Frodo is a hobbit not human

This is so fucking fascinating to me.

Thanks, it was helpful and useful too. I appreciate your help, I hope to discover more from you, especially on listening section 4 (hints, tricks, ,,),

Assume k is in this sequence. If k is for example the 1650th number in our progression, then we look at it’s 1650’th digit. We haven’t created that digit yet, so here we take a look at our possibilities:

What about Game of Thrones?????

‘When we hear Donald Trump speaks’? Really, this person is a linguist?

“The truth resists simplicity.”

He basically told the story of zelda

Read Now Please

I’m doing a-levels at the moment and I have no interest in English anymore but i’m still watching this video aha xx

For example if the name of a person is Zoran in the vocative it would not be ”hej Zoran” (hey Zoran) it would be ”hej ZoranE”…It changes…If the noun is ”brat” (brother) it would be ”hej bratE” etc. 🙂

Nevertheless it’s a film worth watching for sure 😊

Exactly. And there are an awful lot of people who are woefully ignorant of some very basic English grammar and spelling (and other) rules.

Thank you Miss Liz, but the words were very small and crowded

Yea more income 11,849,105

Anyway, I don’t think feminism has anything to do with equality anymore.

You’re awesome really good teacher… :>

Lastly, are the men who AGAIN have the state of Mind, BUT on different paradigm as that of. They emphasize on the separation of their inner from the outside. They realize the “link” of INTELLIGENT WILL, connecting their inner Self and outside world or Prakriti, making them best fit to ACTUALLY bring visible change in this world.


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