I’m doing IGCSE’s which is harder

Jade thank you for this! I’m supposed to go uni this year but I’m not, i’m on gap year because I don’t know what I wanted to do, did’nt get the best grades and the pressure of school to go straight to uni got to me really badly. So thank you for taking a gap year seem ok because a lot of people just don’t see the positive of it.


I don’t think i know anyone who doesn’t speak at least two languages. But I live in Europe


Love it! Thank you so much! Xx

Now the next thing to know about them going to reviewers why they’re hack are you doing all this stuff. Well, I think there are three reasons, probably, why you’re doing all this stuffs in school. In the first one, off course, to improve your own understanding, as an undergraduate researcher coming into these topics into this discipline on the undergraduate level when the first link to you have to do is to build your understanding, build your background, build your expertise in a particular discipline in subject in that discipline. Then in of course in this paper, when you have built your expertise in your knowledge in this particular subject you’re going to be demonstrating that knowledge, demonstrating that expertise to your professor because this is a college assignment. But you know, the real purpose of a literature review is, itโ€™s a reader service, it something you doing as a favor for your readers, what are you doing you are bringing them up to date.

I love that ๐Ÿ™‚

He had an ACDC belt!!

Me dumb. more game yes.

It was good at first then she started rambling. I’m not an expert at all and but i don’t think thats good and her hands would probably distract too much from what shes saying. She shouldve taken bits and pieces from her little speech and put them togther.


I could understand some of the ISN since it has a lot in common with ASL. I’d love to learn more of it!

I don’t get it. Kellyanne Conway is giving me more information within 5 min than CNN in 24 hours

Sooo, hilarious then? :p

Consent would matter because intent is everything. plotting behind someone’s back is very different from conversation & reason to reach a consensus

The title of the video does not really fit what Steve Jobs is telling here.

You’re clearly confused about the meaning of the word ‘fascist’. And in a particularly ironic way, even. What you’re expressing right now is a sentiment commonly referred to as ‘intolerance’- a core aspect of fascism. Go read a book about it. Or well, just google it.

Very clear explanation, your video saved me form my Research Project.


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