He is so inspirational, I’ve seen a few of his videos and he doesn’t fight for black rights, white rights, or gay rights etc he fights for the world and for humanity. Every time I watch one of his videos I just get goosebumps because it’s so true and sometimes I hate to think that our world is coming to this and he is very much making a difference and he should be much much much more talked about and viewed because he has some very valid points and has something that every body should listen to.

Este juego me recuerda a…

Should have been spoiler alert XD

Well, last time I checked at least

Finally… he dead by alien thank you alien!

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Dopełniacz (Genetivus)

It was so worth staying up this late to copy all of these details, thanks GconplusDal

Why should he specify anything? He wasn’t writing in an academic journal, a magazine or a book. He was writing a private letter to a friend, a friend who knew exactly what he was talking about. Of course if he knew that a bunch of far right trolls were going to trawl his private correspondence to find quotations to rip out of context, he may have used more precise language.


Letting nature take its course?” An age old moral delima in jurisprudence

That was the longest “skrt” of my life

I have checked your website and it’s just something amazing I really want to thank you for your great effort and time you spending in giving us this tips and advises

कोशिश तो बहुत कि,की राज़ बयां ना हो।

Where is Arabic?

I have followed your advice and I get very good result in essay I got 18 marks out of 20 and it is highest marks

Great video. But it’s called a “Motif” not a “Motive”.

5. o kolesu

Step three: Auction house


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