LOL this is exactly what NOT to say. I think i stopped listening somewhere after 40 seconds.

Sorry I just had to

Https://youtu. be/8w4Ku6l7OEI? t=618

Notice how they mentioned that those in jail act like faggots and they giggle like morons.

“British prime minister Winston Churchill suggested to the incoming Eisenhower administration that Mossadegh, despite his open disgust with socialism, was, or would become, dependent on the pro-Soviet Tudeh Party, resulting in Iran “increasingly turning towards communism””

Hello Preston Mossman,

Thnku sir….smjh m aa gya


Nd need to pause many times…

Plz tel me name nd company of marker u hv nt getting them in market

The death of resignation of philosophy is the death or resignation of the soul.

I wouldn’t skip one of your videos, it could be about wall to wall carpeting in film, always interesting. great job!

I am not sure women’s voice can go down to the chest register.

But that’s based on the fact that there would be continued existence of a race that could interprete such things. And once those cease to exist, it all goes to dust and becomes nothing.

Dude standing up is hilarious

I love Obama in this because you can see he’s trying to keep his composure. X’D omg I’m dying here!!

Good luck to all my 2017 test takers.


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