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No one wants you to be happy. Others only can judge you. That’s why only we can find our life purpose.

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Wow 1 million views..this is massive

We could just in a world where no one needs to do anything


This is called the ‘Talk Talk’.

Nice lets play. I like that you’re calmly narrating everything with useful information instead of trying to be loud/”funny”/obnoxious like other lets play people.

“Aliens wear purple hats, not blue…”

Dammit… I got my degree at the University of Calgary and regret not taking that guys Linguistics course. Sheesh sheesh.

Like bill nye of econ

Some regulation is still required, or we’d still have children working 18 hour days for pennies.

Everyone listening to this is writing an essay or stressing over some material…. Meanwhile in MY universe I-I’m just kinda writing a story. No pressure but my own annoyance…. O. o



If you think this is fake news because it doesn’t agree with what you believe in then suck it up SNOWFLAKE!

How in the fuck did i get here??? But my philosophy on life is simple… You live and you die, it doesnt matter. It may for a certain amount of time, but if its infinite you will be forgotten, all the good things or bad things you have done will be forgotten.

What game should i play because i wanna play Cossacks 3 but CoH is cheaper but CoH can’t play multiplayer


Hi Brother Clifford!!!

I had no idea that that’s how the I. P.A. make their vowel sounds!

This is my favorite Ted Talks video

I love this video I love this song I love his voice I love the way he dance he is so cute. I go buy a time machine I DESERVE 80’s

Aldous Huxley next!

So… when do we get the death star capability… 1:30

Nice…. Thank u

What am I at risk of loosing? My job and right to wear what I want.

When a goof is in a room with someone intelligent it really shows. What bad show of character on Charlamagne’s part.

Could this kind gentleman scurry and pant more?… It’s unhealthy to hurry that much 🙂 Either way, thank you very much for sharing with us this message and knowledge, seems to be very helpful.

Unreal. The dude shouldn’t have worn the shirt but this was blown SO out of proportion.

Φίλε μου η προφορά των ελληνικών σου χρειάζεται πολύ δουλειά ακόμα.

Once Upon A Marigold – awesome romance comedy book (little cheesy and for kids but still really good) this is my favorite book other than Harry Potter


Amazing!!!!!!! Wonderful faces, wonderful words, aren’t we all one? When will we become free?

Lol teach me to do it better nerdwriter

Thank you for your help!!

My friends and i love your channel!!!!!!!



I love this channel

Thanks very much.

In that situation woulden’t “blow” an oxymoron used to show how quickly the time ends? I dont know but thats just how I always interpreted it as.

Actually that might be an interesting topic idea… can movies based on video games be successful? Intertextuality plays a totally different role there because everyone owns the experience of the main character. I don’t think you can appease an audience watching someone else play a manifestation of themselves without relying heavily on the references to the jokes and culture of the game… I mean if I’m watching someone else play through for entertainment reasons its for those in-jokes, if I’m bonding with someone else who plays its over the same experiences the way you talk to someone you went to high school with when running into them years later. Even Mass Effect which has interesting central themes I think couldn’t avoid tapping into that at a criminal level.


Hello i’m still confusing about my matching information skill in reading passage and i need some tips for it. However, i can’t find it can you help me?

Sorta skimmed over the business cycle then made proposals that cause it… lol… your god (keynes) is dead… don’t be afraid to move on without a govt.

Wait if the devil exists in this universe then shouldn’t God or is it just him on his own

Why did you walk out?

Fuck it, give me the blue pill already

Should have gave him a family and see if he would teach his kids english then let em free then 20 years later there will be hundreds of parrots talking to eachother and probably making new words

Chomsky: the only man who could write a 200 page book on terrorism without mentioning islam!

Eve should I take Politics and any German advice?

Sorry for my plain english…

Sir apki video dekh k national income sach m bhot easy lag rhi h, thanku sooo much,☺☺

0:53 He looks so much like Ed Milliband!

Is this stuff aimed at children? I feel like your talking to a child. Kind of annoying.

A friend asked me today but I don’t know the answer. What has arms but can not hug?

See Trump? THIS is how you tell jokes. Not that monotone nonsense you were doing.

I’ve played this and this was so fucking painful to watch



Sharma shastri Teri maa ki chut me she tu peda huva Teri beti ko i Musalim chiseled to chalega bhadva Teri maa ki chut maru Randi Ka bacha sale harami

Dear Mr. Chomsky

Isn’t it a dialect, not an accent..

I think the only way to get global empathy is to discover a strange sentient alien species, then being Human will be special.

I’m listening to this just looking outside wondering about earth and space and it’s beauty

I don’t get this video


We are so used to professionals that spend days practicing speeches. Remember Obuma, he actually spent thousands of hours debating and speaking, he learned to apply his trade well. He never meant what he said but it sounded so real so conviencing, very similar to a movie actor. Many people think movie actors are really like the movies they play in.

He is demonstrating a fear and hate for blacks and latinos. Let us call him a disease full of xenophobia. He is a bully and that is probably how he made a lot of his money by pushing people around! Well, he will not bully enough people to vote for him, therefore he will not be the next president! I encourage all people with logic and respect for each other to vote for Hillary!!!

I was kind of wondering if I’d see anything like Grapes of Wrath or some novel about early folk musicians considering there’s a picture of Woody Guthrie in the background. I learned from a documentary Woody Guthrie spent ‘years’ perfecting the “Carter family lick” which influenced his style greatly and I think it would be very interesting to see how they might’ve influenced other musicians as well.


What’s your problem with architects? Lol


Mickey Rooney (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

I just love watching people, they all lived lives different to mine, grew up in a different region of the world, learned a different language, have different morals, different religion, different political views, but in so many ways we are the same

I love the way u teach

8:50 – proof that Chinese are racist. FACT!!!!

Aka “my wife makes fun of me and tries to change who I am as a person”




No marvels first 3 movies were iron man, the Incredible Hulk and iron man 2

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Imma try it tomorrow!! Thanks for the videos. They help everytime!

Do the Power of One by Bryce Courtenay please

I did it twice and i am 16-21 and 55+

Thank u sir for the video Im really learn good points about essay. Sir can you add some exercises about essays?

Awesome thanks for the use of the video it changed my mind and I will be able to do with the following document and or privileged attachments

I thought of the exact same scene in BVS that you showed! I got chills bcs I was thinking about it when you showed it 😂

Can you please please please slow down and show us what you mean by useing people as examples you kind of went to fast I couldn’t get or read all of it =( im sorry

And all actions act upon the environment, and also shape us in that process.

El pelo de beethoven se parece al mio :v

Wow. Do u know that you do a lot of interesting games? Because, most of your videos are interesting!😄😎😎

A one quality sir..👍

At least an honourable mention to Song of Ice and Fire

All hail Mr. Clifford!!! He quit his teaching job for us!!!! Pass the exam and follow your dreams!!!




Right, masculinity may be a cultural construct, but if you know somebody who is transgender (let’s say female to male) that person was raised female. Then, feeling it to be wrong, in my hypnosis as a result of something different about their physiology (brain chemistry or structure maybe), they realized that they were not what society told them they were. If gender identity were a purely cultural construct, this would never happen. Not in a million years.

Everyone one should treat everyone the same and not be so dang arrogant.

Why put something on youtube that one would have to read? Kinda dumb. Just put it in a pdf and hang it on the web. And, the music was very inappropriate and distracting. Waste of your time.

That was…… A. W.S. O.M. E. someone told me to check out these videos and I will love that person as well as ACDC Leadership :))

Somehow he knew he was going to the classroom and what the homework was about…so..?


This just saved me, for real. Thank you

To be fair, the graph title is Apple, not Apples, so it seems more like the company than the fruit 😛

They are… 5 days till early release on steam!!!!

Skaginnhf is not missing the whole point, but pointing out a small factual inaccuracy which does not necesssarily break down the whole argument. I like people on the internet to do this, because there are many intelligent people on the internet. However, it is also very easy to pick on people and be very unfriendly anonymously on the internet.

If that dad had spent that time just speaking Spanish or french to the kid he could have learnt a language which would have been useful to him all his life instead of this stupid bollocks

All key & peele veterens say i said biiiiiiiiiitch

Damn this was amazing man! great break down. Eminem is Goat

You see his wings? This parrot can’t fly either.


Sir can uh plz give me link of video for factors affecting price elasticity of demand

Government doesn’t need to provide education. I mean, here’s +CrashCourse

Cyrus–I would need your thesis/research hypothesis first.

Also, I think Dothraki kinda sounds like Chechen (with a few less consonants of course)

That is the beginning of the faulty reasoning. If you know something will happen then all accidents/mistakes become murder.

All time favorite




I’m doing IGCSE’s which is harder

Jade thank you for this! I’m supposed to go uni this year but I’m not, i’m on gap year because I don’t know what I wanted to do, did’nt get the best grades and the pressure of school to go straight to uni got to me really badly. So thank you for taking a gap year seem ok because a lot of people just don’t see the positive of it.


I don’t think i know anyone who doesn’t speak at least two languages. But I live in Europe


Love it! Thank you so much! Xx

Now the next thing to know about them going to reviewers why they’re hack are you doing all this stuff. Well, I think there are three reasons, probably, why you’re doing all this stuffs in school. In the first one, off course, to improve your own understanding, as an undergraduate researcher coming into these topics into this discipline on the undergraduate level when the first link to you have to do is to build your understanding, build your background, build your expertise in a particular discipline in subject in that discipline. Then in of course in this paper, when you have built your expertise in your knowledge in this particular subject you’re going to be demonstrating that knowledge, demonstrating that expertise to your professor because this is a college assignment. But you know, the real purpose of a literature review is, it’s a reader service, it something you doing as a favor for your readers, what are you doing you are bringing them up to date.

I love that 🙂

He had an ACDC belt!!

Me dumb. more game yes.

It was good at first then she started rambling. I’m not an expert at all and but i don’t think thats good and her hands would probably distract too much from what shes saying. She shouldve taken bits and pieces from her little speech and put them togther.


I could understand some of the ISN since it has a lot in common with ASL. I’d love to learn more of it!

I don’t get it. Kellyanne Conway is giving me more information within 5 min than CNN in 24 hours

Sooo, hilarious then? :p

Consent would matter because intent is everything. plotting behind someone’s back is very different from conversation & reason to reach a consensus

The title of the video does not really fit what Steve Jobs is telling here.

You’re clearly confused about the meaning of the word ‘fascist’. And in a particularly ironic way, even. What you’re expressing right now is a sentiment commonly referred to as ‘intolerance’- a core aspect of fascism. Go read a book about it. Or well, just google it.

Very clear explanation, your video saved me form my Research Project.



Well, I like that.

I thought that was a man

We’re the only species that capture other species/animals and keep them in cages for entertainment/profit.

I love the information these guys are giving me. I don’t love their attempts at jokes.

I thought of this on shrooms…it is true and we stay blind because it’s relatively comfortable

Dope content, keep it up and stay blessed!!!

“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.” – ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde.

Thank you for the video, it really helped me! Keep up the good work 👌🏽

Invasion of the walkers sounds familier


Very shocked but extremely make sense. Lucky I found this video.

There is no meaning in life.

I cried

And thus the system has really split up the issue, covering both ends of the equation:



Why the tf is this in my recommendations, anyone elses?

Very likable personality

I was expecting hans landa 🙁

Please don’t procrastinate by reading the comments. Back to your writing you go. Good, puppy!

Thank you soooo much for this video!!!!! ;P 🙂

Paraphrasing is so much handy when writing an essay, but it takes words, which takes improving vocabulary, which takes researching, which takes reading. For those who like to read, dictionaries can be pretty handy with their definitions in order to put these synonyms into practise, too. By the way, thanks teacher Emma. This lesson is very important.

Can we get good score with simple sentences structure in writing task 2.

I accidentally clicked on this and now I’m depressed 😛

Nice video. I knew nothing of psycholinguistics and now I know a bit. Which is better, no?

Using your phone at school leads to procrastination

Friends, you will be happy, if you want to start doing bussines, please contact me!

Now, I happen to know many 6-year olds that can. But I don’t live in the US. Maybe that’s why…..

Isn’t our pre-set purpose, to learn, survive and reproduce?

I really like the videos, it’s big help for student like me

Do nothing.

Well there goes my job as a software engineer.

Hmmm… not sure if revealed yet. But brusspups identity is revealed in this video…



Is nobody going to mention that the reason the plotline with The White Council was included was because Peter Jackson knew he would never get to make movies of stuff like The Books of Lost Tales and The Appendices, so he tried to include as many of them as possible into the Hobbit Trilogy as long as they happened during the time period of the book?

Who did Beethoven listen to when he had to study and concentrate.

“Maybe there is a beast. Maybe its only us”

She totally switched the topic.

America, America, America…..

Thank you prince.

Frodo isn’t human he is a hobbit

Where did you study linguistics…Trump University????

Trigerddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! tumbler you have yo see this I’m so trigerd

Fun fact: in modern French, the words “pute” and “putain” both mean “whore”, but in old French, the former was used in the nominative case and the latter with the accusative case.

Thanks so much for these videos so helpful 🙂

This is a really good documentary,

Beautifully done.

I REALLY hope it actually takes at least 9 seasons to get the damn sauce xD

I was really hoping that The Stand would be an honorable mention

This is really awsome

Jpiwlrlrrrrrrrrr. j.

The scary thing is that its all true

I found a secret weapon to boosts your creativity and focus. It is an very simple iPhone app call “CoffeeAM”, which recreates various coffee shop ambiences to increase listeners’ creativity and focus (the usefulness of the white noise is backed by a scientific research from University Chicago). I found it every helpful listening to it while doing my creative works; I always feel calm and it makes my creative juice flowing! The best thing is that it is free to download from app store. Hope this helps!


I write books, novels and poetry. Mostly tragedies, dark stories, mysteries and complex love stories or adventure and action but I know nothing when it comes to essays. I do not what to do.

Very fitting coming from a media service.