I don’t understand why people use underrepresentation of women as an argument for gender discrimination in STEM fields. Women are also seriously underrepresented in the waste management industry. I wonder what’s dissuading these “social warriors” from fighting for equal representation in these fields.

Pitoyable et criminel

GALLIFRAYN! It made me so happy to see that back there.

5 stars for vision

THANKYOU so much! how much is the eco packet?

I once got into a conversation about this with my friend who is Christian. I am both atheist and existentialist and she was asking about what I believe. The farther we got from her structured world of rules and purpose and protocol and an overseer, the more she started to panic on my behalf. She finally got down to her question of… “so what’s the point?!” I responded that there isn’t one. I could tell she felt like she was looking into a gaping pit of nothingness and chaos – and she pitied my world view. The thing is, just because something doesn’t have a purpose, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. When you live in a meaningless world of chaos, it makes it easier to accept the things that suck and appreciate the things that are great. But I also don’t have to accept anything as inevitable – I have a chance to prevent evil or create good. Yet, I don’t have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders because at the end of the day, I can only do my best and whatever will happen, will happen.


Much as I dislike the man, I have to agree he make sense here, everyone have to play a part and deliver, can’t hold hands and baby sit all the time 🙁

Actually it doesn’t

Hello Liz, I really appreciate every thing and every video you made, so useful i’ve done my IELTS today and all i can say May God Bless you 🙂 Amen


Great video!!!

Microsoft Research are shit.

Seriously you just saved me from failing, i understand all the key concepts now

Well he is not per se judging the game by its pre-alpha state, since the graphics in this vid will very likely look very similar to the graphics in the final game. The biggest part that makes his comment dump is 1 claiming every cartoony style games is a copy of blizzard and 2 saying it is killing the pc gaming world. Nevertheless I agree it is a moron.

At the end of the day management and corporations are separate entites, it’s basic management principles… Even though shkreli is a cunt, a corporations main goal is to maximise profits, not benefit the people. If you want to benefit the people, join the government and represent the people… you’re in the wrong fucking industry if you believe otherwise.


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