I wish I were being taught by you.

25:57 are the unequal signs (>) and (<) correct?

Quando ele falou “mão” a primeira coisa que pensei foi mEU DEUS ELE É BRASILEIRO???!!!!

You are soooo goood!!!

More clarity and insight in half an hour than I’ve seen in many linguistics textbooks.

Everything begins with Turkey? 😀 And Croatian is Croatian -_- Your videos are weird

I’d P2P for it. Easy.

On the other hand, it’s also hard to look at a 13 year old girl (with the passage of at least as many years since) and say “Yes, you know exactly what love is.” Did you, at 13? No. Buuuuuuuuuuut I betchathoughchadid… y’know, at the time…

Jesus Christ….

8 years?? marvel’s been making marvel movies longer then that. way before x men and the mcu. those movies are better quality then mcu movies! x men are in general are also better quality AS IN picture quality and graphics even the original x men movies anyway not the newer ones

Would like to have a video on Mad Men and history and present situation of sexism access the globe.

It’s all for the sauce.

A wizard, a human and a hobbit. Although that, it was one of the most impressive video that I’ve ever watched.

Slang use kr skde ielts ch

Would anyone recommend me a good book on the importance of Literature?


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