Omg I loved Before I Fall and I really want to read The Raven Boys and Kiss OF Deception, they sound so good.

Where is Wolrd In Conflict?

Sounds irish but canadians are different

Are you a privilege intieled prick?? WHY cause he’s white?? are you a thug gang banger cause your black??

How can you tell if someone is from a different caste?

This will help me a lot..thank you so much..

This video just made me respect the guy. People kept slamming him for raising the price on HIV meds, but he would literally give it away free for people who couldn’t afford it. It’s not like he is a trump supporter or anything, and he started from rags to riches – but people keep slamming him because he is a rich white guy. Fucking hell.

Favorite writer for me is definitely J. R.R. Tolkien!

Love this series so far! Btw my sc is serena_hayre

This mans a gansta, his real name is Clarence…

I am taking exactly the same course as u did for gcse but different exam boards and i was forced to take Rs……. can u please send ur entire economics notes for all 3 units and some of ur AS pls if u can……………………………………………… thanks again

And she gets paid for this SHIT? No wonder America is going to hell!

Join the SzeChuan Sauce Supporters!

I want to know what happened to his beautiful feathers when she first bought him. did you stress him out that much that he plucked them or did you clip his beautiful feathers?

Balchal video….

Talk about to being different?

Everyone’s like ‘I got a deadline in 12 hours’ and I’m here writing my memoir, due in 2036. PLAN AHEAD, PEOPLE.

What is moral..

Dont know if it is true but nice animation and creativity.

He also not only one son of god.(MORE THEN 4 Persons available)

Watch cowspiracy

Tbh we get it and we hate it but is anyone trying to shed a light i mean talking about how vile todays society is wont fulfill your hope that something is going to get achieved, this is a good way of sending a message but.. incase u dont know.. it IS possible to raise awareness in a more decent way regardless of how this message is profoundly important

And one day, aliens will review our silly recordings and, when viewing this clip, exclaim to to one another, “Holy shit! We’ve found him! The most disingenuous man in the land they called ‘America!'”


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