Sounds good


Do a video on Forex trading.

Thanks for the video – I plan to buy the game…

Thanks a Lot….God bless you

The snow is above the house.

I think they’ll start counting the years backwards so we can “redo the past the right way,” and then we’ll hit 1984.

Is it just me or is he really good writing and drawing using a mouse.

Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, William Faulkner’s “the Sound and the Fury”, Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire” and Ralph Ellison’s “the Invisible Man”…

But Al Jazeera is immune to all this, guys. Don’t worry.

9:22 What was that about?

Half-a-dozen viewings and I still get a lump watching his talk!!

Lets think about it… you said he will burn in hell – so you must agree that this punishment (the infinite torture) is appropriate for this man. How hateful person you must be, to think that anybody deserves such eternal torment.

Man you forget world in conflict, it is also a bad ass strategy game as well

Nice presentation. but where is the ultimate solution. i know solution is not out there. solution is only found within.

If a biopic were made of this mans life I feel like Billy Crudup would be a perfect match.

Not Iranian

And there are a lot of minority in Iran

Noticing the Vsauce-esque endings to your videos. Fuckin stellar “made ya think” stuff. Actually wondering if that was part of you’re inspiration or if you came about it separately? Also, any other channels you’d recommend i sub, because 15 videos in and i already respect your opinion which is a rarity for me. Apologies if this string of comments seems rude. I’m just a little drunk and hype at your content.

Not that bad for an American regarding history of Iran šŸ™‚ One of the main reasons for the 1979 revolution which is not mentioned in this video is the fact that there were lots of simple and unaware people who were easy to manipulate especially if you use the weak point which is Islam/religion. That’s true though that there were issues like corruption, inequality etc. but most of those people on street could be considerd as “sheep” following the croud which was absolutely not the case in demontrations of 2009. You have one part wrong when it comes to 1979 revolution when you say the amount of demonstrants increased because of army acting harsh using sledgehammer methods because thatwould just decrease their numbers by fear of getting shut. That’s exactly what happened in 2009 as the militia of Iranian Mulla’s crashed every demonstration with excessive force. They killed many people on street. ran them over with cars and captured them by 1000s putting them in torture cells. The movement of 2009 is stopped because people don’t dare to protest any more as they know how hard they would be hammerd by minority supporters of regime who are armed to teeth and have all the power and support they want.

Great video, I’m taking my exam tomorrow.

Packs of cigarettes were 1$ most. Cars in the 70s and 80s were 2500$-3500$ the median. Heck, I saw prices rise almost 3fold in 5 years of adulthood.

Se le da genial #GonaElSeƱorDeLosComandos


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