Did you ask the question if men were on the shirt and a woman was wearing it would it have sparked the same controversy????????


So glad to see that somebody questioned that, but why stop at “Evil”. What about “Love” too? Extensionality? Maybe not but its the best universal definition i have come across so far. I only ever heard that from one person, a Mr Jacque Fresco.

I tabbed out for a second to check out one of the books and came back to cookie clicker. I was like “Wait, I don’t remember clicking on this video?”.

Best video

YES THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE BY FAR. Keep up the good work! 😀

Porque sera que todos los escenarios se sentran en ciudades ÁRABES SERA QUE NUESTRA HUMANIDAD TIENE MUCHO QUE VER EN ESTAS TIERRAS COMO TAL.

I’ve been looking for a way to take notes in class on my computer but when there’s a curve I don’t know how to draw it on Word. What is the thing you’re writing on to draw on the screen like that? Is there something I can use to draw curves and stuff into my word program? Thank you!

HI Liz, Thanks a lot for your helpful videos. Finally, out of many I found your methods very easy and your lessons very helpful. I followed your introduction part of Writing task 2 but couldn’t find the paragraph writing. Could you please help?

That dog is probably dead by licking that oil so often..

I really want to eat this parrot

Thats what scares me. At least now I can think straight… but tomorrow? Work, money, debt, social norms, repressioj of love, its all going to desensithyse my mind. I feel like I am as doomed as the others. The same terrible fate awaits for all, and I cannot fight against it. We wrre raised on extreme individualism. There is no more “staying togrther”. I dont know what we up to, but this whole ‘project’ is insane: misery power fake plastic trees shameless replication of life reduced to monotony and slow death.

You saved me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for this video

Dear Paul, happy new year 🙂 (Now it’s Chinese New Year :DDD)

First of all You don’t know about Iran and definitely the Iran builders like Pahlavi Kings. So keep your negative comments for yourself. Pahlavi kings were the best ever happened to Iran.

Never gonna give u my dogs buthole

Anyone else notice that Envy aint say special guest LOL


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