What about “The order of things”?

It’s too grey and not colorful

Steve jobs is dead whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

That country next to England spoke WELSH, not English

Omg… I also do shower conversation, and kitchen conversation too. 😄😄

Thank you!!

I love this so much! It’s adorable!

Grrrr, indeed, we need both of what those two types of people do. We need science to innovate, dicover new idea…, To make our life better, easy and exciting. On the other hand, we need equality to make sure that nobody get oppress anyhow, and everybody get their rights which may be obvious.

Im not coming down on the interviewer… I just think he happens to be a great example of the intelligent folks of the younger generations. There are gaps there… times when their knack for data processing and coding leave a void in more broader and humanistic intellect.

Azucarilla confirmado jajajaja (ojala xd)


This is me when I’m writing a paper and have to make it so confusing that the teacher just gives up and give me that A

Thank you so much. You explain very good, not complicated!!!

you’re obsessed with masturbation and porn and its obvious nobody wants to work in your hell.


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