“As long as we’re together” – Mark of Athena (Or The House of Hades. I can’t remember)

Great presentation…..I understand conflict management better now.

If there´s something that can create conflict and separate people then it´s religion, politics and sexual orientation…

Selling nonsense in the name of feminism (gender equality) can only damage what many of us deem a worthy cause.

– Aleister Crowley

Rick’s meaning is defined by that motherfucking szechuan sauce

Carol Vance notes:

I think I spend too much time looking for the “perfect method” when I should just be practising it!

Mr. Taylor, all I can say is, thank you for speaking English, and thanks for your creativity in helping us understand something that can be so complex. Are you a teacher? Great teachers create visuals for better comprehension, and you did that sir; great for us.

Bend water?

Ok I can’t really be quiet about this. Your voice is so F*cking annoying

Why does the price rise when in output increases in the ppb? Because, I thought that when inside, not all of the resources were being used

I like cheese!

Simply amazing!

“Few readers will be shocked by the news that extrinsic motivators are a poor substitute for genuine interest in what one is doing. What is likely to be far more surprising and disturbing is the further point that rewards, like punishments, actually undermine the intrinsic motivation that promotes optimal performance…. ” Alfie Kohn, Punished By Rewards. NY: Houghton Mifflin (1993), p. 68.



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