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Thank u sir


Shoutout to you Mr. Clifford. I just took the makeup exam and I’m pretty sure I got a 4 and probably a 5 thanks to you. I self-studied and only read through the crash course book, so your review had some things in it that I never learned before since it wasn’t covered in the book, and two free response questions were on these topics. You’re a day one Mr C

What a lot of talk and not saying anything.. The audience are devotees that have heard him many times. they should have their own path or method by now. Be working on their career or art or discipline. They’re watching the same “movie” over & over. Some people are needy and remain so. This is the first and last time I’ve listened to his spiel.

That moment when you’re English teacher is useless and you have to write an essay

“Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one the but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” – Harper Lee

They stated that there will no shields or experimentals for now… eventualy later…

I think a gap year seems amazing in every way, if it is for you, and it seems like it is! I think I’d probably end up just working the entire year and wasting it in a way, but you seem like there’s so much you want to do and accomplish, and I hope you’re happy with your decision!

It’s coming back very soon

Gloria La Riva and Eugene Puryear, Socialism and Liberation Party

I used to read books like you, then i took an arrow to the knee

This guy got out of asylum hes crazy

Answer to Willyanto Chen:

6. Context


I mean exam idea or other plzzz tell me about for best sample paper

The Anthem

Many thanks to you Mary, this video is useful.

I wonder if I am manic depressive……….sometimes…….a lot of the time……….I am extremely low, I hate people, I even hate myself…….I hate life…. and just feel very negative and then all of a sudden but only for a very short time, I get an intense feeling of euphoria…….a god like feeling, very powerful, full of energy, but then its gone and back to normal. Wish my mood was more stable.

The philosophy of Mad Men!

This really helped me



Le Petit Prince, St-Exupery

Prince Ea for president

What, no Conrad?

Thank you so much! This is beautiful!!!

I’m going to do economics at uni next year and watching thus gets me so excited, thank you guys 🙂

Indo-Balts*, not Indo-Europeans.

Is this in the same line of Command & Conquer-ish?


Do they think this is the best way to go about bringing a voice to police brutality? It’s only pissing off Americans who respect this country

Poor bob. :'(

She is mentally ill, she needs me because I’m everything she has. And the same goes for me, I would kill to protect her.

Mohit was here

What program do you use to do your videos?

Free Cash Handouts because technology is taking over the world. Not a new idea.


No mention of Alsace lorrain :,(

Thats a sweet living room


I’d like to see William Blake in another Literature video. It would be interesting to see Blake’s progressive views on sexuality, equal treatment of all people regardless of race and gender and religion, and religion.



And I ain’t hardly shittin’ you.]

Ya baby!

The Grand Adventure of Prince Usab & his Horse Roger. The prince journeys to a country called The Republic of Much Enthusiasm but Not Very Well Thought Out, whose capital it the Disposable City. The countr’s leader is Uncle Jit – Donald Trump is stealing lines and policies from him!!!!

Love the logic and simplicity

I’m ten and I’m already ahead of you love

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I came to this video because i got distracted from the work that I was doing. And then the first book on the list is about avoiding distractions.

Not gonna lie; I was kinda hoping he’d talk about the Martian ‘ack ack’s from Mars Attacks in the second bit. Still a thoroughly intriguing perspective, though, and I hope for more to come.

Losing his faith because of a bunch of morons? He was religious nothing else, people lose religion all the time, sometimes for full blown atheism and sometimes for real faith.

You claim that we must look at facts and statistics, then insinuate that the argument “maybe women just don’t like science as much as men” is an unsupported conclusion – just an assumption. You’re absolutely right about that, but pose your own unproven, nonobjective explanation. It’s hypocritical that you expect us to accept your purely hypothetical mechanism for this phenomenon when you dismiss another for being unsupported.

Please don’t use transvestite. It’s outdated.

Is this an episode of BLR?



Id like to ask a question. i can calculate consumer surplus producer surplus but it means nothing to me i mean how can i benefit from it in a real life situtation?

Everybody here is like:

I like beethoven😊

This is by far the best Economics Channel on YouTube. This guy is really good and explains the concepts really well. HIs videos make economics very interesting. Thank You Mr. Clifford.

I think it is a good idea to a systematic world

Hi everyone i’ve been learning english for 3 months you think How can i improve speaking skills who wants to give advice? my skype ıd efkan. hamarat


I’ve been suffering from depression for over 10 years now. I couldn’t talk to people, I’m always scared and I worry all the time. Is it time to seek for medical treatment? Because of this, I’ve never had the chance to find love and relationship. I’m 27 now and I’m always alone. Maybe someday I’ll find help or get used to it. I have the secrets we all share that nobody wants to hear.

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If people don’t like hearing Lie’s how to politicians get elected?

It was completely impossible to stick everything into ten positions plus honorable mentions, but leaving out ‘Atlas Shrugged’, everything by Kafka or Camus and Daniel Keyes’ ‘Flowers for Algernon’ with Harry Potter STILL in the honourable mentions? Don’t get me wrong, Rowling is pretty awesome at times. But the aforementioned are waaay better.

I think you’re British.


I was watching this episode and was wondering “how come you didn`t mention Mircea Eliade?” and then…. tananaaaa! Great job and GREAT series. You should add this episode to your Mythology playlist, I almost missed it!! Btw, it`s spelled “Mirtscha” 😀

What about infinity multiply by zero?


Hi Mr bruff!

This channel is bomb…

This guy should start his own youtube channel

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I just love the phrase “Reverse Fireman” from this book



Paul me too, and I have a lot of problems due to my parentes never get too close with me and is really heard

Awesome video sir

John Green, stop it right now. I’ve been watching vlogbrothers for forever and a half (it’s awesome). I’m not only a YouTube watcher but also an English teacher…and in class right now we’re reading Romeo and Juliet and The Great Gatsby. My jaw literally just dropped to the floor (hyperbole!) as the awesomeness exploded from my computer screen when I saw this. It’s almost too much awesome. Almost. My class will probably be thanking you on Monday for YouTube in class.


FYI=I wish I were*


I wouldn’t mind losing my balls, we don’t need them.

My First Language is English And Bisaya(Cebuano) and my secon language is tagalog i am not fluent in tagalog

I hope I’m wrong.

We are all one big happy family. I get it, it completely ignores the ‘Psychopathy’ issue humanity has been dominated by since we first invented hierarchy’s. Some are not capable of empathy. Yet they can mimic it perfectly. They desire power over others and use it brutally. – Just look out our history and especially at the present. Look at how humanity has been ruled and still is. Psychopaths rule our world. Not empathy.

I guess I don’t understand. If you don’t like Americanization, it’s easy to stop. Just stop buying the magazines and start producing your own. Just use the same outlets to produce your own narrative. Violence, doesn’t help anyone or anything.


I went to university this year after spending all summer hoping that I didn’t meet my conditions and that I could have a break. I lasted 4 weeks before I withdrew and came home and I haven’t looked back since. If I’ve learned anything from the experience that your happiness is the most important thing and your heart doesn’t lie to you. Good luck! ✨

Myths are what other people believe, incorrectly, to be true; it is a pejorative. The fantastical tales of Zeus – clearly mythological. The fantastical tales of Moses, Jesus or Mohammed – clearly true.

Hey! Can you make a video on the contrast between philosophy of Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore and Einstein? They had a historic meet where they discussed non-duality, realism and other topics.. Please make one!



I like Emma! She’s pretty, sweet and very very helpful! 👍👍

Haha… You are amazing

I love the accent POOO leece 😀

So, Can anyone have a religion (Islam/christian/jew/wicca…etc) and be a buddhist at the same time?

Interview is really hard.

“Intellectual” is hardly a word I’d use to describe a Kanye West album.

What program do you use to do your videos?


Hes even sarcastic

That is precisely why he floors his political opponents (in BOTH parties!) and hostile media. They are well-practised in dealing with politicians who shy away from committing themselves to anything, who tie themselves in knots rather than giving a straight answer to a straight question, and who try to be ‘all things to all men’.

U copy this video

That is not like alien at all

I would do anything you tell me to do, Joss. But I won’t do that.

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I’m a student from HK. U did a great job and I really appreciate.

Bhaaii g physical education pe bana do youtube pe kisi ki bhii nahii h..

I’m not crying

You guys are awesome!



Anybody read Vermillion by Molly Tanzer? One of my favorites. Sort of a steampunk western ghost story. Ish. Made me think of Firefly, but without a spaceship.

Ok? That doesn’t change the content or meaning of my comment

Ever thought of that?


“If you can make it through the night, there’s a brighter day.”

4:22 me doing math

And the oppressor is no longer the capitalist, but all males, the white ones that is.

0:57 mai “In ordinary sence” mai Sense ki spelling wrong hai sir like if you noticed already


Is there going to be a video on Pagan myths and Wicca?

I was expecting Simlish.

In terms of counting the sex industry:


Very nice

Cultures and subcultures evolve and spring into existence as communities are divided, even in the subtlest ways… so why is there so much emphasis on preserving the practice of old cultures? It’s sad to see people’s cultures destroyed but there’s no need to revive them, just study what’s left and let them be. Chomsky’s analogy between the K-Pg extinction and the way we are currently destroying languages/species/cultures triggers an emotional response, but don’t forget that these mass extinctions pave the way for new species that otherwise might not have arisen ().

Will base a story off this video sort of

This is so accurate… it’s sad

It was interesting concepts, and still lead to application in way of life.

Get him to break down Australian language and slang

Keep up the work!



I’m seriously afraid of the future now

Pretending doesnt make it true…

You are probably too young to understand.

Sir if I got bonus on my this month’s salary. is this include in factor income or transfer income?

Another college puke who equates getting credentials with having a classical/traditional “educated” mind. Not the same thing. Not even remotely equal in this age.

You guys should do Hamlet.

Wrong emoji – I’m offended u made such a video on my birthday >=(

Http://bit. ly/1NbCVPD

Yep, that pretty much sums it up

This video changed my life

Sabes lo es aburrido……hijo de puta

How easy would it be for me to become fluent in german?( I am already fluent in dutch and english).

What a horrible time for our newer generations to grow up in.

I can personally tell you both Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington are excellent actors but they can’t speak Jamaican patois and have the worst stereotypical Jamaican accent I have ever heard (Denzel Washington sounds more like a Bajan and I’m still trying to figure out if Brad Pitt thought imitating Miss Doubtfire in “Meet Joe Black” would be a satisfactory substitute for a Jamaican accent.😂

فيديو مدته 12:40 دقيقة ، يعرضه م. محمود شراقه ، يستعرض فيه الفئات العشرة الرئيسية من موضوعات الإدارة الصناعية ، وفي هذا الفيديو يشرح تفصيلاً الفئات الفرعية وموضوعاتها من 4 فئات رئيسية … وعلى أن يستكمل بقيتها في الفيديو التالي

These are things that were drilled into me in jr and sr high school. Back in the day!

I suggest to mention Iraq savage attack to Iran after the revolution. As you know almost all the world helped Iraq to fight against Iran. Because they didn’t want that Iranian people have their own management system. USA, Israel, Germany, France, Italy and many other so-called cultivated countries ( which I doubt) sold microbial and chemical bombs to Iraq.

You just hit 7,000,000😀😀😀😀😀😀😎

I don’t like this video

Thank you very much! This video contains amazing graph explanations!

Shit I don’t care


Talkin bout that dang ole southern accent

I am speechless here.. you are doing a great job sir.. What to say.. i really got the actual fact and concept of economics after watching ur videos.. Before that I had lot of confusions.. Thank you so much sir.. God Bless you..



Hey Bill–I am using your site for my observation today…How have you been?



Don’t forget to go Through my video number 26…..

Do you see what’s going on here, in order to see in a third perspective you take the perspective of the volunteering man. Who goes outside of himself for the good of the group, meanwhile those men thinking about eating him are only thinking about themselves. What would happen if they all went outside of themselves for the good of each other?

Very good thank you very much

A mi me suena creo que es de litle inferno y gool of go

This scares me how much I can relate to their problems, I know I need to admit the extremities of my problems but I haven’t as then I have to admit that I’m really ill.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much. this video help me so much 😀

What a commie

“I spend 3.5 hrs online” yea? try spending 12hrs online

Emperor of India. :D. Yes, good what u said.

Thanks so much really appreciate it however could you translate the downwards and upwards shift into into outwards, as in school it is taught a different way

I wanna kill everyone in the room especially the bitch who’s acting like a cunt

I wonder how the talk has developed given the revelations about Lance Armstrong…

How about this, don’t turn the trolly because 5 workers are 5 times as likely to notice the trolly cart coming and get off the track, thus more likely killing no one.

How come I never heard about Dizzy kickstarter?!


That was amazing

Just gotta watch his eyes and see that he just hopes for the best.



At the end of the video explains everything from nothing there was something how is that not the obvious explanation of free energy from the start unless you know God who put it there

Cocky? Nah, I’m competitive?

Song at 3:00 is insomnia – monster mix featured on the night at the roxbury cd

Mike the situation is abotu to learn the real situation lol abou taxes and obedience…. Im happy ive lived in my moms basement long enough to realize this idiocy, the question is how do we defeat it. How to we behead the capitalistic devil snake hell bent on keeping us in chains

What essay do you think will come up. I think indirect taxation

Sujet divisé: Divide up and list three points to discuss. Three sentences, possibly.

Hello ma’am

24:00 could this trick also be used to find the comparative advantage of cars?

People are not annoyed because they “secretly like asserting dominance over others”. They’re annoyed because they are tired of seeing people complain over matters that seem trivial to them, and then feel that they are being preached how to feel about it.

What about future idc anybody can hate young thug and his music but nobody really hates futures music because its hard to not like him

“Many people dedicate their lives to actualizing a concept of what they should be like, rather than actualizing themselves. This difference between self-actualization and self-image actualization is very important. Most people live only for their image.”

Please, legend in Portuguese (BR) ♥ 🙂

“Traditional owners of the oxygen” 😂😂😂

You will never get me to pronounce “huge” as “yuge” even when the whole Goddamn world has dropped the “h” sound out of laziness. Never!

I sawed your face. You are so beautiful.

Happy atheist day

The reason he keeps saying “Believe Me” is because his supporters like to be told what to think. His comments don’t stand the test of reason, fairness, or knowledge, so, “believe me” is the okay from him that gives them the license to not have to think for themselves. Reason is replaced by trust. It’s a bargain, you give up your independent thought and Trump will make all our dreams come true and it will be easy, we’ll win so much we’ll get tired of it.

Currently cramming for my Econ 101 final at MSU… You have saved my life! Def sharing with friends who are planning to take the course next semester.

The power of people 👏👊