My IB English written assignment is due tonight and so far it’s not looking too good… getting rekt

Over all I’m perfect ( chest out, open hand, eye contact, smile) bt I have have confident while walking, some time I think I don’t know how to walk…. when I walk on one side of road after 2min I find myself walking on another side of road or walk like drunker..

Ahhh the quieter jack brings back so many memories

5. in the world=

Queer…doesn’t it sound strange? Weird? Unappealing in fact?

Sorry, not a remake, just a HUGE (and boy do I mean HUGE) MOD!

4:42 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


We dont need to be primitives but we don’t need to destroy the environment. We should find a balance between progress and nature.

Interviewer: … our software engineers and our advertisement experts and our, you know, market experts from different fields – do you have anything that you would like to ask US?

That was very helpful. Thanks Emma!!


So life started from russia= bullshitt

Good teaching method, good low-down!

If only Noam, if only…

Gona tienes que jugar minecraft story mode


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