A lot of words are fingerspelled. I wonder why…

Dupa unii istorici latina si romana se trag din aceeasi limba porto-romana. sau altfel sopus dintr-o romana veche; si ca romana de fapt ar fi singura limba continuatoare a acestei limbi, asta dupa surse de la Vatican. Apoi o alta mare inexactitate, in film, limba romana apare cica de-abia in sec 12-13!?! o alta inexactitate e ca Transilvania e locuita de vorbitori de o alta limba decat cea romana(ne-indo-europeana) Shame on you to spread such errors.

I appreciate the use of conversational language to relate to people. However, when you talk “government business” you need to step-up your use of language that effects billions of people’s lives. In order to do that you need a real education. You need to have an organized intellect. You need to see beyond your own needs and see the needs of the “whole.” Those who support him like that “good ‘o boy talk” Talk that holds the growth and development of this country back. They carry torches instead of candles. They incite violence (Charlottesville) war (North Korea) and fear (getting rid of Obama Care) because they know nothing else. This is how they operate. Violence. War. Fear. They are OBSOLETE! We don’t need to replace Obama Care, we need to replace their stinking thinking.

Beethoven’s face is creeping me out.

Ugh… Top ten lists are very very tough

Southern Road Primary School Board

Great Lecture on human beings “Moral” values..

They predicted number1 xd

I was so shocked and amazed to find out my story follows this cycle.

I don’t have a hand writing, I are an illiterate persons.

Super pic is that it was great Super movies

Great video

1. No mention of Nationalization of oil industry by Mossadegh in 1953.


Wow, you seem like you really enjoy all of this…

Pls bring out those great points for the burning topics

I kept looking at the symbol on the board going doctor who? Should I fangirl? Should I just pretend I don’t see it? But it is beautiful galifraian (sorry spell check doesn’t work on words from doctor who)

Introduce sir watch role adjust rate german walking after usual

This video is very good!!!! no, f*cking good.

Woah! Launch so soon? Awesome!


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