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I think more effort should go into crafting a quality story to give new films longevity. Nobody is going to watch Jurassic World in 20 years because Jurassic Park is so much better. Nobody is going to watch Terminator: Gyenisiys when T1 and T2 are vastly more entertaining due to their nature of simply being well-made movies.

Wow! I’m speechless!

4. [kx]

Please put video on AD and AS too!! pleaseee!!! it would be great help… please let me know..when you ll do this..so that i can wait with petience

This is super interesting. Maybe I’ve had too much whisky.

What this pollution are they afraid of? in which way will they get polluted?

Scrolls through comments, hoping not to see: “Okay?” “Okay.”

Other people gave a lot of tips, but I was as confused as Jack tbh

I am so exited for you!!!!

Dennis Reynolds telling me about movie accents?

No open letter?

Delivered on it… please, there is close to no features in PA xD

I know Chinese and English, and Chinese doesn’t have inflections at all. Makes the grammar a piece of cake, but makes learning other languages a headache because of things like this.

Should I have to choose to write why I think the problem has risen in first place in one paragragh?

“the reservation system discriminates against the upper class”

This is stupid and gay.

I’ve heard it has some similarities to Esperanto (another con-lang [That’s been around for quite a while], that the Box Ghost spoke in Danny Phantom)

When a documentary makes you cry 6 minutes in, you know, that you’re in for a ride

1:08 Fat guy: USA People carrying USA: Mexico


Does anyone know who’s the person at 1:15:05?



Good job

7:35 is that Viserys?

Holy moly this is a ride.

She just HAD to say something about the case and, rather strangely,

I already have a problem with the begging of this… not all humans want to exploit and dominate what is around them……

I think that the criticism against Matt Taylor went way too far. Making him break down into tears while apologizing from the backlash. I’m annoyed by the guy’s shirt and wish he didn’t wear it, but he was traumatized rather than truly understanding what he did wrong.

I totally agree with the message of the video. I am so underutilizing available technology – especially the free one. I always have some electronic device on me that can do at least email, web browsing, editing MS Office documents, organizing calendar, listening to podcasts, participating in conf calls and webinars. I am in grad school now but I only occasionally get a chance to use that technology as a student

All the sins are in the Islamic commands

This game looks awesome, I hope it reaches its Kickstarter goal…

3: If the organs weren’t a 100% match the body would reject them.

Psychology isn’t a pseudoscience anymore, not for a long time. The fact that you can say such things shows your total ignorance on social sciences and their methodologies. It isn’t an exact science, like the ones you mentioned, but those have nothing to say about gender. Because gender is a term derived from social sciences. You confuse gender and sex. They’re not the same thing. You purported that all boys always play with ‘male’ toys, which simply isn’t true.

I love how you make academics seem like a craft!

What about the implication

I just started watching this Eco series and it took you 11 and so minutes what my teacher did in 3 sessions. I’m not saying my teacher did a bad job, but many of my classmates wouldn’t have had such a hard time if you way were our teachers. I’m actually gonna share this with my friends, I know they’re gonna love it so thanks for your hardwork and the quality content 😀

We are creating the bots to do work for us, when the time comes where large numbers are unemployed, they won’t need to be because bots will work for us. It’s not some scary fate, it’s literally what we’ve been working towards. Inventions making our lives easier until we have to do nothing.

Hay un easter egg o estoy fumado? xq en los paquetes hay letras y dicen palabras en el segundo nivel dice load program



Yay! Joseph Campbell! =D This episode was fascinating! Really, I loved it! Theory is very interesting. I’m gonna read more on it later. Thanks, Crash Course! You guys make learning even more fun than it already is. =)

Everyone chooses lose yourself. Pick a different Eminem track.

Read more

Lmao 1:20 There are Four reasons

I don’t get the game at all

Automation like robots in the future can conquer the whole world.

The need for law to be enforced in the face of internal or external

What the hell! I’m Hungarian and I’m shocked embarrassed that I did not know about how racist India is. How on earth India can get way with this? Westerners are totally in the dark about this. I feel like I want to vomit after watching this movie.

Rawls is wrong. The Veil of Ignorance is meaningless, since our real decisions are (supposedly) rational and informed.

I am taking college comp again for the first time again in 14 years. After writing in the business corporate world for 10 years, I was scared to re-learn the old fashioned way! I will be watching all of your videos! This is the best! I was searching online pre class next week. I was instantly Grabbed and within 2 min got all the tools I need to produce great papers this semester. I am sooo excited. Thank You!

Vox news channels propaganda tactics explained (soros puppets)

Hi, can i do paraphrasing first then concessions, i know cant be done in all topics but if any topic where both can be good to go so can i do that, bcz by this my introduction of 40 to 50 words it will complete easily, what you suggest it will give me good band score?

You call it a PVC pipe. I call it a wand

What does she say at 0:27 ?

My whole body is Coverd in goosebumps omg good job man

Tony, thanks for changing my life drastically.

Dose green screen skillz are insane tho. Made my nipples real hard

I’m in middle school

So beautiful and smart bird! Bravo!

You Don’t Even Know by Sue Lawson

My teacher showed this in class

2. to the world =



Speaking – 90

“OMG humans are so horrible, we’re ruining the Earth and killing all the cute animals whaaaaa why do humans even exist”

Powerful than the protection of the individual freedom of consenting

20:51 *is an elegant accomplishment (or) is a charming thing; et al.

Soon, very soon……..

3:39 …Are you kidding me? That’s Harvard?

Who is dis dude hes man corny why they got him reporting this

I never get bored of trump’s grammar. He has so much grammar. Its yuge. I think he delights in being different

Thank u sir

You deserve nothing more than getting buttfucked idiot.

And it is quite irritating to hear Orange’s ineptitude described in such an admirative fashion.

My economics teacher is smokin hot but she’s horrible at teaching…or maybe I just get distracted.

Nerdwriter’s piece on how Trump speaks is much better…

Derrida please!

How does this channel not have over 1 billion subscribers? Every video is so illuminating and informative and I am finding answers to questions that were so confusing. Bravo!!!!

@thecritiquevirtuoso Zou niet willen zeggen dat Nederlands voor buitenlanders gemakkelijk is, maar wel dat ze moeite moet doen om Nederlands te leren. In de interviews in deze reportage spreekt ze Frans, wat haar niet veel verder zal helpen. Ik ben met de Vlamingen eens dat ze ofwel Nederlands moet leren, ofwel weg moet blijven. Ik ben een paar keer in Brussel geweest wat al behoorlijk verfranst is. Als ik naar Wallonië ga, kunnen de Franssprekende Belgen ook eisen dat ik Frans ga leren.

Sir i cant find ur utility and demand chapter plz upload sir

This was super interesting and very well argumented!

I ❤️ your videos! They help me a lot! Thanks a lot! 🙏🏻😉

But when you reduce interest rates you decrease the value of rupees and have trouble with imports. It also increases the inflation. You need to suck in huge debt to have cash influx. But I AGREE WITH DR. SWAMY



But what about us? I believe that humans need to work to do stuff to feel like progress is made. When others do it for us, wouldn’t something we need to feel whole be missing? I want technology to improve but I also want humans to keep working to be content with the work they do. With the progress they feel that they are making.

Can we have a fantasy and scifi book list because this list is a bit stale and unrelatable to a decent part of this generation.

Rick would be a “no” man then. Alan Watts says you can either say “yes” to life or “no”. You can be like fuck it everything is constantly changing so whats the point? saying “whats the point?” is really a way of hiding an urge to find a point/meaning by brushing it under the carpet…”fuck it theirs no point”

This is a common misconception, but in fact the opposite of the truth. In the society stylized after Nozick’s theories, you have the ability to make changes when you encounter problems. For example, when there is too much power gained by accumulation of wealth, it is up to the rest of society to deligitimize the value of the currency and thereby their power. In Rawls socieity, you cannot do this because the state has made the power and wealth legitimate by law.

Earthbound concept in nutshell!

Sounds about right lol 🤷🏻‍♂️

The trouble with that type of essay format is that for some topics, 5 paragraphs is not enough to cover some subjects.

Prince, you’re genius… I pray someone is listening

Yay!! Thankyou 😀

Thank you for this video you shared I’ve learn a lot

I actually love this. I wish my professors were as enthusiastic as you.

Nice lecture sir…. i think it will really help me in my LR…..will put all ur mentioned points in my head during my writing… Thank you sir 🙂

My points were 280. And i m 19. Its correct man.

No truer words has been spoken.

Çend xebatek xweş e divê her zana ji bo mirovatiyê temaşe bike.

I will be grateful if you can pose more other videos. This is amazing

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Pls use earphones to record voice 🙂 it will be very clear.. without any echo

Go the extra mile: 20 employee engagement ideas – https://www.etsplc.com/blog/go-the-extra-mile-20-employee-engagement-ideas/



1+1 = 1? Maybe only in a mathematical illusion. 19:17 “Math allows us to abstractly predict and describe a lot of things in the real world.” In the real world no all the distances can be divided by 2. There is a minimum distance. There will be a maximum number of points. So, 1+1 =/= 1. So, infinity is merely a illusion, albeit as very persistent one. Where am I wrong?

I think morality is just a human construct to manage our relationships to each other as citizens of the earth. When you knowingly engage in a behaviour that takes something away from someone else without their consent, it is morally wrong

Awesome video! keep up the good work!

Fruitful and beautiful presentation. thanks a lot.

Wow… what a waste of paper…

3:14 Song Name?

Hello… I’ve been enjoying your videos and for the first time in my life, I actually seem to be liking economics because of them. Could you do 1 video on the demand and supply functions?

Jokes apart, thanks for the video.

This music helped me to concentrate on facebook instead of studying.

2). birth takes place and death is eminent.

I came up with an Idea for people who need new organs, they should have program that you can have legal organ swaps, if you need a kidney and that guy need a something, you cane swap and everyone lives

1) AOE

I expected the students to be Smarter.

Paradigms are a multitude of habits passed down from generation to generation.

I have zero interest whether she and anyone watching this is pro – or anti-Trump. What bothered me was this linguist made semantic and syntactical errors of her own, and made a few suppositions that were bad form for a professional linguist.

That last one was pretty cool. . .

Why don’t we ask Najib to watch this video?

If the first minute is anything to go by, these are the two most annoying people alive.

Hi, Regarding IELTS Academic Writing Task 1, should we report all the data from the graph or provide only summaries of main trends.

“This video is targeted to blind users.”



Like if you want MOAR crash course literature content

Your fake Jesus is a REPTILIAN!

I follow first three but the last one I will follow from now to be more happy and rip sam

Fucking jumpscares..

2:17 dab

When I was younger, I used to take very large and epic doses of psychedelics like LSD and Psilocybin. This is how my words would come out in those altered states.

Video is blur so I can’t see clearly on the bord

I can not believe all the bullying in the comments! There is no “right” answer to this kind of questions. The lecturer is asking to engage the students in a typical philosophical debate and make them examine the logic behind what we call “common sense” and every student of them gave a quite good justification for her/ his choice.

This vid is wrong from its beginning when it said like all animals humans desire to dominate its/their environment.


It’s easy to be depressed if you have privilege and money, you don’t have the luxury to indulge in your feelings if you’re poor.

Should you be allowed to sell your vote?: NO (too much potential for abuse by the 1%)

These people look really really small I – year they would even fit my size and I really small

What a nice gentleman

Y’all should’ve got ghostface up there at the same time without him knowing

Lol the mention of Lance Armstrong seems really out of place now.

Hello everybody! Can any native speaker help me with my homework? pleaseeeeeeeee!

Thanks for this video



What you do is great and very helpful, thank you!

Your tips are a joy! Amazing how it works! Thank you very much!

“Say my college girlfriend broke up with me”

Could past generations of anthropologists really have ignored such alleged widespread homosexuality when blatantly confronted with it in a strange culture?

Just click on Jacks face on 2:30 already, thank me later XD

And of land (called landowners) are not allowed or banned; and the only permitted private ownership is of consumption goods. Capital labor, and

There are systems for a reason in this world. Economic stability, interest rates, growth. Its not all a conspiracy to keep you all in little boxes. Its only the miracle of consumer capitalism that means your not lying in your own shit, dying at 43 with rotten teeth.

The unbearable lightness of being is one of my favourites 🙂

I know how to speak, read and write American English. I am interested in learning how to speak Norwegian or French. If anyone wants to teach other, contact me! Thanks.

You my friend just did something illegal. Destroying a federal note. Witch has no real value.

No one in my family talks with trump. Not even my 11 year old cousin.

First interview is truly powerful, all one single take. Good call putting his clip first. You lucked out getting to film him ^^

Why intermediate good include as final goods aftr one year without any consumption… as final good used for final consumption but thr is no consumption of intrmediate good with in or aftr a year

Nice presentation

Wonderful docu, thanks!

He also found it necessary to brag about where he’d taken coke, being careful to exclude any mentions of the USA…just in case. But then, maybe that’s part of the therapy; celebrity self-help groups, expensive cocaine use – then redemption through revelation.



Well, yeah. I admit your opinion isn’t wrong either.

Google made the request of Chomsky for this ‘interview’. Chomsky accommodated them. So why didn’t Google make a honest effort to have a competent interviewer? As opposed to one who starts off by saying, in effect, not to expect very much from him, and he certainly lived up to that expectation. Different from the request for Chomsky’s time in a 2014 appearance at a Google event. Chomsky, after stating in a very straightforward way how ownership and advertising revenue have drastically changed the way news organizations investigate and report news over the course of decades, the ‘interviewer’ then makes the snide remark about not needing advertisers, appearing to be totally incognizant of the history Chomsky had just stated.

Thank you!

4:56 wht is he doing?

Despite that

I’m always curious what people, like you, who scream these kind of cliché slurs actually think is a viable alternative?

Cannabis can break inhibitions during social situations, but it surely isn’t as effective as Psilocybin in terms of long lasting psychological changes for the better. Not to mention cannabis can be a catalyst for schizophrenia, to persons who are genetically predisposed to it.

This was so helpful! Thankyou eve!

“Countable means that you can count them!”

Emzicabob xx

Holy crap you’re attractive.


How many?

Please restart this project

Don’t be brutally honest with them they hate it and run

Jack, if you do more videos of this, why don’t you use the jump command? It repeats the respective lines of command/s.

I’m trying to learn English, I can teach you German.



Dutch, Czech, French, English, German here. Would love to learn a new language like polish!

Thanks for the explanation! but by the way, I think the background music is distracting me from the subject.. :\

Martin shkreli respect. I like him.

All it takes is a beautiful British accent to keep my attention

How can you leave the farm?

It makes me :(:(

I have most of these Novels! Catcher in The Rye and Huck Finn being my Favorites?

Português, aprendam todos português, nós brasileiros somos um pouco atrasados e não conseguimos aprender outros idiomas. Gratidão.

My handwriting is pointed letters. All of that was true except for intense.

Who painted his eyelashes and eyelids?

I am confused by interruptive images of people who are not speaking. what does it mean?

Yes, Freud did a lot for psychology as a discipline and some of the topics he addressed. But that doesn’t make his theories right. I thought Freud had crackpot theories long before the flame war w that idiot.

The guys voice doesn’t make this video sound better. Still sounds like a 1980’s video. Time to catch up to today’s time. Make this interesting.

I learned a lot, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 💓


Slaughterhouse 5