I have my biology exam in two weeks save me 🙁 shouldn’t of chose triple

Great video thanks

“Shake their heads at prepositions which end sentences…” Yet it is exactly this “mistake” (emphasis on the inverted commas) which Steven Fry “corrected” at the BAFTA Film Awards last Sunday.



That district.”


It was good, although i almost didn’t catch any of it, cause it went so quick.

Good ideas. Good talks. Good doings. Good life, worldwide.

FREE SHKRELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuk the media

I just binch watched through all those Accent Expert videos. Give us more of this!

Ma’am can you please start English learning level 1 to level 8… I’m a bignner

3. Who are “folks like myself”?

Speaks like a New Yorker,…big fucking deal.

George rr Martin stopped at crisis

Thanks a lot… must needed

I dont agree with you on the Watchmen statement, I loved the movie and had no idea of the comic at the time. As a spectator i didnt care if it was the exact replica of the cartoon, i did not think about originality for an instance.

Looks left


P. S : sory four maÎ bad inglich


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