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The thought bubble reminded me that… If you wait until you can do everything for everyone instead of doing something for someone you’ll end up doing nothing for no one.

Even if they like to refer to themselves as ‘social constructionists’.

PerdΓ³n gona


Sadly the last one holding alex was Chuck norris he hold to hard but on reality he just had her soft

The sound and voices are unintelligible.

“Making copies…”?? That one went over like 99.99% of the heads watching your channel. But you got me on that one, haven’t heard that reference in…well, maybe never! Keep up the goodness.

This movie who was created by 2 transexual brothers. they are pure evil. this is probably one of the most importent films i saw because its reveal so much. i wonderd if this is also the reason it was a faliture criticlly. they giving us the information on a plate. then use their movie critics to bash it as much as possible so the majority would think it the movie is just nothing when its not. the directors and film crews of holywood. they do not give a shit what anyone think. they did thier job. all holywood are illuminati servents puppets.

Paraguay 3rd

Erh, this video really isn’t up to date, or just not in agreeance with all I’ve read lately. It doesn’t seem to be very well reaserched at all.

Hey guys i know this is inspirational as hell and you know i have watched it so many times this is no less than any great song, great movie. This is the real truth in an inspirational manner πŸ™‚ i also made my channes motivational videos by getting inspired from him. And it would actually mean the world to me if you would have the time to see it. Much appreciated for your time πŸ™‚

His itch for power makes him as sweet as a peach

Ohhh no i cant read this….but i think you guys are being creative lol

OMG YASSSSπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

This a fantastic video! You put the fun in MILK, I mean ECONOMICS! It even made me laugh! Now I want milk…lol!!

This video is a self killer

Yeah… he sounds so everyday.

Human being like they

Thanks emma

Only ONE element of the body of knowledge that formerly constituted consensual reality is being targeted by queer academics:

This is really depressing…I gave you a like πŸ˜πŸ–’

Do a video on solipsism

Please play octodad



Please do scienceπŸ’—

No matter from what race, religion, color, gender we are as long as we do not give ourselves to the dark side and have LOVE in our hearts nothing can destroy us as human beings for It is love that creates us, love that binds us, drives us, connects us, love that defines us. so love one another and pray for those who prosecute you for only then you will be a part of a peaceful, beautiful and unique home we share and call Earth.

Jacksepticeye my dad is a dick he banned me from you >:(grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I love you

Try looking into Errant Academy on Google. They provide really good economics tutoring services and can do your assignments in a day.

Because of you I received an 8!!!

I’m taking a Economics of the EU class and this helps me with some questions I have been having. Thanks Crash Course.

Hardcore fun was epic

Tbh the vibrance looks a lot better oh god

Your Awesome man…………

@ttaf1944 As a student, I entirely agree with your final statement “you get out of it what you put into it”. Please also realise that this is not a one way street, in that an enthusiastic lecturer will invariably pass their enthusiasm onto their students. Notifying them that you’re around somewhere in uni is all well and good, but if a lecturer talks “at” a class, rather than “to” a class, or even “with” a class, then very few students will see this lecturer as an “accessible” source of help.

Here’s what I’ve gathered. Rap and black artists in general have grown so much over the years. We’ve been blessed by so many diverse and multifaceted artists. Instead of bringing down trap music we should raise up a new generation exploring different production styles and flows. They’re all contributing to the culture. Although something might not be your cup of tea, we should lift up young black artists who are experimenting and giving us a different take on rap and music as a whole. Respect the past, acknowledge the current trends, and be excited for where the future of rap may take us. That’s how I look at it. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

We are free range slaves.

I don’t know about you guys but my school is halfway there πŸ‘Œ

I know trump is not governor of Ga….very mistrustful!

He made this interesting

I would like to ask for your permission to translate and republish in Arabic to be more easy to understand for beginner in human resources??

Proof that demons can possess animals like satan possessed the snake in eden.

That moment when all the comments make this about incest.πŸ€”



2:04 (2) Advertising Money


You can tell by the editing that this is propaganda. They are pushing an agenda that tries to break down cultural customs and traditions. They show certain traditions in a negative light and “progressive ideals” in a positive light.

It’s not really sexism, but to us, us men, you girls all are awesome, so why not put a shrine on our bodies?

“It would be straight up remiss of yo’ bitch ass…” I don’t know why, but that part is glorious. XD

Hhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah that’s right copy and paste wtf

Fake. Stop confusing your personal opinion with facts. Everything you said was completely totally awesome. Just kidding, it was awful. I rwslly want to take off your eyebrows and burnthem while telling you to go to hell in the best accent that Harvey keitel had never done.

Better than despacito πŸ™‚

WTF Buddha was born in Nepal

Similarly to Two-Face’s want for fairness and chance, it could be argued that Batman believes that by not killing the root of the problem, and allowing chance to decide who dies at the hands of The Joker, depending on their actions leading up to the event that caused their death is the most moral way to live. This luck can also be supported by my previous point: that The Joker has no ultimate plan (as stated in The Dark Knight) and thus he just causes chaos without the thought of any particular people being hurt, and if they are hurt for a purpose (instead of his usual want of chaos) e. g if they are a person with great political power, it could be argued it was the victim’s fault for being in a vulnerable situation that The Joker took advantage of (by chance on purpose), and it was their actions/their peers’ actions that lead to that person gaining that particular occupation and thus allowing The Joker to take advantage of said occupation. Therefore, Batman could believe that by not killing The Joker, more things are left to chance, which is arguably more moral.

How to Learn English Faster : 7 easy tips to get better at speaking English.23/6/2016

What else you want, Sleep tight and contact us without any tension,

What a douche

“Rigging of elections” AHEM.. trump.. COUGH COUGH

One of the best video on essay…. sir plz guide us with more tips…

You should do Sun Tzu as well. Perhaps in the political theory playlist.

When religion is used in the hands of those who have the power, society will never better itself, especially if the minority is in power. a free society or democratic society is really the only way to succeed.

@markitymark90 That could probably work.

You just saved me from a 90 mark exam………Well Thanks to your Photos I UNDERSTOOD a lot or otherwise my mam would give me 0 in Julius Caesar.

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Accentuate the positive is a cool one!

Thank you very much

Beethoven was deaf.

We need to do something

“When I stepped out into the brightness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind, Paul Newman and a ride home.” – The Outsiders

I think passive voice looks more elegant than active, we are telling something in a professional way. Many articles use passive voice instead of active

Sir what is the properties of ppc

Some notes if any one needs them!

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Well…as a trump supporter I can say that if a presidential candidate runs on universal basic income then I’ll vote for him or her.

Austrian here, I can understand people from Germany and South Tyrol, but not people from switzerland.

Yes people are overweight, and we do kill animals( BECAUSE WE HAVE TO!!!)

This game looks like a good way to learn the basics of assembly programming.

Men of War

This is a shame to show and share this bullshit



It all boild down to both Con Way and tRump are pathological liars.

Very interesting

The rich are living on the backs of the poor.

In all probability would result in a derailment. So now – I ask – as an

If you made an hour long video, I would be glued to it for its entirety. Something about your videos really keeps my attention.

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How is this any different than memetics?

– Alex

What was the Supreme Court reference about????

“Wanna go eat.”

Good info…but she uses the word “um” an awful lot to be an English major

Rick rock and roll

So this means Indians, Chinese, Japanese and/or people from ethnicities that don’t use English as the primary language are mostly on a huge advantage.

Very clearly explained. Thanks! ^^



Amazing job sir πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Good # of people: essays.

I feel goofy saying this – but when the girl “says” that she only does 47% of the assigned readings, and that only a certain percentage is relevant to her life (I assume this is a statistic, not one student’s anecdote), I feel compelled to ask: a) if you only do less than half of the work, how do you get the second number? and b) if you were able to intuit all the information that was relevant to your life, you wouldn’t need school. Some things you learn in school only become clear years later.

Simply gotta love Jodi!!

Acc. C. Π•Π³ΠΎ

Just noticed John wrote the fault in our stars xP

I wonder why that is?


Me tente el el minuto 0:19 πŸ˜€

Why is this not longer!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Him! Going to go watch Reading Rainbow on Netflix now πŸ™‚

Machines made for humans, humans not made for machines, they will make people jobless, how jobless country will survive who will consume your services and products stupids if people don’t have money….

It would be great if you make this a poster so I can print it out and stitch it on my mirror as a reminder.

Incredibly beautiful



Boo hoo kids…learning happens when you are dedicated, passionate and switched on….if you are sitting farting around on facebook during a lecture then maybe you are the problem…..

He does not speak like regular Americans and if he does then they are all lying sheisters with no class and I don’t think that is true. America needs to get rid of this guy because he is a liar and ” believe me” always follows his lies.


Oh, Kaptain, my captain… you are (extremely) good.

Hello!! My exam is on Monday… was wondering if you had any videos on TKAM?

Great video. Your knowledge on the topic of color grading was really insightful and got me thinking quite a bit. It is very true that lots of the shots do look dull and bland as well as…well very gray. And while the shots do look better and more vibrant with some color contrasting and scaling as you have shown, I feel like even that does not totally fix it. What you did often makes it come out with more of an orange tint and makes it look similar to the Hulkbuster scene is 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is helpful with certain locations but often odd looking in others. I Definately agree that Marvel should work on color contrast (and I thought it was better in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2), but I think that the color should just be more contrasted and the black shades should be brought out, as you explained. Anyway, thank you for the interesting content.

She must be on the Trump payroll, because her explanation is just as moronic as Trump himself.

Thks! It was really helpful for my homework!

You should of known that Camus never said “literal meaning of life is whatever prevents you from killing yourself”



If only more people would understand this we’dd have less games that look epic but plays like shit>_>

Where can I find all chapters vedios of accounts n economics of urs???

La uso para no estresarme jugando lol


Thank you

I am suffering to what I call an impulsive depression in which I just randomly burst in sadness, tears, self hate but without even moving a muscle on my face and showing any kind of reaction

Viggo makes Elvish sound so natural, you could really believe he grew up with it.

“Only yearns for szechuan sauce” what about the ridiculous amazing drug crystals and the alcohol? oh boiyaahhhh gotcha!

He explained this way better than my teacher

Excellent teacher!!

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Hello what is your name

What makes us human is that we were created in the image of God.

Or search for ‘All vocab for GCSE AQA French’ on Quizlet

I’m doing AQA literature and IGCSE language, but my teacher hasn’t even taught us the structure of literature, does anybody know how the course goes? p. s i’m doing the books romeo and juliet

Very good, mentor. Haha!

Only the VERY stupid people would want their President as much of a non-intellectual “commoner” as themselves. People with brains want their President to be a LOT BETTER than themselves.

I said Biiiiiiiiiiitch

The Five Confusion Classics, Michael Nylan



What’s wrong with balding? πŸ˜€


They referenced queen.

Basically: he’s stupid.

Are you in a rush? Talking that fast doesn’t give me confidence in the message. No matter how correct it is.


Very very nice sir

I don’t even do English and will probably never write another essay but I still watched the whole video! love you Jade πŸ™‚

They cut down the forests for fear of other people…. let’s make a law that is enforced! No clearcut ting! No motors in forests!


Wa zabrdast sir v nice lecture


Ye madarchod anchor ko mu mein lauda lena chahiye mike k jagha madarchod

Self confidence is not “the belief that you can accomplish any task no matter the odds, the difficulty, the adversity…” The word for that is actually “psychosis”.

15 pages of full information I write small but not that small and I don’t feel like writing a lot so I will space. Out. the. words. And IT’S DUE TOMORROW

Ta Fuck is this shit,

13:17 Excuse me! In Viet Nam we have our own language. 60% of Chinese is totally a joke!

AOE3 dude and also AOM. AOM is special and perhaps unique in its own kind.

Does anyone think the game style looks like world of goo?

@8:00 Isn’t that a liver in the bag?



Don’t Forget To Be Irrationally Exuberant!

You can have as many gears as you want so long as it gets the job done.

Probly? Probably.

Totally nailed it!


Can you apply the term to something that is an adaptation though? Isn’t there an element of insertion here?

Sooo, germanic languages started spreading up through Scandinavia a bit a after the year 1000? Around the same time that polish, bulgarian and romanian (!) magically appeared where used to be russian? Oh and yeah, they speak lithuanian in Latvia, nothing in Iceland and english came from celtic. gr8 map m8 i r8 8/8

Jack do u know the song come with me now?

Yes, we are inundated with homages as crutches for storytelling. Yes we could use better, more often.

Great idea, mcpartridgeboy. We’ll ban people suffering from bipolarity from procreating. But why stop there? Perhaps we can sterilize the mentally disabled? Reinstate Naziism’s Final Solution? Promote slavery? Maybe you’d be better off spending less time blaming others for your issues and more time taking responsibility yourself, you self-indulgent, entitled prat. Good luck.




I wish I were being taught by you.

25:57 are the unequal signs (>) and (<) correct?

Quando ele falou “mΓ£o” a primeira coisa que pensei foi mEU DEUS ELE Γ‰ BRASILEIRO???!!!!

You are soooo goood!!!

More clarity and insight in half an hour than I’ve seen in many linguistics textbooks.

Everything begins with Turkey? πŸ˜€ And Croatian is Croatian -_- Your videos are weird

I’d P2P for it. Easy.

On the other hand, it’s also hard to look at a 13 year old girl (with the passage of at least as many years since) and say “Yes, you know exactly what love is.” Did you, at 13? No. Buuuuuuuuuuut I betchathoughchadid… y’know, at the time…

Jesus Christ….

8 years?? marvel’s been making marvel movies longer then that. way before x men and the mcu. those movies are better quality then mcu movies! x men are in general are also better quality AS IN picture quality and graphics even the original x men movies anyway not the newer ones

Would like to have a video on Mad Men and history and present situation of sexism access the globe.

It’s all for the sauce.

A wizard, a human and a hobbit. Although that, it was one of the most impressive video that I’ve ever watched.

Slang use kr skde ielts ch

Would anyone recommend me a good book on the importance of Literature?