Is nobody going to mention that the reason the plotline with The White Council was included was because Peter Jackson knew he would never get to make movies of stuff like The Books of Lost Tales and The Appendices, so he tried to include as many of them as possible into the Hobbit Trilogy as long as they happened during the time period of the book?

Who did Beethoven listen to when he had to study and concentrate.

“Maybe there is a beast. Maybe its only us”

She totally switched the topic.

America, America, America…..

Thank you prince.

Frodo isn’t human he is a hobbit

Where did you study linguistics…Trump University????

Trigerddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! tumbler you have yo see this I’m so trigerd

Fun fact: in modern French, the words “pute” and “putain” both mean “whore”, but in old French, the former was used in the nominative case and the latter with the accusative case.

Thanks so much for these videos so helpful 🙂

This is a really good documentary,

Beautifully done.

I REALLY hope it actually takes at least 9 seasons to get the damn sauce xD

I was really hoping that The Stand would be an honorable mention

This is really awsome

Jpiwlrlrrrrrrrrr. j.

The scary thing is that its all true

I found a secret weapon to boosts your creativity and focus. It is an very simple iPhone app call “CoffeeAM”, which recreates various coffee shop ambiences to increase listeners’ creativity and focus (the usefulness of the white noise is backed by a scientific research from University Chicago). I found it every helpful listening to it while doing my creative works; I always feel calm and it makes my creative juice flowing! The best thing is that it is free to download from app store. Hope this helps!


I write books, novels and poetry. Mostly tragedies, dark stories, mysteries and complex love stories or adventure and action but I know nothing when it comes to essays. I do not what to do.

Very fitting coming from a media service.


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