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Damn white ppl be so mad

SJW’s motto “If you don’t agree with our views, We will take whatever we can out of context so we can be offended and call you a racist/sexist/nazi”

Why Dr Swami is not being considered for Finance Ministry? There are atleast 3 reasons that I can think of.

Nothing in this video,

I ease the pain with molly and meth,


I have a doubt isnt it called the PPC, production possibility curve or is PPF nad PPC the same thing.

Thank you very sir, I am student of Human Resource Management

Coming from someone with attention issues and being unable to fully listen to people for long periods of time, this spoke to me beautifully.

I like the ending lol

Google Hangouts: Gfomitchev@

His Spanish is good.

I don’t think Friedrich Nietzche is best described as a nihilist.

Niharika mam…

I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I listened to the music. I am completely melted after watching this.



The Kite Runner, loved it:)

Gender Pronouns must be conlangs

All this caste system is creation of these bastered pandits, brahamas. This bastered hindu that is speaking about castes is worst than a pig. One day this bullshit has to be abolished if we want to be a true human. We all are equal in front of almighty.

Do more!

Lmfao this dudes voice. I hope he is offering his services for my funeral recital.

You have been very helpful Emma, thank you!!

I love you

Ms. Sclafani claimed we are accustomed to hearing a much more educated politician as President than the “plain talking” Trump. I have to ask if she was ever aware of a previous national embarrassment who went by the name of George W. Bush?

Wow this makes me feel really bad about him. Then I remember he’s a millionaire. So he’s doing ok overall. The game does get a bit hard and computer science-y near the end, this part is not supposed to be hard. How do you triple 7? How about 7 + 7 + 7? The proper solution is inbox, copyto 0, add 0, add 0, outbox, jump (to top). It’s 6 lines of code.

Hi jade! I actually have made the same choice as you, and I am taking a gap year. I am so excited but nervous. I will be traveling around Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I also want to work for some of it to make some money before uni! I hope you enjoy your gap year 💜

+jacksepticeye awesome

Next do a break down of trash and you will find thugger in there

3 choices

I luv this dude he’s beautiful 😭

I always thought this was just called fan service.

That parrot is so stupid, that was clearly a 4″ long 1/4″ lag bolt at 1:18, not a nail, pfffft!

Are economic models (and specilly on the microeconomics field) really connected to reality?

I can’t believe anyone would actually dismiss anything Chomsky says. Absolutely brilliant



It also help me with my homework to and my school test it was really easy when I watched this vido

Again what is “bad behavior” the “axis of evil” and darth vader versus the Luke skywalker and the good guys. The dynamics of being and the psychology of understanding is much more nuanced than such decidedly (unconscious) infantile (surface) polarization!

ترجمه تمام این دروس در برنامه من است که پس از شروع و اتمام به اطلاع میرسانم

Just wondering why the omission of the final stage of the heroes journey ( the part where he is of service to his comunity using the new gifts) … this is actaully the part tht keeps the magic going

Life saver

0:56 numberphile

They all missed what was really going on in the phrase “having our breakfast” from the diary.

Very well explained topic on HRM. Thank you.

No.. you really have to use Iodine. Food dye would pretty much stain everything the same colour. However saying this.. I have never tried it.

I think the amount of sabotage is way to high in this game, can it be adjusted? Otherwise it seems to be an interesting concept.

The first language is Romanian (Româna or the Roman language); all other languages (Latin, Greek, etc) have evolved from Romanian.


Can we take a moment: 7:53 that’s a liver, not a kidney!




35:58 OMG XDD wtf

100% these rappers go by feel. No way this ‘complexity’ is baked in from the start; it’s all feel. The stories rappers come up with are cool, but the rapping isn’t anything complex. This video applies musical structure to rap songs AFTER the songs are written. I doubt the rappers build this in on purpose – it’s all feel

Voilà comment la bienpensance de droite (oxymore) se heurte sur mon cerveau d’humain non économicus et apolitique

OMG I enjoyed this lesson I try learned more in this 22 mins in writing a paper thank you. Can you please come to Michigan and teach.

Before, he simply hadn’t existed as an identified social entity.

Interesting content from an interesting guy who also vaguely resembles the golden god? Please, Wired, keep this type of content coming. In a way it’s just really comforting to have content that teaches us, entertains us, and is one of those rare topics where the comment section isn’t constructed strictly from hatred and vitriol.

يا كفرة

Anyone here heard of The Truth Contest – website?

But thank you for making such a difficult subject relatively easy. You speak pretty fast, but I can pick it up.

I don’t trust any academic who uses comic sans

Juega Word o goo, es de los mismos creadores

Lol, this was a depressing one, but I don’t see the situation like that.

Dat. C. Ему

Hlo sir I m Hairaan Saurav Mehta from Bihar, I just want to know do have already published books of B. S.T.

This is why a field like queer studies isn’t really held to any standards at all,

El amor lo es todos inmenso el canto de las aves, el zumbido del viento, la voz de la selva, la tranquilidad de una noche dormida llena de estrellas, transmites el amor de la naturaleza hacia nosotros

“Maybe greatness isn’t about being immortal, or glorious, or popular. It’s about choosing to fight for the greater good of the world, even when the worlds turned it’s back on you.”- Alex Bailey from The land of stories beyond kingdoms by Chris Colfer

Wao, it’s easy to understand what he said



But then when I saw Christian people in the United States with their up tight and short dress, accessories everywhere, talking to other girls with prideful, the guys wore amazing tuxedo and comparing one another tuxedo or saying how cool the tuxedo was and also some kids were just playing with their ipads and ipads without talking to other kids or elderly people there, i walked down the church while i was running in the evening, then some of them looked at me like i was kind of Asian shit around their church, I felt really broken. Is this how Christian people dress, treat, other people around? is being prideful and wealthy and rich is the most important?

Jack the electronic skeleton is called koko

Real answer: you guys already know no explaining needed

That helped so much. I can finally understand this topic. I read my text book chapter on elasticity and understood nothing. Thank you, keep it up!

I’m a little bit confused about why making more and more of one good costs you progressively more of the other rather than a proportional amount. Explain please.

Alex died on my birthday..?

Seems pretty cool, hope to see more the beginning ones were to boring

I am from ontario but I talk a lot more like the maritime provinces. I pronounce car as cer xD

‘Happy Atheist Day’


Shout out to the creator, for the hardwork.


Having a job is selling your work for money. It is implicit in the requirement to sell such work for a salary to ACQUIRE ownership, that ownership of the resources is not a priori. Science and politics don’t mix well, in fact that’s a central debate in modern political philosophy. Just as much as the VP lacks proof of their model’s plausibility, the opposite is just as true, and is also the case with the current system.

Scenario four: Forgo the five, do not murder.

Like if theres been an accident and they came out okay and need comfort, that is what I mean

I really can’t find Indians who speak English like the stereotype. I find that even vendors on the street have better accents

Yeah, tough gig… sweetie-pie: Analyzing & Studying the speech style and pattern of a Complete Idiot.

Mark Cuban!

As a linguist, I would love to see what this scientist has specifically found out, because what she says in the video is pretty obvious and apparent to anyone who watches five to ten minutes of Trump’s speech.

Get ride of FEMALE HR!

That is really very useful Mam,

Thank you very much for this video. It was very helpful!!

Can you do a video on all the different types of form in Macbeth?

What’s the name of the last song that starts at 4:40? I looked up both song titles at the end of the video and it was neither of them.



What do you mean people didnt specialise before the industrial revolution. What about priests, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, high ranking army officals to name a few. In ancient rome people used to spend their whole lives working their way up in the army. It’s not specialisation that mae the world great, it was the machinary that was developed.

Sometimes cg for iron man looks a little weird

Where are you getting your information, Fark?

I found a way to make money online.

Disgusting homosexuality is okay but polygamy is not. Fuck this system. I’m not even a polygamist. I love one woman at a time.

Meet me outside i got a bull

It is helpful, thanks a lot.

Ohh… my goodness i did it wrong all the time.

It’s all well and good saying that people should be free and go off on adventures yet you can’t go and travel without any money. Yes people should spend less time on the internet and more time socializing yet a lot of time when people go outside you can get idiots giving you abuse for no reason.

Powerful lecture that integrates class discussion with an amazing professor.

I seriously find these videos so helpful, i’m in year 10 and we are having loads of mini exams and although they don’t mean much i really want to do well in them and these help me do so! Thanks so much Eve, your gonna help me so much during year 10 & year 11

But is it possible to know every consequence of an action?

You guys are hilarious

That’s just perfect!

Bernie Sanders is awesome!

Jij bent dat bij de laatste truc MEISJEDJAMILA