If you are interested in knowing more about those issues, I recommend you to read Jared Diamond’s “Collapse” which amongst other subjects deals with cannibalism, and also Steven Pinker’s “Better Angels of our Nature”, the latter one is about the improvement of our humanity by time. Pinker has also written “The Blank Slate”, a book about the human nature in general.

Hail Baphomet..

This is a longthink.

10cerrar la puta boca…………..tvputas, tvputas, tvmierdas, tvputos, tvhijos de su puta madre

George H. W. Bush (senior not George W.), Reagan, Carter, and apparently even Nixon, did reportedly take actions to help the bottom 80% against the top 20%, e. g., incarcerating some of the S&L criminals, despite campaign contributions. Unfortunately, after George H. W. Bush things have gone downhill with presidents.

This is “The Thunderchickens”, an all-ages comic that portrays issues like father/son relationships and mental health.come show your support!

Daniel Day kills it…..period

You are way better than my econs prof

If I make ask, what if my research does not have any related literature?

I would counter the idea that education is a public good under the simple classification that there are private providers who can make a profit off of it (There are even $1 a day schools setting up shop in Africa providing education that the state cannot). Even a infrastructure projects can be funded by the private sector if they can charge people entry fees like with toll roads (Though this doesn’t extend to local roads).

Arabic is very complicated

I guess this is ‘general’ but in my experience a lot of body language is culturally specific. For example, in Japan people bow rather than shake hands. The list goes on. Otherwise it was interesting, but needs to be done again at a slower speed.

This a How german

Chances are you belong to the world’s bilingual and multi lingual culture…. yay!


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