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Social norms of the time were very anti originally. In losing God, he found how he is. You have a soul, the spark of the divine. His alters originally were just natural stone, that no man had chiseled. God made nature perfect, it works without anyone doing anything. Loving each other is accepting that all have faults, society at that time was not affirming this believe, of natural course he rebelled. Simply put, those who were for God did not allow for his word to prove to be true. In seeking enlightenment, they declared evil things God never said was and taught it as doctrine. The bible lists this as teachings of men, an over stepping of Gods word, to force conformity on people.

If you go back in time and teach young Einstein relativity theory, where does the idea come from?

Please school us on Heart of Darkness next.

Is it just me, or does the hero’s silhouette look like a tall, thin Mr. Incredible?

This. Is. Deep

Beethoven’s music is so wonderful! Love to listen to…

Nobody is making you do anything “alone” 😉

Everyone jerking off over the fact that they know Nietzsche wasn’t a nihilist

What bullshittery is this? is this not nonsense? households are landinputs? companies own land, not households, unless you consider family farms. Then if households own land and capita what do they need firms for? they could sustain themselves. i have difficulty with this model

Tudeh, the Iranian communist party, was a minority. Mossadeqs base of support was the moderate National Front, not the communists. He nationalized Anglo-Iranian because they treated their Iranian workers like slaves, refused to allow the Iranian gov. to review the companys finances, and refusal to share more than 20% of the oil profits. A majority of Anglo-Iranian stocks were held by the British gov., when Iran nationalized their oil, they were escaping British colonialism. British and Americans flooded Iran with bribe money and toppled mossadeq to regain control of the oil.communists had nothing to do with it, it was an excuse the British invented to gain Eisenhowers support. 1953 was a continuation of western colonialism

She makes him sound as if he knows what he is talking about, as if he is clever in his manipulation when what he does do, is speak to the lowest common denominator, to the basest in us, to the part of us that is selfish and mean and moronic, not because he is clever, but because he is selfish and mean and moronic. He was swept into power because thee are too many of us who fit the bill and because Russia got their way.

I. e. using expansionary fiscal policy to reduce unemployment

ББЦ нас убеђује да је прогрес што изумиремо. Јунак приче, партијска комесарка која упада у куће и убеђује мајке да не рађају. Нисте требали ићу у Бангладеш већ у Кину. А тек др Менгеле да је жив, био би идеални водитељ.

Best episode yet!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to be drafted into the army in 7 days

I love mr Bruff rn!! Our teacher showed us his videos and im always watching them now

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Yay! John is a whovian!!!

[2 of 2] Math, Science and Language — while other topics were benignly pushed to the side, as it was thought that you could not earn a living… since the digital revolution, this very concept has been tilted upsidown where creative endeavors are now most important for the job, however, the school systems have not adapted with the changing times… our children are still our future and this is exactly what needs to be addressed if our nation wants to remain competitive on the world stage…


I though at the very least The Book Thief deserved an honorable mention if not a spot on this list…

This is bullshit. period.

RTS Star Wars game which is a little like this.

Thank you this is really helpful. can you make more of the 2017 ones please

Holy crap.. that’s the guy who voiced pudge in dota 2..

Https://youtu. be/1od_7znkTgY

Whats the name of the song during the trailer??

This had me dead asf

This is retarded. Only white people.

What was the question? colorsmush

I know how to speak, read and write American English. I am interested in learning how to speak Norwegian or French. If anyone wants to teach other, contact me! Thanks.

Off topic… sorry…. I just want to break people in half when they hold up horrible labor markets as capitalist super stars. And maybe that is the most important thing to mention, that saying countries can’t be defined as easily in the “free market” vs “planned economy” spectrum, completely side stepped the reality that American capitalism isn’t.

No KKND 2? Man, this game was my childhood…

I don’t get this video



I really wish u can come to my house and give me a 24 hour lesson about English and all the things u know thanksssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gona Sabes que hay un Juego de Aventura gráfica Llamado Minecraft Story Mode Es muy parecido a Minecraft y También es muy divertido Se trata básicamente de Minecraft Pero solo que en modo Historia Deberías Probarlo y subirlo 😛


Thank you so much I needed to know this because I’m doing to have a test 🙏

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To all the people who are offended, we do talk like this. She is not talking about his offensive statements, she is not referring to his content. However, this rambling and going from topic to topic, I realized I see plenty of people do this. Granted some people do it more than others but it is common.

Like if you are listening to this while writing fanfictions!

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So, mam I request plz upload video on microeconomics (1st chapter introduction)

Well done! Season 3 continues to comfirm what you stated.

You’re right. Men NEVER pressure each other about ANYTHING. O. o That’s ridiculous and you know it. and feminists HAVE fought for equality in child rearing, in changing gender roles for parenting, for men to take the responsibility of their children seriously and compassionately. read jezebel article “if I admit that hating men is a thing will you stop turning it into a self-fulfilling prophesy”. and having a children will be equal when men can give birth or women can force men to have surgery

Regarding the case with the trolley car where one has to chose between crashing into 5 workers or one worker. Question to those who would change direction to crash into the 1 worker – would you also do that if that guy would be somebody you know, a good friend or maybe your brother?

This shit is so slam-dunk in favor of Rawls, it’s funny. I think the question falls under simple morality. Nozick is a douche. Why are there Douches in our political body? Is it natural to be a douche…in large consensual numbers?

Please showing more things about writing

You’re a doctor. You can treat a patient with drug A or drug B. Drug A is very effective, reducing the 5-year likely hood that the patient dies from any cause by 8% (including the effect on his disease, old age, car accidents, side effects of drugs, etc.). That being said, drug A also has a minor chance of causing a patient’s death through colapse of his immune system. This is a low chance that doesn’t offset the 8% improved survival.

Sir what is the price of ur book

If I get 5 on AP Micro Economics, It’d be thanks you!! Thank you so much for these videos

I don’t usually like the theme of literature, or language clases but since its from you il give it a try 🙂

No it didn’t matched to myself

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Also analysis papers have no opinions. they use evidence to prove things.

You guys gotta do “Tanya the evil”!



Iranian can reject their Islamic heritage, but Persians have contributed a lot to Islamic civilisation more than Arabs. Muslim Arabs didnt know how to run a vast empire and had to rely on the knowledge of the Persians. Plus alot of famous Muslim scholars are Persians not Arabs, eg Iman al Ghazali and Rumi.

This is actually true. My handwriting is rounded but i also join my letters. Im creative and artistic but logical and stystematic. Im also an introvert….for some reason. KINDAAA

Generally agree with this list, except for Catcher in the Rye. I was a teen in the sixties and read it, and it didn’t impress me. Read it again a while back and still have the same opinion. Despite some people having almost fanatical devotion to it, it’s basically just a story of a whiny rich kid spoiled rotten and cannot take any setbacks in life.

In Northern India, and throughout Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal, as

Now i know what hunter gatherer means

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This is utterly fascinating and I did not understand a god damned thing. *rewinds the video AGAIN

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Apparently literacy and education will solve all problems.

I’am french and my “english” is so bad but i understand the Bernie’s language and it’s amazing….

1. ‘the main idea of this paper is…’

Emma is so nice and sweet.

Do they still do multiple questions in year 12 for upcoming exams, because there are no practice exam papers containing them?

Interesting game, it’s essentially teaching you assembly.

GUYS!!! IT’S SIMPLE!!!! The REASON he talks like a 4th grader is because that’s around the time he found out he can buy his way out of going to English class. Duuuhhh

Was this dubbed over!

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Nice wordage, anyone paying attention a little to much could see the mismanagement of the wreck that is your…… fuck it

Chutiyaaa hai pandit. sala

India is a beautiful country but like all country the people can be very wrong, we are all humans made up with blood and flesh and bone. It doesn’t matter what yu look like Yur soul and how much of a good person you is what makes you. The people who work hard in a proper faithful way to get their money are more sucesful than those who sit at a desk or at home. When will the world change so everyone helps each other.

Just watched some knife making videos, so the knife analogy was a bit of a surprise

Could we have a perspective for the son of God as well of your courtesy?

No part 2! :(((

People can buy whatever and whenever they want if they consider the money they have at that point disposeable..otherwise you could say buying games in general is stupid just pirate them

Fuck me

If you’re going to write a sentence that gives me a migraine, I’m going to bitch about it. Them’s the rules.

If automation took off and people were given a negative income tax system that pays a percentage of a difference between earned income and a cutoff amount, I would use that money to learn craftsmanship and secure a small homestead to prepare myself and others for such a collapse.

Watch the eyes, stop being dumbfounded by EVERY SINGLE WORD and piece together the bigger message.

This channel is honestly so helpful, I’m in year 11 now and your tips are saving me😇😂

Stop whining, life is easy compared to the way it was.

We’ve known each other for so long

Firstly, Thanks a lot for this amazingly informative video. I want to ask you a question.

Transmutation spell



Im from Germany and I realy needed this video. Well done. But doesnt it correctly mean outweights? I realy dont know.

15:34-15:43 Love that part lol!

Hilbert’s Hotel must be a pain in the arse for room service.

This is sooooo helpful. Thanks. God blessed. A bit fast though for first time learners. But very concise and precise.

You guys do a great job at explaining and a great job at making us viewers cringe.

And why does anything bring happiness? Because we want sex.

You have actually twisted and diluted the philosophy of Buddhism here. It’s a very western summary

Actually it was a kind of cool video i guess


CrashCourse, you make it really difficult to like you.

You are awesome! When I have some difficulties I just watch your videos and I understand your explanations very quickly. Thank you very much professor!

Learned more here than i did in my college honors microeconomics class at one of the top state schools in the country. tgod for great teachers.


Internet does not allow me getting much rest, that is, staying away from the computer.

They can bring it back, but to complete the game, and to even get it started, they need 1.4 million dollars.

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Hopefully you read this right…

“Oh dear I am somehow more bald”

You misspelled civilization hehehe.

She really does look like the “after” in those before and after meth pics

Reasons why sanskrit is better national language than hindi or english.

I just read to kill a mockingbird in English it’s very good

I always felt Tiberian Sun was better than Red Alert 2.



It is very useful guidelines

Where does Vajrayana Buddhism originate?

If only my writing was that good! 😭😭😭

Im fluent in English and Spanish also learning Japanese and Korean…its hard tho ;-;

Barely hung on the edge of getting it but still got it

Suffer from bipolar as well

Thank you so much, it is clear explanation.

Very nice such a professor

Proves that justice and equality are completely different things

She says… alot of “ammmmmmmmm, aahhhhhhh” more practice

Tony one of the best public speaker in the world, I admire you Tony

IMHO “How and why we read” is one of the best videos on YouTube. But as for “how” we read, some of us need more help than just being told to be an “active participant”. Jon, how about a sequel to this video on the techniques of active reading? Not all of us have the innate literary ability of a best-selling author…

Existentialism gives my life meaning, weeeeeellll more accurately existentialism is a thing I can think about while existing as I give my life more or less meaning, or not, but possibly just to me or those who know about me or not, but I could be and probably am wrong unless it is important to someone, including me, if it is authentic unless I determine, in this determinalistic uni or multi verse, for myself that WHAT WAS I THINKING again.

I bought a new diary to write and Ma’am thank you very much now i will write as you said also new sub😂😁

Where is Chuang Tzu?

Lol this is a joke right? This is ridiculous but really funny

Thank you for explaining the MLA In-Text Citations!



The constant close ups (ie. up his nose etc.) of Mr. Chomsky were very distracting to the discussion.

My classmates laughed when I told them I would burn fat with Fat Blast Formula, but then they saw the results. Go and google Fat Blast Formula to see their reaction.

Thank you Professor Trost this has been of great value

Wow that was the best 3 minute tutorial i have ever seen.

It emphasizes and aims to organize sexual deviance into a political force, rather than to explain anything.

Gets super smart to a ” a god like state”, be the future Antichrist or Beast of the book

Where on earth do you expect to find Charles Dickens if Not on top of this list!

I don’t need a white man to explain the secret of sexism to me. Believe me, I know the secret. I’ve experienced it enough to understand it. I don’t need to ask academics about it to know anything about it. There is a lived experience of it that brings an understanding of sexism beyond any academic understanding a male could give or surmise.

Thank you sir, very helpful.

Guys can you pls give me atleast 2 theories of lao tzu?

It’s difficult. I can switch between a more Northern accent and a southern one pretty easily, my mom was from Illinois and my father from NC :p


-Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz.




Oh my god! you explain sooo well

Beethoven was gay and raped by a Turkish man

The speaker is trying to normalize Trump’s speech patterns and trying to make the case that they are intentional. They are neither. And any “normal” person who lies, exaggerates and boasts like Donald Trump is someone that most of us do our best to avoid.

Just because the traditional dialect characteristics are dying out doesn’t mean that the dialects in the US aren’t diverging. They’re simply being replaced with new characteristics.

This sucks dick u haters

Your a nit picking nerd who should shut up about this

So what if a student spends this much time on FB, or that much time watching TV, or sending that many emails vs. writing papers for classes? Is it gonna change anything? Very few generations created the problems they have to fix. They all create problems for future generations though don’t they?

Imagine that “Richard Parker” could save the lives of three people by dying would he be selfish but refusing to die?

30 seconds max. This shows that you talk too much and listen very little.

Well done Siddharta, good job

My favourite part of this video, “This is absurd.” 🙂

Thor: The Dark World (2013)


Got 20 seconds into the video and almost destroyed my phone in sheer frustration with the childrens educational programming style commentary. Truly couldn’t take this seriously at all.

The teacher — is that you??

That’s just one understanding of the transgender identity. Not all trans* folks feels that they were “born in the wrong body” as it were. Of course, some do. And “feeling” like a gender “on the inside” is totally a thing, but not all people feel that way. Transgender* is actually an umbrella term that is all-encompassing of all identities that fall outside of the M/F binary. The fact that so many folks identify that way is proof that the binary is flawed and constructed.

That was candy

Words don’t change form, but Turkish has a different quality which I think other languages don’t have. When we ask a question, we put a interrogative particle where we want to emphasize. For example:

Finding out that he died a month after this speech is so depressing after hearing his dreams.



You helped so much. tq sir 🙂

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. I’m not even exaggerating this helped so much I would never have gotten my essay finished without this and I am starting to use it with all my homework and it’s causes me not to get distracted, I would seriously recommend it. I’ve tried over music before but it never work but something about this worked!

Microeconomics exist. But Macroeconomics are preposterous – a lie from the devil!

That was great! Bonus Bonus Round lol

Q moço simpático

Oh for goodness sake it dementia setting in, quit trying to put a spin on the man, he is disintegrating mentally, just watch his old videos, not the same man DEMENTIA my girl read up on it

Ever thought of that?

My teacher said we were gonna read this book, so he showed this to us in class lol


Goosebumps everytime!!

Now all you need to do is release a mixtape

This is sadly accurate

Microeconomic Question #1:

Tony robbins is one of the best motivational speakers

WOW that is my first RSA Animate video:

Who inhabited Greece, Italy, France and Hispania before the Indo-Europeans?

Thank you, that was very informative and precise.