Its a full priced game, why would it not be.

Thank you!

Can you do writing techniques we must know for analysing? And poetry?

This what happen when u let white people in the culture

Sir mbs ko class pani start garnu pareo its my humble request 2 u

Humans in a nutshell.

So glad i came across this channel 🙂

Thanks For The Video. Its really informative. The way you explained its really good. But it would be better or very helpful if the topics were in sequence like Scope of economics, nature of economics in an order…


C=”to be when you are applying for a job”=”to be + adv” .

Great idea, mcpartridgeboy. We’ll ban people suffering from bipolarity from procreating. But why stop there? Perhaps we can sterilize the mentally disabled? Reinstate Naziism’s Final Solution? Promote slavery? Maybe you’d be better off spending less time blaming others for your issues and more time taking responsibility yourself, you self-indulgent, entitled prat. Good luck.

A bit too fast

If it is that invisible that we cant notice, does it even exist?

Anybody else here because they couldn’t get past the (first sentence) of one of Judith’s writings so they were hoping YouTube could help…. yeah, that’d be me… 🙁

Thanks you really helped, I have to write a persuasive letter to Theresa May, saying that us kids should have longer holidays XD


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