Got my English final tomorrow, so far the class average is 60 out of 120, I have studied so much, but I know I am done for. I hate my teacher.

Touche, rookie error.

I learn more from you than i do in math class.

I think this guy just went through multiple dimensions.

I don’t want to argue for or against existentialism. I just want to point out the horrific hypocrisy of this so-called “Bad Faith”. What Sartre basically said was along the lines of “Hey, you have the ultimate freedom of choosing whatever you want! But you cannot choose any sort of authority figure because that’s Bad Faith!”. He never explained WHY trusting authorities is “Bad Faith”. Moreover, if you were to decide to live “authentically”, you’d follow Sartre’s authority – you’d be living by “Bad Faith”!

Hail Robot Overlords

“For avoiding pain?”

Very good

Have you ever tried to do stop motion???? I dont have an idea for the actual story but I would do it as stop motion and put some green screen in there as well…. maybe play out some movie parts….maybe pulp fiction…. or some other popular movie

Love how he says, “The famous…” and I’ve never heard of it ever.

Who else watches this thinking this so intresting yet you don’t understand what’s going on or you just don’t get it at all

What if your topic is a person how would you write a thesis statement for that?

@kennedyland1 Never said it was easy. I IMPLIED that you make fun of people in stressful situations. Get off your high horse and do something useful. Join a suicide hotline or something instead of laughing at those who get overwhelmed because as you say, they’re too “shocked that they will have to make an effort in class.” Oops, no sympathy for those poor “spoiled little white(oh…and black, asian, arab, and latino) kids” who actually contribute something to society, you racist jerk.

He’s so wise and incredible. Love him


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