The Kite Runner, loved it:)

Gender Pronouns must be conlangs

All this caste system is creation of these bastered pandits, brahamas. This bastered hindu that is speaking about castes is worst than a pig. One day this bullshit has to be abolished if we want to be a true human. We all are equal in front of almighty.

Do more!

Lmfao this dudes voice. I hope he is offering his services for my funeral recital.

You have been very helpful Emma, thank you!!

I love you

Ms. Sclafani claimed we are accustomed to hearing a much more educated politician as President than the “plain talking” Trump. I have to ask if she was ever aware of a previous national embarrassment who went by the name of George W. Bush?

Wow this makes me feel really bad about him. Then I remember he’s a millionaire. So he’s doing ok overall. The game does get a bit hard and computer science-y near the end, this part is not supposed to be hard. How do you triple 7? How about 7 + 7 + 7? The proper solution is inbox, copyto 0, add 0, add 0, outbox, jump (to top). It’s 6 lines of code.

Hi jade! I actually have made the same choice as you, and I am taking a gap year. I am so excited but nervous. I will be traveling around Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I also want to work for some of it to make some money before uni! I hope you enjoy your gap year πŸ’œ

+jacksepticeye awesome

Next do a break down of trash and you will find thugger in there

3 choices

I luv this dude he’s beautiful 😭

I always thought this was just called fan service.

That parrot is so stupid, that was clearly a 4″ long 1/4″ lag bolt at 1:18, not a nail, pfffft!

Are economic models (and specilly on the microeconomics field) really connected to reality?

I can’t believe anyone would actually dismiss anything Chomsky says. Absolutely brilliant


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