What do you mean people didnt specialise before the industrial revolution. What about priests, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, high ranking army officals to name a few. In ancient rome people used to spend their whole lives working their way up in the army. It’s not specialisation that mae the world great, it was the machinary that was developed.

Sometimes cg for iron man looks a little weird

Where are you getting your information, Fark?

I found a way to make money online.

Disgusting homosexuality is okay but polygamy is not. Fuck this system. I’m not even a polygamist. I love one woman at a time.

Meet me outside i got a bull

It is helpful, thanks a lot.

Ohh… my goodness i did it wrong all the time.

It’s all well and good saying that people should be free and go off on adventures yet you can’t go and travel without any money. Yes people should spend less time on the internet and more time socializing yet a lot of time when people go outside you can get idiots giving you abuse for no reason.

Powerful lecture that integrates class discussion with an amazing professor.

I seriously find these videos so helpful, i’m in year 10 and we are having loads of mini exams and although they don’t mean much i really want to do well in them and these help me do so! Thanks so much Eve, your gonna help me so much during year 10 & year 11

But is it possible to know every consequence of an action?

You guys are hilarious

That’s just perfect!

Bernie Sanders is awesome!

Jij bent dat bij de laatste truc MEISJEDJAMILA


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