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Have you heard of ICS

This is good Stuff, to smoke my blunt too.

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Effect on the reader?

Heroes nerver die (overwatch)

This movie is beautiful, this movie is touching, gets to your heart, to your feelings. There were moments where I almost cried. But beware: this is how it is MEANT TO BE, that is the purpose. These are the TOOLS used every day AGAINST US. Our own FEELINGS – this great weakness of us – are being used shamelessly to make us form a DIFFERENT OPINION over things that we already have an opinion about, made by REASON.

”Reasons 4”? LOL

Now he’s generally known as the “most evil man in history” by doing what… removing the ones who created the system.

So yeah, something’s not right.

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Is it just me or does he look A LOT like dennis reynolds

Thank You!! very helpful, i will be watching all your videos since i find it better than just reading. thank you Sir.

This is what FASCISTS DO WHEN FASCISM has gained a foothold! The inverted fascist totalitarian corporate coup d’etat is complete! We have a hollowed veneer of democracy and institutions in name only! This will all end badly!

Its almost offensive to think that the people that say they are trying to empower women or the sorts would treat women as if they were so weak minded that something as basic as a shirt (designed by a woman mind you) would be so soul crushing to that it would prevent them from following their dreams.

Thanks I really needed this video I mean light bulb! lol

Who’s watching this in 2017??

Once upon a time an angle and a devil fell in love. it did not end well. – daughter of smoke and bone.

The doer gets the prothoma bibhokti e(if it ends with a consonant) /I(if it ends with a vowel). Rame bhat khale, Ram ate the rice.

Learned something new today. Thanks!

Sc: adambell21

In norwegian, we have grammatical case in some pronouns, just like english. We don’t have it anywhere else in any of our written languages, but in a lot of dialects we still have dative, which comes from old norse. In old norse, they had four grammatical cases: nominative, dative, accusative and genitive.

Why are you reading this? Why are you not doing your work. stop procrastinating

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How much do you suggest to write in an A* English Lit. essay?

Woah genny slow down… Like 9 levels perfect in a row! it’s a new genny record XD

Materialistic doesn’t mean self interested only. But even then when he said that the whole human race came to the aid of Haiti he was wrong. Empathy in society follows a bell curve.

Short and simple. Love it. πŸ™‚

As a linguist, I would love to see what this scientist has specifically found out, because what she says in the video is pretty obvious and apparent to anyone who watches five to ten minutes of Trump’s speech.

I love you, my teacher, china


I am needing a data base like this one and I do not know how to create one. Is there a place that I could download yours?

Disgusting that they edited Carrie Fisher like that.

Found this entertaining as i did educating. Thanks for the video. πŸ™‚

Some powerful moments. Shame about the feminist bullshit. Feminism does nothing but cause breakup of families and destruction of society.

Whens that mixtape coming out

I agree but I think they look for consistency and got it. I think is a great effort to make all your movies that are shot in so many different ambients look like they belong to one and other. It binds them together in a sort of way. But I think your point is really valuable

This nigga is weird af

Trumplethinskin has proven to be a savvy, experienced, sociopathic con man. And the Republicans are enabling his every treasonous act.



Communism: Abolition of private party

Why Don’t YOU do your hw HOW DOUT DAT?


Humans: lets kill animals!

OMG everything he said is true this help me a lot

I got my eyes on you pussy grabber πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I have my IELTS tomorrow and I am really nervous 😩

I to, if somebody pay, I help everybody

Long and short reveal each other

NO. The women on that shirt weren’t his competition, they were an idealized representation of “reward.”

The Answer *

Thanks dani

What about english th sound? This os the most awkward sound πŸ˜€

You know, I would be happy if the “1 minute sraight look at a female” law existed.

2. learn phrases. don’t just cram new words into your head.

Thanks it’s awesome. i really need help in essay writing for my competitive exam. im practicing to write and essay but i don’t know rather it’s correct or wrong i meant to whom check my essay to be correct me.

1:26 the guy sleeping lol

My score 320 I’m nine and it says 9-16 in my opinion I have a mind of a bit of a child a tween and a bit of a teen so it’s right

Dude i like many of your vids but this is some pretentious bullshit… trying to make some profound statement based on a shirt

“You be good, See you tomorrow.

Who owns the AI/Robots? (Those who developed it. Those who paid for the development. Facebook, Google, Intel, Nvidia, IBM…)

Study listening this or Mozart, with blueberry juice and dark chocolate, trust me it works.



If not, null

I love Bernie sanders so much dude

”good luck with the health care” lol

Watched all your videos.. Hats Off to you sir!!

I knew that my favorite game (starcraft) will be the first!

Mit GerΓ€tehalterung

Good advice, for the 30 marker personally I’d define the key concepts and introduce the scenario of the question in just one more sentence. Then I go onto making the KAA points as you’ve mentioned. Definitely I keep to the 1mark=1minute rule, but I do allow an extra 2-3 minutes if needed

There you have it. not all men are the same.

For those wondering how to be free yourselves, either A) go off the grid, truly off the grid B) make more in interest on the money loaned to you than the interest you’re paying on it.

Thank you for this video and all your other videos. Happy holidays.

Actually I think I found the meaning of life (or at least a meaning that i accept ) and the meaning of life is to search for the meaning of life.

This is so fake newsy

Okay, I surrender. Apparently, some Canadians do speak differently than those speaking standard American English. Even so, these differences are less than you will find from one part of America to another, so there’s really no reason for saying that Canadian English is different from American, except for trivialities. Also, despite all the talk about “Canadian rising,” the only differences that strike American ears like a police car’s siren are “out” and “about.” However, since it’s now in the morning and I have nothing else to do, I’m going to watch to watch this video again. One last thing: every time I ask someone if he is Canadian, I ALWAYS get an answer in the affirmative. What tips me off? Right, he has spoken either or both of the two magic words. It’s definitely not because he’s wearing a maple flag on his chest.

I want to be a part of this discussion…

Well I know very few scientifically inclined people, but those I know are all men.

I’m starting ap economics next week and I’ve been binging your videos all summer. Your videos are going to be a great resource through this next year thanks!

Its a damn shame…ok dependents on the Farmers…rationalize this…

I know people who speak like this πŸ˜‚




For fuck sake! you do not and I repeat do NOT need to use notepad; what you were doing was just repeating the same ‘code’ over and over again that’s what the jump block was for. and btw the ‘jump’ function is actually refered to as a while loop in computer programming, one of the most important and frequently used functions in all of programming.

This music i have already hear it? when… i have forgotten :'( What is the music plz and if you have already hear it tell where

Depressing but true

I loved this video

Pushing the fat man may very well be acceptable, IFF all actors in the scenario would find it morally acceptable given the veil of ignorance of their position in the scenario. You don’t know whether you are the fat-man, onlooker, or trolly rider.

Is the slide deck available to download?

Intertextual – referencing – I feel that some of these examples are not ‘as intertextual’ if they are references to previous movies in the same franchise, yes they are in the same way that “my name is Bond, James Bond” is but if a character pops up that comes from another ep in the series it’s not so much an intertextual reference, as a character reappearing in a long form drama.

Their first instinct… self preservation.

WOW!! I literally have goosebumps right now. Just thinking about the consequences if Banach – Tarsky Paradox is proven to be in congruence with the behavior of sub-atomic particles…blows my mind., cos there are infinite of them. I am not a math expert but I do have common sense and involved in the academics which is why I enjoyed the video. The simple fact that it can influence the bigger perspective of events is mind-boggling and belittling to me. I have started with a simple subscribe and hope to do more, may be even a collaboration. Keep uploading more!!!

What about a third language?

She could not understand him because he was a Piracha.

I always loved this when people get picky. But let it be said, I hate misspelling your, you’re, there, they’re, their, etc

Guys it’s not supposed to be an accurate video! it’s just approximate animation about the spread of Indo-European languages. one thing to say, is that Europe was almost dominated by Celtic language before the Italic languages spread through it.

I never expected this cartoon to go so fucking deep into the depths of my shallow little mind. Fuck I love it all but I’m also so confused.

I’ve been learning Polish since October and the case thing is killing me whenever I meet a new verb. Sadly I know that not only verbs can be changed but also nouns and adjectives… but sometimes I feel lucky to learn French and Spanish first so that I’m now familiar with the reality of changing cases, c’est pas bizzare πŸ˜›

Thank you so much for this simplification… looks really easy after your wonderful explanation.

QuQ mas mas que bien moar little inferno pero nuevo



Wow. I never noticed this.

I search this up because I had a science lesson and my teacher said to search up monarch butterfly life cycle. It’s great! I love it. It really helped me learn.

A single cloud, drifts in solitude, miles behind its companions, already ahead, bidding the sun farewell as it departs beneath a gold horizon and still ocean.

Thanks Emma for your useful way in teaching us

The fucks who disliked this video are the ones who enjoy being fucked by government.

Excellent lesson

That is through article #5 which is a ‘constitutional convention’.

Thanku sir

My English teacher put this on because we are reading the percy jackson book

I’m not a fan of this video…

2. What do you mean by “trying to do what Steve Jobs would have done.”? Would Steve Jobs go to YouTube and answer commens or what.. ?_?

He’s got good smarts.

Omg the audio is so annoying. like what the heck make it louder next time!!

We are the future…… shafts of light from the Universe here to create LOVE….to love and be loved here you will find the all the answers to every problem that ever has been or ever will be in one word and one feeling, all it takes is one thought the thought of love.

Rather than “much” (eg “much time”), I prefer “a large amount of” or “a great deal of”. We can also use “a large number of” for countable nouns.



This is the best way a student like me can learn Economics! Please make videos like these for all subjects of the world and Education will be fun!!

Sorry for the rant. Like the video, just, don’t like how everyone sees this shit and disses humanity just like that. It’s like how news is biased, and whatever news channel you watch, they form your views. It’s bullshit. People should step back and make thoughts and decisions of their own

Please do a follow up lecture.

Evden= from house

My teacher can’t explain anything.

I have chills

I’m in my final year of uni and looking back I wish I had took a gap year! Good luck with your UCAS and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing gap year!❀️

Died early due to unnatural expectations.. which he broke. Teaching an animal our language is wrong We should be learning theirs. Translator device ect.

Explore in YouTube Gaming

This is so ambitious! Wow, I really like what you are doing guys, looks awesome.

And that specter of despair can be the engine of intimacy. “

First learn how to pronounce names. Then try to school people!

Este es el mejor juego que has subido gona

It’s not good system anymore. India will change. People will fight for their rights. Religions are the cause of these kind of strange ideas.

30 mins crunch time i hope this works =_=

God does not exist and you are a lost cause.



Are you the same person you were ten years ago?

Spacibo Keegan


Basically: don’t be a fucking asshat

Hi! I love your videos but can I request you slow down your speech a bit? It’s hard to keep up with that pace when I’m trying to learn something at the same time. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

This is a great video but i feel it wasn’t exactly necessary to state how he contracted aids. The fact that he died of it seems sufficient.

“Blaow” is a stilistic device also called onomatopoeia, you should know that if you analyze lyrics…

To devolving and improving? .

Oh no..

People needing others underneath them to make themselves feel higher, is all that the caste system seems to be about.

Imo, this list definitely should have included “The Lost Pisces” and “The Golem”. “Cradle” and “Izle” also looked like they had potential, but I don’t know if they are worthy of making the list.

I end up dancing around to this instead of revising ahhhhh. But at least it keeps me in a good mood!

Yeah ‘german has most likely something to do with whoever spread language’ .

Fucking jew doesnt even know about Justice Think about problems that they are causing in the world right now. Justice is you being collapsed and Christianity becomes Great again that is the justice

Still no idea

It just would have been more accurate and concise to just say Iranian instead of southwest asia.




Nice belt buckle lmao

Sooo….does that mean @mkbhd had a better camera game than marvel all this time?

Love all your economics video, could you make a video about how to answer 25 mark question, that would be great

Why is it always nuclear power that gets the blame… Our greedy lifestyle is what to blame here not science…

However, you cannot have everything!

For what we are, at least meaning is useful in shaping our reality to better understand it with art, symbolism, and language. Without meaning how would we communicate and know how each other’s feels? Feeling is what, some chemical telling my body this… No shit. That’s how it works but describing how emotions feels no scientific equation could explain personal experience. If it’s all meaningless why does anyone have to suffer from the hands of narcissistic megalomaniacs?


I subscribed to the website and after 15 days using the System

Paul how many languages do you speak?!

If Russia puts an export tax on logs and the supply of logs is inelastic and the demand for logs in China is elastic then:

Fake, fake, fake… and gay!

Read my name, trust Mel Gibson was shit

How we getting screwed, a crash course. Hehe

LeVar Burton is amazing and honestly dosen’t like he aged at all since I watched reading rainbow πŸ“–πŸŒˆ in like 2002-2005 Reading Rainbow is the BEST!!!! πŸ’œπŸŒˆβœ¨



I saw this at school between 2014-2015

Hi liz, can we write in any academic essay that ‘I agree with this statement to some extent’

Let me sum up: Hollywood is out of original ideas.



1984? Catch 22?

Maybe I am related to Jack Benny, but I cringed when I saw you tear apart those dollar bills.

Sir you are a good teacher

@9:02 i thought it was cause he cheated and then lied about it for years?

Awesome I loved it, you helped me, thanks

Mast video sir

I got 16-21 which makes a lot of sense but I feel like my mental age should have been 4-9 just because I related to that lol

I do think linguistics and field-linguistics is important in an academic world. For intellectuals to study and breakdown a language.

Anyone else doing homework??

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β€’ Law should only intervene when society, the β€˜right-minded’ citizenry,

Yup, true idiots, first, getting up close and pushing a fat man becomes more personal than the first situation, whatever. Second on the boat, regardless of how many people it can’t matter. Take this into account: Susan next door has 10 kids and no one knows they are struggling. She murders someone walking by her house. Is that suppose to be ok? All homeless people, can they go into people’s houses all the time for shelter for the weather that could be deadly. Think of how many homeless people could be saved. People are clueless and i wish i could tell him these points because dumb students make the professor believe he is soo smart by always saying stupid things. Lol

As others have noted…Tony Robbins has an excellent stage presence (he’s about 6’7, deep voice, etc), is very articulate, and and exudes charisma. He reminds me of the various pastors I observed from the plethora of churches I attended in my youth…and similar to how church members were encouraged to tithe and donation plates would be sent around, if you visit Tony’s website as of 11/29/15 you can get the full Tony Robbins experience via his seminars ranging in price from $700–$3000. I acknowledge that in his TED Talks Tony has an excellent point in that giving back is an essential part of the human experience (this is not groundbreaking as most major religions emphasize it as well). However if the material which Tony presented during this TED Talks represents the foundation of his self-help program, I think one would be much better served by taking the following 8 steps as an alternate path to self-help…and it won’t cost $700 to get started: 1) start meditating daily; 2) read “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”; 3) read “Aikido and the Harmony of Nature”; 4) read and understand the key lessons of Confucius and Buddha; 5) take a Philosophy course at a community college; 6) meditate on what Jesus said was the greatest commandment in the Bible at Matthew -40 (do not become bogged down in religious dogma…rather interpret the word God to mean simply “the source of all goodness” ); 7) clean up your diet and exercise regularly; 8) ask yourself the following key questions “How can I make a good living while doing something I love?” and “How can I make a positive difference in the world?” and then act on the results…if you’re lucky giving back to the world and your profession might intersect (e. g. being a teacher, doctor, writer, artist, etc).

What were they speaking about, the “secret elite place”