Neckbeards Hate Her Because of One Single Trick

He’s missing his visor….

OMG this helped me so much! Thankssssssdfyiwbiauhasjnv

Thank you, you are a great help 🙂

Very easy to learn about it

Bought on gog.

If u watch at 0.5 speed –> hilarious

Oh I see we have the how many lives is worth one or is life worth sacrificing for the lives of the many!!

We are not the only animals afraid of death, silly…

That interviewer is fucking dumb. But that’s why he’s an interviewer and not the man in the arena.

When is this coming out

This is fucking great

How i get macro economic book

The language creator of GOT said he used Arabic and German as the influence for Dothraki.

I know I’m late to the party but “The Methods of Rationality” is a fantastic read, once you forget that it’s a hp fanfic.

Bad case of stripes

Member chewbacca? member millennium falcon?

It added more attractive and colorful pictures, which i dont find in my book

The thing about what I read in the comments is not about evolving language, but more translating an emotional context effectively using intonation and morphing words to get across his message more effectively, whatever that may be is open to interpretation.


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