Mr. Khan as a Econ major your way of solving the problem could be little confusing and difficult. PED’s Formula = (Q1-Q2/Q1) ÷ (P1-P2/P1) will be much easier to use.

I want this guy as my teacher hahah

They have a coffee machine! Take my money!

Hey sage. that’s not the song Blackbird. LOL

Can i get your skype ID?


Keep that spirit up👍👍👍

He is an angel.

This is basically what West Europe (A) does to East Europe (B). It`s what the Global North (A) does to the Global South (B).

Они в школе не проходят это, видимо.

War = Peace

It’s pronounced as “Keltic”, “Seltic” is a sports team.

Plz tell me about PTE reading tips

My handwriting changes a lot for certain letters like C, O, T, I, R, c, o, t, and i

Awesome Vid really enjoyed it. you have deffo made me want to get the game its 50% on steam too 🙂 thank you for another brill introduction

I remember when my teacher showed our class this video and when he got beat up in the end, one of my classmates screamed “THATS WHAT YOU FUCKING GET” but she forgot the teacher was still there so she stayed after class for a talk lmao.

Mam from when u will start uploading more economics and accs videos???


I was struggling so hard with demand and supply that you wouldn’t even believe it. You’ve helped so much and il make sure to recommend this channel to anyone who’s struggling with economics

Fanatical secular Iranians are some of most pathatic creatures! Their pre Islamic history isn’t all rosy. & Arab Muslims had produced greater scientists & thinkers

Amazing speech, amazing book too!

I wish to learn spanish but by home..any credible sources you know?

This is v. helpfull thanks


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