Great, thank you this really helped.

I can’t seem to understand why you don’t have 7 figures on that subscribed bubble. This channel is doing the internet age quite a bit of good.

When the EU became possable meaning became quite hard to come by.

And the cry-baby meltdown of the leftist Deficrats continues. LMAO! At least he doesn’t whistle his “S’s” like his America hating predecessor Dingle Barry does.

I wish you were my teacher

Use your imagination

I listen to beethoven at night when i cant sleep, does wonders!! lol love it soo relaxing and pleasant 🙂

Omg! You have no clue how much this has helped me understand supply and demand in economics! Hopefully, it will be as easy as it seems now during that chapter test!! Thankyou!


Depression is an adaptation and not a disease. Psychiatrists made it a disease. Science proved this.

Jesus christ you look so young here, despite it being nearly 2 years ago.____.

He seems like he’s frozen sometimes. And sometimes the image is actually frozen. Gets me every time.

How on earth is that fair? The one who proposed the idea of the cannibalism must be killed to save others.


I just realized this john green wrote the fault in our star wow.

High taxes for the rich? or sould the state own it? also say everybody can get what they want, they have alot of freetime. they could do a lot of fun things, or study more, perhaps then you could get a more direct democracy cus everybody has the time to look everything up and make good disicions ( pardon my english please)

It is a travesty i have only one uprate to give to this video!!!!!

Thank you Emma your method really helped me.

이새끼 겜알못이네


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