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And started pointing us towards “the right thing to do”

Thank you very much, you make something that seems boring to me very interesting and very helpful, i never learned how to write an essay but thanks to your video everything became much more clear and its more fun than just reading about it. You are a very passionate teacher and you know how to keep people interested. Just want to say keep up the good work hope to learn more thanks to your informative lessons.

This game should be in development for another year or so. Galactic War is a joke, unit diversity is non-existent, it lags in places it… really shouldn’t and it feels like an alpha still, generally speaking.

Wow, the fact that this moron spent 2 years studying how Trump speaks says everything we need to know about Jennifer. A normal person doesn’t need more than 2 minutes to understand the inauthentic bumbling idiot that Trump is. I suspect Jennifer may be the kind of crazy low-IQ dumb-as-a-rock woman that Trump speaks about. Maybe her brain turned to mush from listening to Trump for 2 years. It goes to show how easy it is to con a moron like Jennifer.

“I hope this help you understand how to write a thesis” Fuck yeah it did!

If the federal government ever tries to make this the norm, i guarantee the South will try to secede again. (i’m in MS btw, lel)

This was really helpful. thanks!

Dinosaurs once roamed the earth and disappeared because of a meteor impact.

(10316010) Before i saw this video, i think all English vocabulary have the same meaning but I learning that robot means traffic light in Africa, this is a interesting for me. i’m not a native speaker of English, I learn that language will change along with the culture background.

Rick and morty game


You English speakers are lucky, There is no masculine nor feminine in your language.

I never understood Hip-Hop until Martin Shkreli came to my attention. Thank you for nothing black people.


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