Methinks this woman aught to listen to a real linguist and truth seeker Noam Chomsky professor MIT.

To building confidence is believe in yourself first and if you don’t, nobody else believe in you. Thank you.

How was Cersei not included in the villainous ejective collection?

Thank you

My tongue tip is on the middle dou

Man u are on point..

Going vegan is so easy, be the change

He never talked about protecting employees from jobs being sent over seas. This is a common trend big businesses closing because work sent elsewhere. Also what about business employing people from over seas here. Example jamician and Mexican workers in greenhouses. Denying workers from it’s country and employee over seas people because of it being cheaper and can use them longer hours. Jobs are lost from business sending work elsewhere. How do HR protect that of workers who are afraid work will be sent away?

Hi! Emma i want to learn english. can you help me? My english very bad. Could you tell me How to learn english with you. Please….


So, Can anyone have a religion (Islam/christian/jew/wicca…etc) and be a buddhist at the same time?

Managed to get 4.5 hours of study done while listening to this. Just fucking beautiful.

No looking at Simlish. Fucking disappointing.

This guy has always fascinated me due to his stage presence and speaking ability, but I never found the content of what he says insightful. I think he mesmerizes people in the way he talks and the way he moves. I see similarities between him and faith healers and holiness preachers, and similar to a religious leader, he has his followers that will tell you that he’s the way into the light.

Great video Mr Green! I was born in Iran in 1977 to an Iranian Father and Austrian Mother. We left shortly after my birth to Austria where I learned German as my first language and then we arrived in Calgary Canada when I was 4. I married an Iranian woman 4 years ago and she’s been in Calgary with me for the past 3 years: so I am finally learning a little bit of Farsi myself now(My father had great disdain for all things Iranian since the revolution in ’79 so we spoke only English or German at home).

This is a very good lecture. thank you very-much, we looking forward to use the information you have given us in our research project. #South #Africa

FAAACKKKK. blew my mind.

My girlfriend said she would never tell me a lie and as she did it her eyes blinked really fast and looked in all directions like rolling her eyes but they went left to right should I be worried honest opinions only please

Well, the Dutch were the only nation that was allowed to trade with the Japanese for a very long time. Probably unrelated.



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