I downloaded this

Yeah, the colors are as over-the-top as the storytelling and character design are, but it’s great. Kinda like Fast and Furious.

He doesn’t speak like any of the “average Americans” I know! He speaks like an average American 5th grader, perhaps.

Amy Goodman

Im in Ireland and the I with a slash is an Irish letter í

Can you be a natural born aphasiac? I’ve never had a stroke, I’m only 14 but I’ve noticed recent development of unclear thoughts, mixing up words, hearing things wrong, forgetting words and thoughts very heavily Ect. Is it only after a stroke that you get aphasia or can it still be a natural born disorder. If so, should I be worried about developing it further or will it mostly stay the same. I’ve been getting worried about my mental health lately after developing this problem and really don’t want to have it be bad enough that it constantly gets in the way of socializing.

Sperandum est pro libertate

Stephen got bum lots of bun fun.


Bilal ko essay

I really like the clothing metaphor. (Language = Clothing) We choose our words for the occasion; we choose them to affect how others treat us; we choose them to fit in (or not); we choose them to create an image (real or imaginary).

Please look up jordan peterson and his comments on postmodernism if you find anything this dude says compelling.

I dont understand in term of no policy. Why?


• Translation (Urdu to English and English to Urdu)

I backed as soon I heard the thing at 5:42.


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