Can you plz do Sicario??

P. s would you every do any lessons on Lord Of The Flies? Or some more on poetry?

Ma’am thank you soo much for helping students world wide.


Jodie your tha bestest…have a 3 scoop ice cream

Humans has the chance to create a great civilazation on planet earth but the system of money wars and celebrity its taking us far away to achieve this goal so sad sorry my bad english

Its nice to the children like me..

I don’t use my teeth when saying D or T…am I doing it wrong? xD

Racist ass interviewers.

George Lucas was heavily inspired by Joseph Campbell when he wrote Star Wars.

First time i ever cried because of a video, I have no words, without a doubt the most positive man I have ever seen in my life!

Will never forget this amazing parrot. It just blew me away the 1st time I saw this on t. v., when he asked for “soft corn” instead of the dry, hard corn. RIP Alex.

Thank you so much for your amazing videos. You taught me all the things so perfectly in just 29 minutes which I actually learnt in 4 years of undergraduation. May God bless you with more success and knowledge.

Música de verdad!!

I never read Romeo and Juliet, but, I watched the movie. Poor mind of me.

How did they predict the future?

Hello, friends, I’m well and I hope you all of fine,

Well, if movies like GOTG 2 they’ve improved with color grading. Check it out, it’s so colorful

Ok sir

Eric looks like Mr. Shew from Glee

Shout out to Chopin’s e minor at 6:00

Or we just use our new robot slaves as slaves and we all reap the rewards. instead of you going to work you send your android that represents you. it makes money. you get the money, you sleep in till 12 and go to the aristocratic ball or some shit,


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