the carpet…”fuck it theirs no point”

This is a common misconception, but in fact the opposite of the truth. In the society stylized after Nozick’s theories, you have the ability to make changes when you encounter problems. For example, when there is too much power gained by accumulation of wealth, it is up to the rest of society to deligitimize the value of the currency and thereby their power. In Rawls socieity, you cannot do this because the state has made the power and wealth legitimate by law.

Earthbound concept in nutshell!

Sounds about right lol 🤷🏻‍♂️

The trouble with that type of essay format is that for some topics, 5 paragraphs is not enough to cover some subjects.

Prince, you’re genius… I pray someone is listening

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Thank you for this video you shared I’ve learn a lot

I actually love this. I wish my professors were as enthusiastic as you.

Nice lecture sir…. i think it will really help me in my LR…..will put all ur mentioned points in my head during my writing… Thank you sir 🙂

My points were 280. And i m 19. Its correct man.

No truer words has been spoken.

Çend xebatek xweş e divê her zana ji bo mirovatiyê temaşe bike.

I will be grateful if you can pose more other videos. This is amazing

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