No marvels first 3 movies were iron man, the Incredible Hulk and iron man 2

I am stupid

Imma try it tomorrow!! Thanks for the videos. They help everytime!

Do the Power of One by Bryce Courtenay please

I did it twice and i am 16-21 and 55+

Thank u sir for the video Im really learn good points about essay. Sir can you add some exercises about essays?

Awesome thanks for the use of the video it changed my mind and I will be able to do with the following document and or privileged attachments

I thought of the exact same scene in BVS that you showed! I got chills bcs I was thinking about it when you showed it 😂

Can you please please please slow down and show us what you mean by useing people as examples you kind of went to fast I couldn’t get or read all of it =( im sorry

And all actions act upon the environment, and also shape us in that process.

El pelo de beethoven se parece al mio :v

Wow. Do u know that you do a lot of interesting games? Because, most of your videos are interesting!😄😎😎

A one quality sir..👍

At least an honourable mention to Song of Ice and Fire

All hail Mr. Clifford!!! He quit his teaching job for us!!!! Pass the exam and follow your dreams!!!



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