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This was a lovely perspective into day to day living of the Saami people as seen through the lens of someone who was there in both participation and as an observer..

I would like to understand that dollar trick though without the camera magic.

3 year old video blowing up? Why?>

My teacher brought me here.

We’ve known each other for so long

THIS WAS SO HELPFUL!!! You and my teacher are exactly the same so I really hope I get a wonderful grade. Thank you so much!! (:

When you’re President and You play Command & Conquer one time (dark humor) from gaming

Meiner Mutter ihr Buch (My mother (<- dative) her book)

Is there answer sheet of SSC CHSL DESCRIPTIVE PAPER contains BLOCKS for 250 words for writing an essay???

Would’ve like to have seen, Grapes of Wrath or Of Mice and Men

This just makes me do my homework without me even realizing it. I just get to work.

Nor about sexual promiscuity and incontinence, about porn, or vice in general.


Still waiting to see a debate over linguistic reconstructions and family groupings that isn’t bogged down with nationalistic fantasy and butthurt, lol This problem seems mostly to occur in IE family and any non IE(or debated if IE) languages that neighbor IE. I rarely encounter this sort of shit-slinging when reading about Sino-Tibetan or Austronesian. And lets face it, figuring out who’s mouth farting was the oldest and most infectious wont terraform mars or build fusion reactors.

(Ooh give you up)

It’s just purely words no actual demonstration. I would suggest an actual demonstration on this video so that learning would really occur.

The Alberta accent seems very similar to the British one, am I wrong?

Foreign Trade Effect

Does anyone know what a place is from 45:00? Or what this people are doing?




Very useful

Kung Fu Superstar sounds like it would have been fun, but I imagine there is one huge logistical problem: Not everyone has a huge game room to play in. Consider the broken tvs from flying Wii controllers when people accidentally let go while waving them around. Can you imagine how much worse it could be if someone wrapped up in an intense fight on screen put foot, fist, or head through furniture, appliances, or broke their own console?

How could anyone dislike this film?

OMG, did they go and say increasing taxes, caused economic growth. Almost only possible by being an idiot and just manipulating equations. God dammit, why are economist so stupid in mathematics.

Thanks for sharing!

I tought this was meisjedjamila but i will never know

I’m on a whole different level of music

Does this also work for English Language GCSE?


Proud to be (proto) Indo-European!

Awesome Tony!

Is brusspup a girl?

Spyra dynasty. The Henckels & Co. have stolen the Spyra (hence the

I don’t understand how this would work exactly in the future, especially given the likelihood of automation taking over half of our jobs as you say; what would happen to all the human workers who would all be laid off? If they couldn’t find another job that still required human workers then would the government just let them all starve to death?

What is the difference between the Bibliography and References Sections in a dissertation? I noted that assignment brief for my program requires both and to the best of knowledge, they are one and the same thing.

Lol she’s not good at avoiding questions she just acts retarded, she’s just as autistic and trump haha

George Bush sure has changed

2:19 “It’s worth mentioning… unsafe and unfair working conditions, and environmental degradation can be ugly side effects of international trade; and we’re going to talk about that…” But not now, because screw people and the planet, money is all that matters. Once again you glance over the important issues as if they don’t matter.

4:28 wrong…



You know it makes sense.

I’ve tried it with my students, but it didn’t work!

Yo this was hot!!!!

Everyone: let them vote and be equals but you know better physically and mentally but humans created them so equals.

We watches this at school

If you want another depiction of Jerry’s way of see life I recommend a short Sandman issue and one of my personal favorites: “The Sandman N° 31 Three Septembers and a January”

Pretty cool using the Denmark example. The Danes them selves leave our the R in Denmark while in the neighboring Swedish language the R clearly heard, unless you live close to the Danish border 😛

Let’s get something clear;

Defenetly made by a women 😂

Really helped in my AS Economics exams

Or هلا

Gotta love the 480p

“Wanna go eat.”

Thank you so much for this video!! I understand it now!

1: enslaved slaves masters = white men of europeans like trump a looks likes! Beat zwip colored people till dead are follow cruelity tortment!

Harriet Tubman– I saved a thousand slaves. I could have saved a thousand more if they knew they were slaves.

Jack you sounded like gru from despecable me

And I’m so sick of everyone whining about Mickey Rooney! Face it, slanty stammering coke-bottle glasses wearing yellow-face chinky-chinky is fucking funny! Now as then! Get over it, it’s not a hate crime… 🙄



He looks so much like Reggie!!!!

The way he says Iran is Arabic-ish.

Am I the only one that saw the dog at the end

My exam is in a few hours, thanks for the timely video!

This will be the world if the left take over.

U suck lol jk bro

You should not get any animal as a pet if it can live long or usaly are wild, that means over 20 years cause most likly the animal will suffer in diff ways cause it dont got its habitat/family/friends/food/freedom to move where they want.

I want this sound track lol

I don’t get this video but this is giving me nightmares. Fuck

Hwat now

Great belt, Jacob! 😀

Sir i. Likes your videos very much

Greetings from Theorist planet

Do EOS take place due to decreasing cost inputs in such industries?



This shit is unfair to india! even if they would abolish the cast system, poor would stil be poor and rich would stil be rich!

PeopleStream, a great video of HR Technology in the future. However, there is no diversity of ethnicity or visible Persons with Disabilities. Diversity & Inclusion helps immensely in the U. S. as a strategy to improve organizational effectiveness and employee engagement. What is done to build an environment of inclusion across Australia?

“Wide spacing between words” and “Rounded letters” are my handwriting styles and the traits that come with them are all true about me xD

Niranjan sir Is there any video available for the MBS first year Management accounting?????

You need to watch some Jordan Peterson

Thank You.

The video is 1738, what is this, 2015? Hehehe…. I’m sorry

Was that a good start?

You see, this is how you do it, with snl its just unfunny trump bashing, this actually has humor to it, meanwhile giving a political view,

Where is “Nothing” by Janne Teller? Where is “Fast Genial” by Benedict Wells?


Confidence would be to know your trueself, because if you are harmonizing with your spirit nobody can hurt anymore. If only people knew that it is our own controlling mind that is giving us feelings of low selfesteem, emptyness, worthless. Overcome the clutter of the mind and confidence will grow. Visit TruthContest read the Present, it explains the big picture of life, the nature of everything including the nature of your mind and how to overcome the negative parts of it

The problem I have with this video has nothing to do with anything Fry has said, as I basically agree with everything. Grammar Nazis are annoying and pointless and language is an art just like any other and can change over time, etc. The problem I have with this is how many people are going to watch this and look as it as an excuse to be lazy with their typography in contexts where it isn’t considered “appropriate”, even by Fry himself. Language is scaffolding for meaning and intent.

Not sure how it works if honourable mention is meant to be higher than the others, but Harry potter should of done better if it’s not, maybe not number 1 but at least top 10. The book has in it’s series the fastest selling product with 15 million sold in one day.

Someone should hook her up on a Lie detector while doing an interview. HAHAH I can just imagine how when she replies the interview the Lie detector man is like “lie lie lie lie lie”




Wow!!! He just took me back to the basis of why I’m adamant in empowering the boy child and being a successful entrepreneur. “Human beings contribute when they get a chance to experience but not talk about it.”

I want to study in this university and I will. I love it

Happy or miserable,

Future you scary

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I love Joseph Gordon-levitt 🙂


(end quote)

I wanna to all vidio

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Man I didn’t said start a rap battle

The only reason she is called good, is because you keep asking the idiot questions.


Really Love this but i need chinese sub to send to my all lovely friends. Plz, this need more views from people don’t know English.

Yeah. Religion always getting in the way of education and modernization as we just clearly saw

I immediately thought of Neverwhere. A book by Neil Gaiman I read a while ago. The hero there starts in his ordinary world, that of ours, he spends a good time within the unfamiliar, but, instead of him going back to his ordinary world, he stays in the unfamiliar voluntarily.

Read them all, love every single book!




Finally a mojo video with a better list.

Have you noticed that the most famous people are the ones who neglect to face the number one problem…..US?

Holy hell I just spent half an hour watching a guy analyzing actor’s immitations and was totally entertained by it.

I wish I had this teacher xD

For monetary policy in a recession, why would a decrease in interest rate increase investment? Wouldn’t it decrease investments because the opportunity cost of holding money (interest rate) decreases?

7:10 Actually talks about the Szechuan sauce

Ananta tachi wa nihongo o hanishimasuka?

Any one in 2017??

Before Tomorrow!!!!

Thanks a lot.

But rock on loved the explanation

Idk if people know this but Rick and Morty was actually created in 2013, this has been a PSA enjoy the video

Hello everybody my name is octiplyer

If so his freakin’ ego’ll shrink as the pace of the oozin’



Caraí mas a maioria e verdade

Thank you for you work John Green

This is a bar graph and not histogram

-Saniyah X

This made me cry tears of disapointment

What’s the idea of having this CLUELESS, utterly out-of-his-element Donnie interviewing Prof. Chomsky?? He doesn’t digest or respond to anything Chomsky has to say, he just ejaculates his next pre-programmed question with no grace or segue — is this one of Google’s new AI tests?



Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

This humor doe

Sir i want to purchase ur book of macro eco plz proceed me

That batman voice sounded more like yoda… lol

Supreme commander integrated with supreme commander 2 in space, EPIC!!!!!!!!!

The purpose of a government is to build international relationships between countries and to vote upon domestic concerns e. g. clean water, healthcare provisions, homelessness.

I love how in this comment section, everyone is trying to be professional XD

Yes BUDDHA waS born in


D. niebieskiemu pióru / niebieskim piórom

Hi do you teach Managerial Accounting?

Couldn’t the value of translation not be only arcos(1/3) but any unending constant value?

4.) Mauryans, Mughals 1 A. D

Wait wait wait. The German are decendet from Celts, proto german was sub-celtic. Or something else (._. )?

Loving this here from ‘cross the pond!


Freedom = Back to the jungle! – Voltaire

Sir plz upload the further classes of Financial Statement

Does Japanese have cases? Or what do you call these – ha, – ga, – wo, – ni things?

Reminds me of what David Mitchell does with his books. Recommend.

Verb conjugation(past):-ёй



Let’s see you get an animal to do all this.

This sounds like some kind of undergraduate ramblings, for the most part stating the obvious. She seems to miss the more interesting subtleties of Trumps ouvre which is obfuscation.. ‘maybe it was the Russians, but it was also some others.. who knows? who can ever know?’. That’s where the real meat is if you want to talk about Trump’s oratorical style, not that he talks like a ‘non-presidential man in the street yada yada. (Maybe she got around to that but I has tuned out…)

People =Leute…

Known as: ‘Expectant’ – this simply means the patient is expected to die

I totally would have done OZombie!



I got my results back today and I got a 2:1!! And that’s after using it for only 1 day!! I would really recommend getting the booklet – if I can get 65% after using it for a day, imagine what grades you could get if you use it for even 1 week. It’s never too late!

U’re the best Teacher eva!

It’s their style, and I like it.

Excellent language and extension for 6 yr olds


Best screed against capitalism ever.

…not all my jokes are good.

Wtf are you all talking about 😂 idiots



We might have to stop the development of automation. Othewise we will just put our own brains in small nutrient tanks while being connected with robot body parts. Yeah.

Love you

So if you wish to support them – you can pay now overextended price to eat some cactus and have nerdgasms >_> (and believe that your support and voice have some value)

U spoke to much cone to topic dc joke ur idiot

Announced by my teacher, my mates had their hopes up for an

Https://youtu. be/ARpHQ7TZM1c? list=PLVyYu1pdD1OAYJlu5F3Vgk2NAO2gQX-j7

Keep up the good work, Edgar. Love the vids, keep ’em coming.

Thank you.

If you are interested in knowing more about those issues, I recommend you to read Jared Diamond’s “Collapse” which amongst other subjects deals with cannibalism, and also Steven Pinker’s “Better Angels of our Nature”, the latter one is about the improvement of our humanity by time. Pinker has also written “The Blank Slate”, a book about the human nature in general.


Who’s on your sweater?

Clifford’s going to be my micro/macro teacher this year at SPHS. hahaha

Great sir

I am iranian and i can say this is one of the few videos i saw, which described perfectly the last 100 years of iran’s history and up and down in 10 minutes, good job man

Root it out of the glum