35:58 OMG XDD wtf

100% these rappers go by feel. No way this ‘complexity’ is baked in from the start; it’s all feel. The stories rappers come up with are cool, but the rapping isn’t anything complex. This video applies musical structure to rap songs AFTER the songs are written. I doubt the rappers build this in on purpose – it’s all feel

Voilà comment la bienpensance de droite (oxymore) se heurte sur mon cerveau d’humain non économicus et apolitique

OMG I enjoyed this lesson I try learned more in this 22 mins in writing a paper thank you. Can you please come to Michigan and teach.

Before, he simply hadn’t existed as an identified social entity.

Interesting content from an interesting guy who also vaguely resembles the golden god? Please, Wired, keep this type of content coming. In a way it’s just really comforting to have content that teaches us, entertains us, and is one of those rare topics where the comment section isn’t constructed strictly from hatred and vitriol.

يا كفرة

Anyone here heard of The Truth Contest – website?

But thank you for making such a difficult subject relatively easy. You speak pretty fast, but I can pick it up.

I don’t trust any academic who uses comic sans

Juega Word o goo, es de los mismos creadores

Lol, this was a depressing one, but I don’t see the situation like that.

Dat. C. Ему

Hlo sir I m Hairaan Saurav Mehta from Bihar, I just want to know do have already published books of B. S.T.

This is why a field like queer studies isn’t really held to any standards at all,

El amor lo es todos inmenso el canto de las aves, el zumbido del viento, la voz de la selva, la tranquilidad de una noche dormida llena de estrellas, transmites el amor de la naturaleza hacia nosotros

“Maybe greatness isn’t about being immortal, or glorious, or popular. It’s about choosing to fight for the greater good of the world, even when the worlds turned it’s back on you.”- Alex Bailey from The land of stories beyond kingdoms by Chris Colfer

Wao, it’s easy to understand what he said


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