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@TheAviationfreak–Yes, the same general principles should apply. The ultimate source for how to format a lit review would be a previously published example in your target publication or class. Good luck!

I’m really sad that this got cancelled. It looked like an AMAZING new idea

I think your energy helps the teaching process too, most video tutors are really low-pitched and sound too technical, and it doesn’t really help me, thanks a lot

So is masturbating morally correct if you pleasure yourself and others? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”ซ

So that’s why any questioning of feminist’s authority results on autistic screeching an accusations of bigotry! we are taking from them the pleasure of asserting dominance by acting as moral arbiters of society thus as everyone else’s moral superior, they don’t like to be told “this position you hold as dogma is as valid as anyone else’s, and your blog, or your first year of gender studies, or your pamphlet-assembled talking points, don’t give you the right to pass judgement onto anyone or to police anyone’s thoughts”

I could imagine obama watching this and cracking the fuck up with joe

It’s bothering. It is “Taoism” but pronounced Daoism. It is Tao Te Ching and pronounced as Dao Dรปh Jing. ๐Ÿ™‚


He sounds like a professional English teacher but in reality, he’s a photoshop pro.

Final tmr 0_o

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Ive said this before,,,,,… a controlled enviroment when others have the advantage or are with you under durress, its so easy to make someone listen,,,,but when no one is around,,no consequences for telling him stf up,,,his theories wont work,,,,,

Your rhyming is excellent I must say.


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