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@TheAviationfreak–Yes, the same general principles should apply. The ultimate source for how to format a lit review would be a previously published example in your target publication or class. Good luck!

I’m really sad that this got cancelled. It looked like an AMAZING new idea

I think your energy helps the teaching process too, most video tutors are really low-pitched and sound too technical, and it doesn’t really help me, thanks a lot

So is masturbating morally correct if you pleasure yourself and others? 😂🔫

So that’s why any questioning of feminist’s authority results on autistic screeching an accusations of bigotry! we are taking from them the pleasure of asserting dominance by acting as moral arbiters of society thus as everyone else’s moral superior, they don’t like to be told “this position you hold as dogma is as valid as anyone else’s, and your blog, or your first year of gender studies, or your pamphlet-assembled talking points, don’t give you the right to pass judgement onto anyone or to police anyone’s thoughts”

I could imagine obama watching this and cracking the fuck up with joe

It’s bothering. It is “Taoism” but pronounced Daoism. It is Tao Te Ching and pronounced as Dao Dûh Jing. 🙂


He sounds like a professional English teacher but in reality, he’s a photoshop pro.

Final tmr 0_o

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Ive said this before,,,,,… a controlled enviroment when others have the advantage or are with you under durress, its so easy to make someone listen,,,,but when no one is around,,no consequences for telling him stf up,,,his theories wont work,,,,,

Your rhyming is excellent I must say.



A lot of words are fingerspelled. I wonder why…

Dupa unii istorici latina si romana se trag din aceeasi limba porto-romana. sau altfel sopus dintr-o romana veche; si ca romana de fapt ar fi singura limba continuatoare a acestei limbi, asta dupa surse de la Vatican. Apoi o alta mare inexactitate, in film, limba romana apare cica de-abia in sec 12-13!?! o alta inexactitate e ca Transilvania e locuita de vorbitori de o alta limba decat cea romana(ne-indo-europeana) Shame on you to spread such errors.

I appreciate the use of conversational language to relate to people. However, when you talk “government business” you need to step-up your use of language that effects billions of people’s lives. In order to do that you need a real education. You need to have an organized intellect. You need to see beyond your own needs and see the needs of the “whole.” Those who support him like that “good ‘o boy talk” Talk that holds the growth and development of this country back. They carry torches instead of candles. They incite violence (Charlottesville) war (North Korea) and fear (getting rid of Obama Care) because they know nothing else. This is how they operate. Violence. War. Fear. They are OBSOLETE! We don’t need to replace Obama Care, we need to replace their stinking thinking.

Beethoven’s face is creeping me out.

Ugh… Top ten lists are very very tough

Southern Road Primary School Board

Great Lecture on human beings “Moral” values..

They predicted number1 xd

I was so shocked and amazed to find out my story follows this cycle.

I don’t have a hand writing, I are an illiterate persons.

Super pic is that it was great Super movies

Great video

1. No mention of Nationalization of oil industry by Mossadegh in 1953.


Wow, you seem like you really enjoy all of this…

Pls bring out those great points for the burning topics

I kept looking at the symbol on the board going doctor who? Should I fangirl? Should I just pretend I don’t see it? But it is beautiful galifraian (sorry spell check doesn’t work on words from doctor who)

Introduce sir watch role adjust rate german walking after usual

This video is very good!!!! no, f*cking good.

Woah! Launch so soon? Awesome!



I have my biology exam in two weeks save me 🙁 shouldn’t of chose triple

Great video thanks

“Shake their heads at prepositions which end sentences…” Yet it is exactly this “mistake” (emphasis on the inverted commas) which Steven Fry “corrected” at the BAFTA Film Awards last Sunday.



That district.”


It was good, although i almost didn’t catch any of it, cause it went so quick.

Good ideas. Good talks. Good doings. Good life, worldwide.

FREE SHKRELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuk the media

I just binch watched through all those Accent Expert videos. Give us more of this!

Ma’am can you please start English learning level 1 to level 8… I’m a bignner

3. Who are “folks like myself”?

Speaks like a New Yorker,…big fucking deal.

George rr Martin stopped at crisis

Thanks a lot… must needed

I dont agree with you on the Watchmen statement, I loved the movie and had no idea of the comic at the time. As a spectator i didnt care if it was the exact replica of the cartoon, i did not think about originality for an instance.

Looks left


P. S : sory four maÎ bad inglich



To go where…?

Thats all very interesting, but all this theses are just reflection of his mind, of his personality. He was into gay and s/m, sto he put much of his focus on medicine and particular psychiatry. And so is everything else. I’m not saying everything is worth nothing; there is some truth in his theses, but the thing is everything he said is a projection of his own personality and not the objective truth. A conditioned mind can not see things as they are.

22 min rap song

“For avoiding pain?”

Do you get ad revenue? Dude you’re teaching more than any professor ever has. You deserve money. Lots of money.

They predicted that it was just a bleak, self serving ploy. Wow.

So here’s my question. . Why are the mortgage companies attending sherif sales to buy the loans they already own and sometimes they were bidding WAY more than what the house was going for.

A lot of people complain about these but they need to realize that there are A LOT of novels out there to take into account and these lists are honestly just opinions. Does it make your favorite book worse because it wasn’t on the list? No.

I don’t really listen to rap music. But that might change now, this video was fascinating.


A good move for all students…SIR..


Just mind blowing, heart wrenching. beautiful. inspiring. awakening. motivating. all that jazz yall. #wolfpack

I love paris bullyfool between legs

Imagine if EA was the publisher lol.

You’re a genius lecturer, I am just repeating material for exams but it’s so efficient thx to your pace, nice editing and background music. Excellent job mate.

In the west, we believe that all humans are created equal, and each has a right to pursue his or her own version of happiness. A country can move forward only if ordinary average persons have the opportunity to advance their economic status and obtain a high level of material comforts. The best way to decrease poverty is to spread world class education to all levels of society and yes, that means to the untouchable people. If India cannot grasp hold of this concept, it will never catch up with the west. Now, I can understand why renoun Singapore based hedge fund manager Jim Rogers officially states “Until the Indian government can learn how to run a country, I will be short India.”

Our Branches Service centers network in more than 180 countries.

I laughed when they said most exchanges are voluntary. Like the cashier actually had a choice to sit at home all day and not starve lmao.

You damn right its a joke bitch

If you put a scruffy beard on this professor, he’d look like Tywin Lannister. That is my contribution to this debate. Thank you.

Conor Mcgregor is a great example



Yojana Magazine monthly analysis for UPSC/IAS –

Trump does not “speak like everyone”. If a sixth grader gave an oral report like Donald Trump speaks, any conscientious teacher would recommend tutoring for the child. Trump speaks like a poorly educated braggart, intoxicated enough that he doesn’t care that his every word advertises it. But he isn’t under the influence (as far as we know) & has supposedly been educated at good schools. So he’s either intellectually incapable of speaking a coherent English sentence or clinging to a single train of thought for more than 10 seconds, or he’s a cynical flimflam man who’s perfected the techniques of misdirection & the art of the con.

This commentary was so interesting!

Women will never be equal to men solely because they keep putting themselves right below us, women rant and rave about how a man’s life is easier than a women’s and how men have it easy but when it comes to marriage or some other bullshit where the man is expected to do something extra like paying or being there for your women the man needs to do it and when we don’t we are automatically not chivalrous or “not a man”. Women do this often and no matter how many times I hear about women who think a man’s life is easier than a woman’s it’s really not get that through your skulls life is equally as hard for everyone we are all human and we all feel the same emotions just in different ways… Human emotion is way too broad to describe in a movie no matter how many volumes there are to it, you interviewed 2000 people that’s a start but there are 7.300.000.000 individual humans with individual stories that women who was talking about how men’s lives are easier than women’s in my opinion does not even deserve to be in this great movie. I clicked the video to watch a great movie to see something I haven’t seen before but when I watched the one clip with that women it reminded me of everything i’ve already witnessed. I refused to finish the movie. plz no hate just conversate

Great format and entertaining presentation. Best one I have seen for logical process with examples. Thank You

(Ooh) never gonna give, never gonna give (give you up)

Dumbf uses these because he cannot articulate anything and he knows the details of nothing. So, instead he tries to overstate and gild every corpuscle of mundane drivel that dribbles from his senile, agape gob, with grandiose language.

The population is about due for a cataclysmic readjustment. Stay tuned.

Great video once again!

Awesome Vid really enjoyed it. you have deffo made me want to get the game its 50% on steam too 🙂 thank you for another brill introduction

The shadow falls series by cc hunter

Google and watch:

1:00 Is that Karl Marx on the desk behind?

So all the boys mother has to do during the divorce is play this video and it’ll be over for the father.

How do you stop yourself from staring at someone?

Chutya pandith unsocial unhuman unscientific

Very easy language 👌

The part where he bitchslapped the baby seal and casually stole it’s skin was pure art.

Why do i feel a 9th grader indian student must be more smarter than this lot??

Sleep mode activated..shutting down



However, monetary policy is NOT done by government, it is by Federal Reserve – Private run banks with Fed Presidents appointed by US President, one new one every 2 years.

Further to this, Kevin Gold in discussing the disagreements between Google’s Director of Research, Peter Norvig, and Chomsky on the future of AI, makes the following points: “[T]he number of parameters in his [Chomsky’s] theory continued to multiply, never quite catching up to the number of exceptions, until it was no longer clear that Chomsky’s theories were elegant anymore…AI endeavored for a long time to work with elegant logical representations of language, and it just proved impossible to enumerate all the rules, or pretend that humans consistently followed them. Norvig points out that basically all successful language-related AI programs now use statistical reasoning.”

Nihongo de ok

And in writing task 1 my IELTS class teacher said that the conclusion is necessary and it is compulsory but you said it is not needed. Now i am again confused what is right. And I am also recommended that if i find something that tell me the conclusion is not necessary, that is not an authentic source or material for use.

Pronounciation of the polish example is weird, like it was spoken by someone who isn’t Polish, just by a learner.

Paul how many languages do you speak?!

There is no such thing as Untouchable. it was created by india to save donation.


This was really helpful! Thanks.

Netaon ne barbad kar diya

I haven’t had one lesson of Italian yet, and I am planning to begin but I don’t have anyone to practise with! Can anyone contact me to help me learn Italian?

Thank you.

The sudden loudness is a no go for studying

This talk in a couple of seconds: Don’t talk.

مقطع سامج

All your videos are so useful :)) Thank you


Didn´t get every detail, but I think I got the general gist of it. Thanks!

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Wonderful sirr

I knew the second Beth was blown up in the garage that the background story was fake! ಠ_ಠ

Kolo (neutral, meaning a bicycle)

Im not studying i just love classical music

Thank you Mam can me ask for email plz…my email address:



“Suddenly, he sits up and tugs my panties off and throws them on the floor. Pulling off his boxer briefs, his erection springs free. Holy cow!”

Please continue to make such videos

8. America

Please don’t use transvestite. It’s outdated.

“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter—tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. . . . And then one fine morning—

Sorry, I can’t stand to listen to her hit the microphone anymore. Can somebody please just transcribe the interview so that it can be read?

I used to get in trouble in Spanish class because I’m tongue-tied and have to replace the Spanish alveolar trill with a uvular trill. While not the same thing, they sound sufficiently close that nobody complained when I worked in Santiago a decade later. I’m also part Swedish, so I’ll just blame the Scandihoovians for my Spanish speech impediment. 🙂

“The set of all whole numbers is… denser”

No matter how certain of what you think now, it all turns to dust in the end.

I stopped listening after 3 mins. What’s the problem?

But Stayed Because Of The Song

It’s sad that this is happening :/

But wouldn’t it take an infinite amount of time to move everybody from one room to another, in the Hilbert problem?

Tbh i didn’t even notice this until now, just shows how good of movies all the mcu movies are

Celtic languages originated in southern germany/ Switzerland region, with the La Théne Culture.



Great show! Been watching since ep 1, and The Shaft (rip) before that!

“You may get through it, but you’ll never be 37 again.”

Yo my homie Wolfgang is dope


Hi Liz, i have a question regarding the IELTS writing task 2. If i get an argumentative essay in the question paper can i go for a neutral answer? Or do i have to give only one basic idea like i agree/i disagree?


The issue I have is with this question it is based on the presupposition that you have to choose between a duality/dichotomy that is based on a hypothetical reality, an illusion, essentially. “There is a right and wrong, good or bad, one choice will punish one will reward.” Either way you will be caught in contradiction, because it has nothing to do within our immediate sensual experience, its all up in the head like the boogeyman.

French is my mother tongue and unfortunately when he spoke french, he did mistakes with the pronunciation and grammar. I don’t know if the other languages are good or not. I only speak english, spanish and french. However, this man is incredible, seven languages it’s impressive and even if there are some mistakes, we can communicate with him easily in seven languages!

Great video but speak waaay to fast.

Wow AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that the 10 million are otakus. Don’t be shy, yes im too.

Ich kaufe häufig bücher

Ayer, swamy, rajan and chidambaram all are tamils lol

I love you man

Very good explanation. Time to keep going with my paper, thank you.

Bhai aaram se padha kahan jana hai tujhe

LOL, these were my theories in high school. I’ve been following Rifkin’s work since 1975. He got a few things wrong with the science in this (I could send a list), although overall he did a good job.

~The Wizard, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum

The idea of questioning scientific dogma or most aspects of consensual reality is simply unimaginable to most people,

Thanks you mam its very useful 🙂





I’ve recently finished my gcse art and can’t wait for a level! Is it a big step up, in difficulty?

Culture shock!, its very fast! its quite hard to understand, but i apprecieate it.

I am SOO confused right now😣

THANK YOU! Doing an MBA, never done economics, haven’t done any maths in years and you are saving my bacon! You should write a text book.

-Christopher Paolini, Eldest

Looks like all the europeans are Turkic origin, well hello to my oldy cousins from Turkey

Any chance I could have the notes please?

Hey I want to do career in finance management so for this which language should I learn. plz guide Me through this.

I think, following is more correct.

The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Watch out skinner – the cake is a lie!!!!

When I find a word I don’t know, I like to search its meaning, but when I forget it and try to remember it, I can’t even guess in what language the word was.

28:40 bitch..

The Romance languages are a language family in the Indo-European languages. They started from Vulgar Latin. The biggest Romance languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian. They are called “romance languages” because they originate from a language spoken by Romans.

I’m a great fan of your videos, but here you failed in many points:

Why are the Ns and Us in the font you use in your thumbnail super boxy and square but none of the other letters are? It looks dumb and it bothers me please change it thanks.

No hole will be left unfilled.

2: If I was the driver I’d just flip the trolley. I couldn’t live knowing I ended a life, it is better to die a hero than live a monster.

I passed my Economics exam!!! I got a A*!! Thank you sooo much!!!!1

The true make you free



Fuck this game from the start. Let’s not assume things. Unless you are some sort of god being who is omniscient, which is not. One person decides to kill off another person coz former thinks that he knows shit and its for the best.

Is this also the same thing as how to write an effective research?

Omg it’s a combination of kerbal space program and total annihilation

Typically but can vary.

This is fantastic! I love learning and you are a master teacher. Street Leverage is another place with examples of academic ASL…MJ Bienvenue has a lovely lecture posted…Will be watching for those features..thx again so much for all you contribute! And to ASLized for publishing.

What about Fahrenheit 451 – it should have at least appeared on the honorable mentions list

Slavs in BC???? BAHAHAHAH!!!!

Hi Liz, can we write Thesis first, followed by background statement? The above example sounds as shown below –

Can you release that “Conwayed!” picture to the public? I feel like I want to make it into a sticker.

“Stop waiting for change, and be the change you want to see.”

This interviewer showed disrespect towards Noam Chomsky. He was unable to follow through with intelligent responses because he was not well researched. So… it was embarrassing to hear the interviewer say he had searched for jokes that Noam Chomsky may have told. This put down reflected badly on the interviewer – not Noam Chomsky, who in my opinion has a very dry sense of humour as well as a fabulous intellect.

This ain’t about following the rule book

Hi could you post the assessment objectives for aqa link in the description? I cant find them :/

Biri hayrına Türkçe’ye çevirseydi..

There was Two more schools at the time of buddha charvaka school (atheist school), Jain school (slightly similar to buddha )

The guy speaks too fast.. I can’t keep up.

After watching this video I only have one thing to say. It is what it is.

The real trick you want to get yourself into, is knowing that you are completely the same as anyone. You both go through life with different experiences and different seperations of yourself (i am this, you are that etc) but when you take all that away, genetics, your hometown, then what is the real difference between the two of you? You both experience exactly the same feeling when you get uncomfortable, sad or just happy. Once you feel this, or realize this, you will start noticing that when you are talking to a stranger or a family member or a friend, you are talking to yourself.

What else could there be, beyond Order and Rules?

Whats the agenda?