This ingenious ploy opens the door to modern queer narratives about anything and everything,


Good vid even if I don’t get any think btw I met u today

“It would be straight up remiss of yo’ bitch ass…” I don’t know why, but that part is glorious. XD

Brad Pitt is from Oklahoma, so I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with his southern accent. It’s not affected, it’s real, if not just a bit exaggerated. He drags out all his vowel sounds, which we do.

It is very useful!!

Trust is the most difficult obstacle in communication these days..In the 60’s people used to be nice, cooperative and heart warming. Look at nowadays.. what a bunch of sad saps. I can’t work with none of my current team members because they are all such apathetic robots. You can’t trust people these days. You just can’t. Everyone is fake.

I like martin…seems like a cool dude…cthagod is a fukface

Should’ve been ice cube

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Meruem 😉

These all things have been thought in Quran 1400yrs ago. Quran Chapter 49 verses 11- 12

7:To Kill a Mockingbird.

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour is my all time favorite RTS.

Also, just for general knowledge as your doing economics at AS levels could you give your opinion on how hard or good it is as a subject and what kind things you have to learn; a summary if possible and whether a weak student like me can cope with it

2. Gender is not always a feminist issue, and I think radfems should be gathered in a pit and nuked

How’d u think u did??


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