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He’s in his 80’s man.. and this video is pretty recent, granted his delivery is not great but if i’m able to deliver speech this effectively when i’m 80 i’ll be pretty happy. Your comment is idiotic..

Children are very future learder

My handwriting is so messy, that it’s a combination of all of these…

/ Study history with this music 😀 recommend /

I think you’re misinterpreting Chomsky’s theory.

I always thought of a gap year as being a reward for working hard at uni & being able to take a year out after finishing uni and then progressing into a job. That’s what I thought, but have a good gap year ✨xx

You’re the man.

Thank you 🙂 Maybe I’m strange this way, but I always assumed that if people judged me rather before they got to know me that I was better without them. I always act respectful to others, but I don’t go out of my way to act a certain way to impress others. That would be different if I needed to impress a boss or client. That is the only time I focus on body language.

This video really helped me a lot!! Thank you so much! I feel more confident in my essay writing! Can u make videos on how to write different type of middle/high school essays?

Jayus lu

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Jupiter Ascending has much truth….great editing looks fantastic…..i wonder if the link to the stores like Walmart and Target….there probably is the first clue to these cities underground…..we have the first realistic connection to these under ground tunnels and perhaps cities…..:-)

Innovation is basically what you just said..

Im connected letters

I laughed really hard at 7:44

Dear all,

I have my essay exam next week at least 500 words per topic. First topic is What is the value of Literature, second is The value of Pilot study, then The advantage and dis-advantage of qualitative and quantitative research. Sir can I apply those formulas. Thank you so much. More blessing to you and the whole family.

I’m writing my own book right now called “Freedom Fighters” if you ever hear that name again then that means my book is published and that it is a success!

But, I’m feeling, I’m caring, I’m healing, I’m sharing– a supportive, bonding, nurturing primary care-giver. My output is down, but my income is up. I took a short position on the long bond and my revenue stream has its own cash-flow. I read junk mail, I eat junk food, I buy junk bonds and I watch trash sports! I’m gender specific, capital intensive, user-friendly and lactose intolerant.



I like your way of teaching

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Thank you Emma 🙂

The right thing to do, hmmmm, this has to be heading towards Socialist justice, otherwise this line of questioning is rediculous!

Damn thanks a lot!

Make this shit. That is all.

Thank you Sir, it is very kind of you to upload your lecture.

I assume the cartoonist is also the creator of the illustrations seen in Jacobin Magazine? The style is the same…

I really appreciate you doing the Tax episode. Taxes are so important in our current societal structure. They dominant how we decide what (parts of) our own personal incomes are going to be contributed to. I’ve been an advocate for the same pay-rate for all government workers – i. e. those who get paid via taxes (Teachers, Members of Paliament/Government, Doctors etc…) – because so much of that tax money is wasted on over-paying people, that could be better used for education, health and welfare. People often mention the need for a high-pay because of “high level stress jobs” but free health care via those taxes would solve needing to pay those people a higher income. A one pay rate system would also remove incentive to work just for the pay which puts people into jobs they really shouldn’t be in, and instead move people towards jobs they are passionate about. I’m not talking about removing capitalism from society, as people’s own endeavours should create their own wealth, only that taxes be used more constructively for improving society, instead of paying for people to improve society.

Thanks. Now I’m noticing pure black a lot more in films lmao. And it is more aesthetically pleasing than the mush I see in other videos that don’t have them.

This is so helpful! Thankyou!!! Please do Maths and Science too! Maybe even RS and Languages? I did a thumbs up for the vid and my Twitter is @/IzzyMcFletcher

In Spanish we pronounce Br

“My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun…”nicki minaj

The Puritans were fully communist from 1620 to 1623. After converting back to a market type of system they began to thrive.

सुधांशु त्रिवेदी जब भी जवाब दे रहा है या संस्कृति के खूबी बता रहा है या आने वाले फ्यूचर वौइस् कमांड के बारे में बता रहा है

I like the music & the HR 🙂

Little Women, Frankenstein, and Slaughter House Five didn’t make the list. I am quite disappointed.

This has been of so much help. you might be fast but i understand the concepts better than my lectures. Thank you.

God I luv strategy games

What is this woman on about???!!! She insults us all.

I love it!

Really well illustrated.

Later efforts to civilize the Germanic androphagi led by the

Nice video sir and very big thanks sir



The images 😂

Thank you dear Liz. You are generous to share such wonderful lessons.

He looks like RUPAUL without the wig

In german there is a Word for literally everything

I agree with this video


I think we mostly agree here.

This game is easy, or is there more than one elevator


This sounds just ridiculous but since taking acid at only 15 I’ve had so feelings of depression randomly pop up and last a day or only a few hours, the realisation that my life is meaningless whilest I’m supposed to be going through school and looking forward to my life ahead of me is really sad and painful. I can’t understand how bad it must be for people that deal with this everyday for years and I had a friend that was depressed for a few years and I simply don’t understand how strong you guys are.

I am definitely in the time distorted historical event camp. I am biased however.

Oh, wait…

Look forward to more videos

Nice try. Stick to learning something and then commenting.

– John Wayne (Genghis Khan)



I downloaded this

Yeah, the colors are as over-the-top as the storytelling and character design are, but it’s great. Kinda like Fast and Furious.

He doesn’t speak like any of the “average Americans” I know! He speaks like an average American 5th grader, perhaps.

Amy Goodman

Im in Ireland and the I with a slash is an Irish letter í

Can you be a natural born aphasiac? I’ve never had a stroke, I’m only 14 but I’ve noticed recent development of unclear thoughts, mixing up words, hearing things wrong, forgetting words and thoughts very heavily Ect. Is it only after a stroke that you get aphasia or can it still be a natural born disorder. If so, should I be worried about developing it further or will it mostly stay the same. I’ve been getting worried about my mental health lately after developing this problem and really don’t want to have it be bad enough that it constantly gets in the way of socializing.

Sperandum est pro libertate

Stephen got bum lots of bun fun.


Bilal ko essay

I really like the clothing metaphor. (Language = Clothing) We choose our words for the occasion; we choose them to affect how others treat us; we choose them to fit in (or not); we choose them to create an image (real or imaginary).

Please look up jordan peterson and his comments on postmodernism if you find anything this dude says compelling.

I dont understand in term of no policy. Why?


• Translation (Urdu to English and English to Urdu)

I backed as soon I heard the thing at 5:42.



Okay so, I’m logical, systematic, confident and comfortable in my own skin

Also good luck to everyone we can do it 🙂

It is the first time i watch your class. i liked a lot. it was very helpful

That was very helpful, no lie. Thank u sir.


17th century? Maybe he is a time traveler!

Woah it’s so freaky that something can happen, but for some reason it reminds me of that “bad lip reading” channel

The very phrase ‘social construction’ suggests this camp will enlighten us about how homosexuality is socially generated, constructed by social forces as an extension of ‘nurture’…

Great job sir

Very Helpful Content, thanks…

I wish the game was free

“If markets are transparent…” That’s a HUGE if. Industries hate transparency and in many cases spend billions of lobbying dollars fighting against transparency. Corporations aren’t evil because they’re greedy, they’re evil because they don’t want to operate in a fair, free market and instead rig and manipulate the system in their favor through lobbying and holding influence over politicians. So, yes, if the market were transparent, you’d be right, but the markets is NEVER completely transparent.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

4 Calileh and Demna ( when read in ancient arabic brings a exotic atmosphere )

Don’t be sorry, God bless you

Very nice and wise person, Sam.

Happy learning everyone ))


Oh how this madman truly longs for a nihilist that clings to the eternal nothingness…



Me encantaría en español no se mucho ingles!

Hey Thomas,


Close-ups on the mouth as I read it, dude.

Thank you! Wish you made more videos. They’re short and sweet and get right to what I’m looking for.

OMG! You helped me soooo much!😃😆😁😃😀😋

Oh no I can’t, in 54 years i’m gonna be on my death bed so no I can’t meet you then maybe some other time.

You should start making more sense.

Everyone that agrees with this still pays taxes and makes use of any countries social giving contructs. Everyone that hates the government and the cringy anonymous does and it will always stay this way period. Why? Because there will always be people that want to be on top of the food chain of the humans.

جميل 😻

I completely agree with this speaker, it’s important to broaden your worldview and gain new insights through learning different languages. I speak Italian, Moroccan Arabic (darija) and now at the intermediate level in French.

My handwriting says

Im bothered by the omission of the california gold rush. It was the largest migration of folks on the planet in several millennium. Its why the americas are a large green blob made of all the other blobs. Says alot for race, culture and growth. Also changes the stats accuracy a little.


The real qustion is will they kill us

Why didn’t he use the jump

REH-quee-ehm, not re-QUEEM.

Why would you dislike this it’s a great video

Man when he kicked the trump piñata 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

This is very helpful. Thank you very much.

But if you can Please Speak Slow a little bit. Thank U

Damn. This video is incredible.



Sounds good


Do a video on Forex trading.

Thanks for the video – I plan to buy the game…

Thanks a Lot….God bless you

The snow is above the house.

I think they’ll start counting the years backwards so we can “redo the past the right way,” and then we’ll hit 1984.

Is it just me or is he really good writing and drawing using a mouse.

Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, William Faulkner’s “the Sound and the Fury”, Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire” and Ralph Ellison’s “the Invisible Man”…

But Al Jazeera is immune to all this, guys. Don’t worry.

9:22 What was that about?

Half-a-dozen viewings and I still get a lump watching his talk!!

Lets think about it… you said he will burn in hell – so you must agree that this punishment (the infinite torture) is appropriate for this man. How hateful person you must be, to think that anybody deserves such eternal torment.

Man you forget world in conflict, it is also a bad ass strategy game as well

Nice presentation. but where is the ultimate solution. i know solution is not out there. solution is only found within.

If a biopic were made of this mans life I feel like Billy Crudup would be a perfect match.

Not Iranian

And there are a lot of minority in Iran

Noticing the Vsauce-esque endings to your videos. Fuckin stellar “made ya think” stuff. Actually wondering if that was part of you’re inspiration or if you came about it separately? Also, any other channels you’d recommend i sub, because 15 videos in and i already respect your opinion which is a rarity for me. Apologies if this string of comments seems rude. I’m just a little drunk and hype at your content.

Not that bad for an American regarding history of Iran 🙂 One of the main reasons for the 1979 revolution which is not mentioned in this video is the fact that there were lots of simple and unaware people who were easy to manipulate especially if you use the weak point which is Islam/religion. That’s true though that there were issues like corruption, inequality etc. but most of those people on street could be considerd as “sheep” following the croud which was absolutely not the case in demontrations of 2009. You have one part wrong when it comes to 1979 revolution when you say the amount of demonstrants increased because of army acting harsh using sledgehammer methods because thatwould just decrease their numbers by fear of getting shut. That’s exactly what happened in 2009 as the militia of Iranian Mulla’s crashed every demonstration with excessive force. They killed many people on street. ran them over with cars and captured them by 1000s putting them in torture cells. The movement of 2009 is stopped because people don’t dare to protest any more as they know how hard they would be hammerd by minority supporters of regime who are armed to teeth and have all the power and support they want.

Great video, I’m taking my exam tomorrow.

Packs of cigarettes were 1$ most. Cars in the 70s and 80s were 2500$-3500$ the median. Heck, I saw prices rise almost 3fold in 5 years of adulthood.

Se le da genial #GonaElSeñorDeLosComandos



@Juicyfruti09 — There isn’t one. The word “glasses” is the direct object and the rest of the sentence has two prepositional phrases showing location. An indirect object is usually–but not always– a person.

Dear lord this speech action art thingy makes me, how did he word it using the allusion to Lolita, “cream I. Delight as the tongue trips across the teeth” ahhhhhhh

BTW I loves All your art work it was amazing

Szechaun Sauce=Ricks meaning in life

Why is Obama so cool? That makes me even more sad to Donald Dump in office.


He is great leader. Tony has a direct connection and understanding into the human condition. He is always awesome!

I hope u nerf bots 😀

Why intermediate good include as final goods aftr one year without any consumption… as final good used for final consumption but thr is no consumption of intrmediate good with in or aftr a year

Love ur teaching, u feed us lots of good info while keeping the class enjoyable. I have seen very few teachers who actually do that. Keep up the good work.

Use the 8X double twice fir 32X

Obama should be investigated for treason.

Complete the game! Thanks

Hindi also has an ergative case for pronouns, which makes the word change form if it is the subject of a sentence, the verb is transitive and the verb is in the perfect aspect. Eg: Voh kahatī hai ki… (She says that…) Usne kahā ki… (He/she said that…).

The one black dude right next to him is hating soooo hard

Says the decade long programmer! 😛

Hindu india is religion of cancer, please to leave earth LoL

Such a thing as a ‘prototypical’ gay man, even if he is a recent creature of history.

Christoph Clugston is gay

Thank you for this video I love it.



Teach me like teaching a child

This video was great helped out a lot. thanks

Videos are great!

‘You’re full of shit.’

Yea sure its an amazing video, 5 stars!!!!!


Wow, I love it! It’s been a while since my last class but these make a great refresher.

That is Incredible!

Percy Jackson Titans Curse: ”We should get some dam french fries”.

Their business is the class-struggle, or ANY conflict that can be exploited,

Yeah he is awesome

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“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” ~Emerson

Exactly, they should just stop asking her on the talk-shows altogether. But since having her on causes controversy and possibly a viral clip, then the talk-shows producers want people like her on because it means more eyeballs on the program and therefore legitimacy for their show. At the end of the day, the issue really is the so-called news shows that are contorting themselves into reality tv shows to jockey for space in an already defunct system. TV is dead… and advertising killed it.

Hey, it’s Dennis Reynolds!


Wasnt galadriel, sauroman, elrond, gandalf (and i think a few others) in a group specifically to protect middle earth and so on though? And wasn’t it them who cast sauron (the necromancer) out of dol guldur? Now it probably didnt happen in the hobbit book, but it happened around the same time i think



Silly wabbits life itself is meaningless until you decide for yourself. Then be true to yourself.

I start watching all of your videos in Micro and Macro economics. Finally I started to understand the concept. Thank you so much. The videos are really helpful.

Not based on familiarity, but based on the easiest sounds to pronounce. Kind of a science language. Not something to play with, but something clear and easy.

I’m not gonna lie, this Martin prick is a straight shooter and I like that. Keep it real even though it pisses everyone off.

(Or not)

Very much so. Thank you so much. I am so glad I have watched your Econ teaching radios. It’s really helpful to digest the concept. Cooooooooooooool stuff! ^_^

So I’m guessing you took that suggestion. So THANKS.

They use The Vedas in a wrong way. Vanarshama Dharma = Were the four castes work to Lord according to they qualities. Thats the real religion. Cause, no one is better then other.

Hahaha! I just simply love learning languages; the process is always FUN!

Love you from England 😉 … you’re very helpful on the other hand you’re doing great.

Hello, Im looking for name of really good strategy game. There were

Can you make video about introduce yourself essay to apply for a job

Anti-Corruption, WINNING!!!… wait, nope… but…

Frodo is a hobbit, not a human

Carol Vance notes:

Whoever makes these videos obviously has no concept of how real social justice theory works.

So would it work with some other constructed languages? like Dothraki, Sindarin, Quenya, etc. maybe one that’s is more similar to English and less hard to talk with

Clearer. Thx a lot

Love his laugh


What a guy

Awesome bird. but id love to see a complete unedited footage..

Cars will drive them self so there will be no more death by car.