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Pictures are worth thousands of words.

Mediocre interviewer but I am thankful he kept interruptions minimal and the questions were alright.

Yo spacex

Love this man such an inspiration he is!!!

Great video, thank you.

As faggety Martin is, and as much as I think he’s a piece of shit with a bad attitude, he would be the type to get you killed. Anyone with money and connections like he has could hire 10 professional hitmen in a heartbeat. Ghost would become a ghost. We’re talking on the level of Russian mob shit. That’s why he talks the way he talks. He can get people put on milk cartons…

A Top10 20th century novels should include novels from several corners of the world, not only the US and Britain. Besides, to name one of the Great American Novels as The Number 1 20th Century Novel (The Great Gatsby) is really biased. Although an amazing book, it is far from being the most original on this list, or the most influential on literature as a whole. It is not even the most universal story. If you don’t know American history, you simply don’t get it. A tad too specific for it to be universal.

I understand oversimplification is the order of the day in more introductory lectures, but the “always a trade-off” portion glossed over a point that needs to be repeated early and often: the “safety net” doesn’t COST money, it SAVES money. Every study indicates that, for instance, housing the homeless cost society less than keeping them on the street.

I would like to hear this music in the entro for now on.

How about space lunatics!!😈😈

+David Taylor could you teach us how to review an academic journal. Condensing the 18- 27page academic journals into a two page report. I am seriously struggling with this. Thanks.

Let someone try and treat me like that mmm they for sure will carry a beating that will not be forgotten fuck the caste system

If you can knock out all 17 Republicans and destroy the Democratic machine you must be amazing, believe me.

Really? πŸ˜’ You are too far away from physics, buddies.

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Thanks you to share your knowledge to me

MY EXAM IS TOMORROW AND IM SO SCARED because I want to do well for English A level next year! Any last minute advice?

I don’t want joe schmoe leading my country…………..daddy’s boy, no matter how much money you have, does not mean you are intelligent

You are lovely, brilliant teacher Sir!

I think it is because it would be killing 5 people or murdering 1

My favorite is definitely the president of Uruguay (1:15:04). He’s very wise.



All that training has caused it so much stress thats why it has been shedding and plucking its feathers

What if I tell my kid about death at 5 years old in a very literal way(i. e. your body stops working and begins to rot away into nothing), bringing them this knowledge sooner than 8?

I got a self – assessment essay… (someone kill me)

Judging by the video, they were from Ural

Thanks for opening my eyes!

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Battles and wars….. the Earth will recover.

Plz upload hsc economic module

In above case which conflict management Techniques is used?

Man, I never knew that ch sound in German was so easy thanks for the tip, even if it wasn’t intended

Why is the volume so low? I couldn’t hear anything with the AC on. So I hit next.

3:18 this is my favorite part in this video

(Mika dances)

You do realize you admit to being the problem along with mankind

Puta madre tio, gracias

Young thug: huninsncjdnsnsjdndjsjdnfjxjdjddjd

Associate fighter belly friendship fast violent turn after.

The girl is such a great actresses cuz i hate her fucking guts

I just wish this video had the citations for the information that they used πŸ™

Now come together as a family with all the fatherless blacks or u a racist

This is awesome right now I’m taking notes on this! Yay

bloodthirsty justice listen carefully!!!!.




This video was very helpful.

Whenever he says “believe me” he is lying, that is why he is saying it all the time. I hope his shady and ruthless private deals will soon reach the surface and then his co pilot, who lives in another Christian Universe, will take over the lead… well at least he is not as hateful, generally mean spirited, twisted and utterly dumb as DJT.

Perfect. Straight to the point. Gives good structure.. aaand thaank you.

β€˜For the girl with the very sharp wire? No problem.’

When the price goes down de Supply goes down and Demmand goes up

I’m trying to forget Arabic I hope people aren’t really gonna speak, also it was pretty clever saying that we might be speaking Arabic for reasons that are quite obvious, it cracked me up :’)

Loginthief is a facebook hacking tool go to ο½—ο½—ο½—. RussianHackers. com built by hackers

Only made for the money

Why is Paul Rudd making videos about language?!?!! xD


I think what you hate about her is she doesn’t let idiot-liars manipulate the conversation. Death to the pedophile s… your time is short.


Oh my lord he was so calm back then

The ideological function of celebrities in today’s warped society is precisely to drive home the message that success, especially financial success, has nothing whatsoever to do with effort or talent.

Hmmmm… so she is saying that most American politicians sound highly educated and intelligent? Bush? Hillary Clinton? Bidon? McCain? Pelosi? Yeah right. Trump is sharper than all of those put together.

Wonderful photography and respectful story of time spent among Saami people.

Excellent administration and business courses are offered in WCC’s programs. They provided true life applications so that the concepts are immediately recognized and applicable to business circumstances of today. You can not ask for a better start for a secure and intelligent business and/or administrative career foundation.

Name of the song at 15:20?

Thanks for sharing, it’s really helpful:)




Thought of as a psychopath

I would like to understand that dollar trick though without the camera magic.

Breakfast club hold this L

HELLO!! Just want to clarify whether PC firms can reap Economies of Scale?

“He speaks like us”? Nobody I know speaks like him.

Is there any economic systems that benefits from beauty, or at least protects it, no – then i don`t care about any of it.

308 thousand morons liked this video? Congradulations if you enjoyed this video you are half way to being a brainless zombie! Lol our society is fucking dumb! Gay sauce is a bullshit deciver. His job is to make the dumb… well even more dumb! You can not materialize anything in life! No matter how you rip a bill or cut a chocolate bar you will never increase size, amount, density, mass out of nothing! That is not reality! Even his circle is fucked off! You have to manipulate your spacing distance to hit off numbers like that! Think about a clock! It moves the same speed and The same amount every second, minute and hour! This is what allows clocks or watches to keep accurate time as long as they don’t loose power! The only thing he is showing you is how numbers are infinite! This is fuckobviouse and was taught to us in like grade 4! When PI was taught to you it was taught as an infinite number as well. This guy is a clown and I am sad to see people being wowed by bullshit like this! Please no one give up on common sense and critical thinking. Gay sauce can stay in his total sense of delusion and hypothetical nonsense that he thinks is reality. I want everyone who liked this video to experiment with a chocolate bar and a dollar bill! Back check gay sauce!


Antes que nada, nos gustarΓ­a decir que hicieron un muy buen trabajo con el video.

Fantastic work Derek, I too have been doing some research on body language and interestingly, your premises are conform-ant with mine.

Happy New Year!!

Good one…

Yes, they do.

What a brilliant, knowledgeable and moral man! How much good would result if the entire world could just listen to him for a few hours!

How can i download this video or can i download.

Overcome with ecstasy, free from body and mind

Requests hmm let me think, how about a video on how to get an A* in history, maths, the sciences, both englishs and pretty much every subject goingπŸ˜‚

I am not going to read through all the comments, so if someone else said it first, so what. Trump is obviously a very cunning linguist.

You seem really smart with no experience



Bernie was more of a straight talker; he combined straight talk with straightforward policy. Trump does a con man’s version of straight talk, and this linguist should be pointing that out instead of normalizing it. He doesn’t sound like any friends or family of mine.

That looloo advert is the coolest part of the entire clip.

I just got rick rolled in 2017…

Okay… And?

Interesting vid on linguistics. I’m the farthest thing from a Bernie fan, but as a language student, this was a fun video and he has a great accent to do a funny impersonation of.

I. e. using expansionary fiscal policy to reduce unemployment

I agree with this, but then how do we check on power? I don’t think it’s right that a government comprised of less than 1,000 people speak for hundreds of millions of people.


The “problem” with Rick C-137 it’s that he care. He care with everyone around him, and it’s exausting to be preocupied with everyone. And that make him a bad Rick, a damaged Rick, that tries to numb every feeling… I feel you Bro…

This is one of the most awesome rts games I have ever seen

What about language

Holy shit Dennis Reynolds is that you?

Brazil’s foreign policy is bad for us brazilians. This is because the BC artificially depreciates our local currency to export more, but it makes imported goods and our local products be more expansive for us own. But sadly, the exporters’ lobby is very strong here. Oh, by the way, thanks for the video, it helped me for the test tomorrow.

So..the romanian evolved from slavic? biggest bullshit video (that wants to be informative) i’ve ever seen! Thracian language anyone?

However, I agree with the underlying issue that bots will replace much of today’s unskilled labor, and how that will likely affect crime rate. But on the bright side, maybe it’ll force more people to be business owners rather than mindless wage slaves.

I love your sense of humor. Thanks for the video

But to feel like you have to have a sex change in order to be happy with yourself?

All indian people are asshole from other contry in this world..coz they are low caste compare other country haha. fuck u india..low minded..

I understood what viggo mortensen said in English, my second language, and in Italian, my third language…. but not what he said in Spanish, my native language. The fuck.

Where is this the common speaking except to toddlers. I admit I speak similarly to toddlers with a lot of clapping and gesturing. I will agree he has created a recognizable brand. It is always clear when anyone mimics Trump that he is who they are mimicking. She never analyzed how his “brand” is accepted. I can barely get through his speeches. The pre-written speeches are so deadpan and when he goes off on his own tangents, it’s just his usual blaming and complaining.



But still great differences in skin colours.

Professor, really i like your methods of teaching and knowledge you share for me. thanks

The Great Filter War: Fermi’s Beginning

Yeah this video help a lot. thanks!

1. John is hard to please. [John functions as an object in this sentence]

– Sonata 26 in Eb Op.81a ‘Les adieux’ – I – Adagio – allegro

If u had choose killing one worker to save the life of five others…ok it is ur proclamation justices

One thing about Kingsley too is that he was actually born in India so that also lends credibility to his Indian accent


And mr, aniq make video in right angle



Dude I was having SO much trouble with this. Thanks SO much. You give a better explanation in a few minutes than my teacher does in over and hour.


Incomes of consumers

Trump has his own money he earned. Liberals make their money by ripping off tax payers and selling out this country which is why we have a 20 trillion dollar debt. Man you people shouldn’t breed you are so stupid.

Guys who wants to make a movement

Diagram representative of TP, MP, AP

Looks good! If only I was good at/enjoyed RTS’s

Stick to your own damn subjects people!!!


Wait, isnt Rick’s entire meaninglessness of mental and emotional states, solely because his wife is blown up by another jealous Rick, after discovering teleportation? So then wouldn’t that be Jealous Ricks, attempt to make Loving I have a wife and Child Rick, himself, again, So as to discover dimensional hopping, and thus become Meaningless I’m in pain, Rick?


Thank you sir. All i need is to pass the test with a D or C and itll be all good!!! After my first semester in college, my biggest mistake would definetly be taking this class…

Red Alert 2

Final in 3 hours lets see if i can pass xD

@jodiecongirl they are getting better. hopefully you are putting some sound absorbers up around you to help with the acoustic. I bet even hanging some towels up just outside the shot would really help.

How could anyone dislike this film?

It’s sad that even on a video that has nothing to do with religion you can find people arguing over it in the comment section. Just let people believe what they want to believe and get along with each other.

@LetsDoThiis both should be equal.

Thanks Niharika….Thanks a lot for support us to speck english flently. your episodes are very interesting and useful. i would like to inform you that pls. give some examples for everything. i think it would be very great and better understandable. one more thing just train us about story telling capacity and how to improve that. also accents. Waiting for my needed episodes what i have wrote. Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

What song?



1:58:04 >>> Sounds like happy jazz to me πŸ™‚

What about hebrew? the most old language?

“my heart is shattered into a million pieces!!” goes mighty red in the face from lack of oxygen?:)

LOL i want to drop out of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet it was hard for Obama to keep a straight face

Such a nice script!

No more cheesy jokes please

There were some sounds that were missed…maybe we’ll get a part 2? As the mother of a teenage son, I am familiar with most. Those that are saying this is incorrect are probably the individuals making the noises.

Hey John!

This is just a watered down version of Whyndam Lewis, with a few new pointers.

Glad didn’t finish school.

Free Markets ignores individuals. It pays attention only to money, how it can be made, and how it can be used. This is shortsighted and immoral.

This kid is 17? Jesus. The level of maturity and wisdom he displays is unbelievable. What an inspiration.

Brilliant technique!

“See you tomorrow, I love you”

This video legitimately helped me so much. I took my micro exam a few hours ago, I think I’m good. I had no idea about positive externalities and labor markets the day before. ACDC is truly the best source of economics for AP students. I recommended all the students around me to watch these videos, these videos make the study material so brief and concise. Thank you so much for spending time and sharing your knowledge to the world. I really appreciate your kindness Mr. Clifford πŸ™‚

Does anybody know the man who gave up? i hope he feels or felt love… i hope someone will spark and renew his hope…. i hope someone knows him, his name, etc. πŸ™‚

Stoner by John Edward Williams

I too, turned to the replublican and never vote democrat again!!

Just a random sample of statements. No deeper insight or learning after watching these episodes. There is no structure in this or storytellig to compell the viewer. Just a montage of varous expressions. The photography and lighning are OK.



He’s got spaghetti on his spaghetti already, moms spaghetti

Omg the Open O is SO TRUE ABOUT MEE

Excelente BUT in furbish its a little wrong cause in japanease dosnt have L, so “da no “la” wont work

Thats a pity.

“She got a big booty so I call her big booty” – Mark Twain

I had to write an art essay last week.

Are you afraid to ask him to comment on this topic?

Goddammit Paul.

Anybody who still likes this Ass Clown is a hypocrite and traitor to the US. Enough is enough… I’m sick of it.

It is better to let some be hurt through inaction, than to hurt some through action.

Very good indeed

Oh? tell me, do you know any egyptian philosophic texts?

I need a clarification :is it appropriate to introduce a point not originally part of the essay question? For example, you introduced ‘diet’ into the introduction above. Thanks for the clarification

Someone needs to teach Americans that clothes don’t come in “on size fits all”

Its my guy black science guy

Will Grayson Will Grayson

Indian should be wiped down from planet, need to be clean genocide, they have no right to live, than give all India to this untouchable people to live free!!

Board a vessel may be thrown overboard to save the others is sanctioned.

I would rather not do anything about it and just let it all play out.

Idc. if ur inner sucks. then u r sucks. (some of ma rules)

However, I suppose language has a more personal connection with you. If resurrection is possible, try to revive the oldest ancestor you have and asked whether language was used for practicality or for nuance.

Shouldn’t there be a “g” in “effing”?

I hate writing but I need to like it because for the examinations… wooh…. this is going to be pretty hard… Essay here I come!



OH PLEASE! The Clinton and their backers do the EXACT same thing. Makes me crazy…. as you said “trying to staple jello to the wall”.

A lo mejor de Mi litlel infernΓ³ cuando llegues hasta arriba te encuentras con el personaje de litlel inferno

Actually while dialects are dying out you will notice slight differences in the standart German in terms of pronounciation, words and grammar. Eg in my area people like to mash words together so instead of “sag mal” they say “samma”. Another rather infuriating thing people in my town specifically like to do is to say “wie” instead of “als” when making comparisons. Eg instead of “Er war besser als ich” they say “Er war besser wie ich” and I want to murder whenever I hear it!!

I wish I could read.

I whis that everyone was like this man

I am so impressed well done @patrick Willems

1. Kniha(book) pl. 1. Knihy(books)

Mississippi wind chime

You can rub me like that pvc pipe bb

You need to touch on Per Capita Income Index, PQLI and HDI too.

Anyone else thinks he sounds like Vince Vaughn?

More science grads should become interviewers!

Please stop doing this emma is enough


The video is informative. Thank you.

Thank you. Very clear, with some humor!

Accusativ: Π²Π΅Π»ΠΈΠΊΡƒ Ρ€ΠΈΠ±Ρƒ = [i see] big fish

Good information but the sound quality is not he best!