First paragraph is too long

Plzz upload more videos plz

Great video! Great job to summarize and demystify a very confusing topic.

Man make your videos beter if you want eny likes.

Anyone else banging out for tmrw?

The best results are given to people who can link a large amount of economic theories into a very defined topic, therefore showing that they understand a wide variety of economic theory and can apply it in strict scenarios.

That´ll learn those gramophonephobics!

Wow. I’m 45mins in and I’ll tell you something. These Harvard students aren’t so bright.

Just a suggestion. New content from other artists is great, and I don’t mind it, but when multiple people submit content on the same channel, it’s important to have it obvious to the users who’s content they’re going to view. It will be nice in the future to know if it’s larry or this guy that I’m listening to, even if both are entertaining.

Maybe you should find a existential way of funding pbs. tool

Who are you I love you lmao

Not even an honourable mention for A Clockwork Orange? Boo!!

Amazing as always

Ha that belt buckle!


Whos watching in 2017

If my high school teachers were as passionate and relevant as this guy then not only would I have payed closer attention but I would have a better understanding of literature, humanity, and life. We should really hold a higher standard for the people we entrust with the education of our youth.

Do more

Sakura – I, too, respect self-education & individual inquiry, and I congratulate you. I like this: “it does not depend on the school it depends on the student.” The problem is that many students who complain about the classroom environment have no capacity for self-directed study. Some of their complaints are legitimate, but some are just excuses for laziness. This video tries to dresses immature whining up as a political ‘vision’ – ‘the voice of the oppressed.’ I’m glad you’re not one of them.


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