Iranian can reject their Islamic heritage, but Persians have contributed a lot to Islamic civilisation more than Arabs. Muslim Arabs didnt know how to run a vast empire and had to rely on the knowledge of the Persians. Plus alot of famous Muslim scholars are Persians not Arabs, eg Iman al Ghazali and Rumi.

This is actually true. My handwriting is rounded but i also join my letters. Im creative and artistic but logical and stystematic. Im also an introvert….for some reason. KINDAAA

Generally agree with this list, except for Catcher in the Rye. I was a teen in the sixties and read it, and it didn’t impress me. Read it again a while back and still have the same opinion. Despite some people having almost fanatical devotion to it, it’s basically just a story of a whiny rich kid spoiled rotten and cannot take any setbacks in life.

In Northern India, and throughout Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal, as

Now i know what hunter gatherer means

Thank you so much sir for this video. please keep uploading more.

This is utterly fascinating and I did not understand a god damned thing. *rewinds the video AGAIN

Thank you

Apparently literacy and education will solve all problems.

I’am french and my “english” is so bad but i understand the Bernie’s language and it’s amazing….

1. ‘the main idea of this paper is…’

Emma is so nice and sweet.

Do they still do multiple questions in year 12 for upcoming exams, because there are no practice exam papers containing them?

Interesting game, it’s essentially teaching you assembly.

GUYS!!! IT’S SIMPLE!!!! The REASON he talks like a 4th grader is because that’s around the time he found out he can buy his way out of going to English class. Duuuhhh

Was this dubbed over!

Jump if zero_|__ |


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