Are you the same person you were ten years ago?

Spacibo Keegan


Basically: don’t be a fucking asshat

Hi! I love your videos but can I request you slow down your speech a bit? It’s hard to keep up with that pace when I’m trying to learn something at the same time. 🙂 Thanks!

This is a great video but i feel it wasn’t exactly necessary to state how he contracted aids. The fact that he died of it seems sufficient.

“Blaow” is a stilistic device also called onomatopoeia, you should know that if you analyze lyrics…

To devolving and improving? .

Oh no..

People needing others underneath them to make themselves feel higher, is all that the caste system seems to be about.

Imo, this list definitely should have included “The Lost Pisces” and “The Golem”. “Cradle” and “Izle” also looked like they had potential, but I don’t know if they are worthy of making the list.

I end up dancing around to this instead of revising ahhhhh. But at least it keeps me in a good mood!

Yeah ‘german has most likely something to do with whoever spread language’ .

Fucking jew doesnt even know about Justice Think about problems that they are causing in the world right now. Justice is you being collapsed and Christianity becomes Great again that is the justice

Still no idea

It just would have been more accurate and concise to just say Iranian instead of southwest asia.


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