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I don’t think who ever made this list knows about literature. Nabokov’s “Lolita” might be his most famous novel but not his best…not at all.

Because Al Jazeera don’t pump out propaganda do they……..?

Just don’t make an infinite loop -_-

Thank you for this summary

One piece of statistics caught my attention. The “Women earn 60% of all graduate degrees, yet hold less than 25% of STEM jobs.”

This is dude is like… autistic when it comes to languages.

I couldn’t finish watching the video. It just so angers me a lot. Caste system should be abolished and this is my belief. All people are born into this world and die just the same. I find categorizing people as untouchables or servants totally unacceptable.

Your opinion will be much appreciated liz 🙂

Turn off the plug sockets you aren’t using, take showers, pick up litter, help a stray animal in need, protest, try to stop a truck that is illegally exploiting dogs for dog meat, go VEGETARIAN, go VEGAN…

Boy proof was one of my favourite books during my teen years!

I bet he can fix my truck..

Starting a career in HR….this was such a great message. Thank you!

All these mental doc’s always exploit the most extreme cases! don’t most institutions have a special building for extreme case and where the patients of botched lobotomies live??

It made me feel depressed :/

Now remember kids this is the part of humanity we dont speak of if aliens ever come, and if they dont this is why

This is fucking tedious.

How can i improve my vocabulary and grammar skills?

I do want to pause and particepate in, but i found these videos just now and i’m going to have an exam 3 hours later. what should i do? i don’t need to get a high score. i just want to pass the exam. help me please!

It is hard to remember the order when one just feel he/she needs to write something. You may argue my point, but I said what I saw.

I think that the reason why, as many have suggested the students seem a little underwhelming (to put it euphemistically), is that most human are selfish and most talents best suited for managing the education system will choose to work in the more lucrative industries. There’s little that the 1% of selfless talents working in education can do to make it better. (Putting it more euphemistically again).

Also, very often people oppose grammar due to desire to be more free to express themselves. I hardly find a day go by without seeing SOMEBODY, usually on the internet, granted, defending themselves to such a tune




I dont get these guys… He is talking bullshit, obvious stuff, that everyone knows (sun is yellow, stars are white, cocain is expensive)… But wait he is getting paid for that? I mean is someone that stupid to buy a ticket for his show? 1 beer in good old Tavern has 1000x better impact, than hours to listening these guys…

>credits authenticity and the absurd with Sartre instead of Heidegger and Camus respectively

Risk management is must in development of medical devices

So Morgan Freeman Nails all of those points.

Lmao 1:20 There are Four reasons

Where is the video he is talking about?

Youtube was broken for a day.

Read ‘Perfume’…

Emma u r so pretty and sweet, so helpful love u!!

Sidenote: Sharif comes across as a right condescending arsehole.

Nice mohawk.



Foucault is not an anarchist, marxist. and such thing is not possible as well.

Emma, beautiful thing of my heart, I prefer you with long hair, honey.

Why is my teacher doin this to us

Boy im litt af


Education should be free and available everywhere even to those who serve a life time in prison because I believe that with the right understanding we could change the world.

I am unique.

And he would give me the rejoinder… if I had not gone to college, I would most probably have started out a business of my own (yes – at that young an age) and would be EMPLOYING Harvard MBA’s today.

Unless such modern ills can be used to charge white man with exploitation and oppression of another ‘minority’.

Also, the Blackmoor Archives isn’t a video game, as they have published in their book. Instead it’s a guide to a series of tabletop RPG rulebooks.

I need to write an essay about myself for my english class and my teacher embarrassed me for not having the kind of essay she liked… -.- time to write an essay that everyone would like!

Harry Potter is over rated

Please, i want to practice for ielts so anybody is there to connect with me

Hellomr harrincton xd



NO wonder India is in the shape it is and no changes will come until this caste thing gives in.

They dont

Si me sonaban los muñecos

This should be viewed with Audioslave in the background. https://youtu. be/WC5FdFlUcl0

P. S I know it would be difficult, but I know it’s the subject I will actually put a lot of work in. Also, I’m picking French, Law and art for my a levels

This is GOLD jared, GOLD ya hear!?

I am a reader, but only read To Kill a Mockingbird, from this list. I am not much of a classic reader


We need communism. When all jobs are automated, how will capitalism cope?

Plz kya ap Allocation of resources ka mtlb bta skte haiii

I never thought how important it can be to follow amazing speakers thank you Tony.. amazing education

According to this study, French boys tend to think girls whose name ends with the [i] sound like Julie, Mélanie are friendly, and when you say their name with [i] sound you’re actually smiling.

It’s easy to be depressed if you have privilege and money, you don’t have the luxury to indulge in your feelings if you’re poor.

Eric looks like Mr. Shew from Glee

I like Trump because he acts and speaks like a non politician. Most politicians lie and manipulate and deceive.



Non native english speaker that cannot pronounce words with clear articulation teaching english writting skills… Seems legit.

Your the queen! just in time the essay i have to write for next week.. yeeeees!


As a Human Resource management identify various ways to deal with stressed work force to ensure they remain productive?

.Nowadays, children’s lifestyle is less active and healthy than it used to be, because of several reasons. Some state that, equal responsibilities should be required from both parents and schools for tackling this problem

I beleive morally that killing someone is wrong no matter what the circumstances is. Who is anyone to say who should live or die. Nobody wants to die and to think that it’s okay for anyone to make that decission is wrong they are not God. Who is to say that they all wouldn’t have been saved by just waiting 3 more days.

(Not in that order, they are all equal)

Can I also paraphrase ‘regular exercise’ by writing ‘to work out on a regular basis’?

Thank you! 🙂

This mixtape is fire!

Moreover in Hindustani, III person pronouns are: Yeh: This (Refers to both He and She) and Woh: That (Same), but in Arabic, French, German, Hebrew and English, it is: Huw, Il, Er, Hu and He respectively (This/That Male) and Hea, Elle, Sie, Hi and She respectively (This/That Female), German and English also have Neutral: Es and It respectively.

Wow 1 million views..this is massive

I’m going to take the cahsee next week and thought to watch the video because the essay is the biggest part in the cahsee

Sounds like Joe bang from Logan Lucky

N sir my request to u to please elaborate the topics so that graduation students will take help from ur videos 🙂

And people still doubt free market capitalism???



They laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with the Skinnimaker Diet, but then they saw the results. Do a search on google for the Skinnimaker Diet to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

A E I O U. So this is the alphabet.

Taking Microeconomics by distance ed. My instructor is useless, He gave me the text book and told me to read it. My exam is in 2 days. He gave no notes, no assignments, no power points, no nothing… I asked him for help and he gave me a glossary of terms and an online version of the textbook. Thank you for your help. I wish I found your videos earlier!

I agree

Here’s a written example for an Upper-Styrian dialect, spoken in Central-Austria. I’ve tried to translate it roughly to Standard German and English.

Time to go ace my econ test

Compared to the german Rap-King Kollegah Eminems rhymes seem very basic.

AC/DC \m/

Can you label the y axis on the Phillips Curve “Price Level” instead of Inflation?

Tiny criticism: Your title is wrong. The interplay between households and enterprises is not really a subject of macroeconomics but microeconomics. In fact all you talk about is individual markets which is microeconomics, how consumer and producers maximize their efficiency and so on. Macroeconomics would be trade relationships, reasons for inflation, monetary policy, etc. Which would be interesting but is kind of missing. I would recommend to have one episode on economic systems (this one) and one on the more contentious topic of different schools of macroeconomics (i. e. Keynesian, Monetarist, Austrian, Real Business cycle, etc. Just an idea.


Plz tell me how can i improve my hand writing………..plz……plz………plz……plz sir

Ya, this is the definition of 2016 – 2017

I’m curious about these Runes. I dont remember which video is this or where am i read this but Paul was talking about his studies Arabic, Hebrew and this “Old English”.So maybe its hard for Paul to see this comment but are there any people who interested in these topics? I mean Runes, Old English and Germanic languages and their relation. I asked because i’m a Turk and our ancient language “Göktürkçe” was written with similar alphabet. Actually it is so similar to Runes. You can search if you would like. -“Orkhon inscriptions” which are solved by Danish linguist and Turkologist Vilhelm Thomsen. Another similarity is Szekely/Old Hungarian alphabet. I guess that one can be related to Atilla or maybe i am wrong? Are there any connection? Asia and Europe?

This is real music

For anyone who says “I want to wait until its done to but it.” If you wait until its done, it WON’T GET done, This is on Kickstarter, which requires people to buy it before it comes out for the game to get done.

Archie Bunker at best.

Any body noticed fkc

Numericals to aap kara hi ni rhe vaise nice teaching sir thank you 🙂



Portuguese doesn’t have cases but it has vestiges (i. e. not a real case system) that shows up as word variations especially in personal pronouns, like “eu”, “meu” and “mim” (I, mine/my, me).


Wow poor guy, so skinny here and his voice has even changed.

The class was Awesome.

I’m a beatboxer who is very interested in a phonetical analysis of beatbox. This video is is wonderful! Good work!

One of the few youtubers who put quality over quantity

Why do i feel a 9th grader indian student must be more smarter than this lot??

This is Top 10 20th Century Novels in WESTERN WORLD.

This was extremely helpful and great advice! Thank you so much for this video!!

Btw one thing is a right to speak your mind but that doesnt mean you have the right to be intolerant to other people based on race, sexuality, religion etc.

– Sonata 22 in F Op.54 – I – In tempo d’un menuetto

3.Other resting stances…for instance when someone rests with their elbows on a surface, or when someone leans up against something..

Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism is the answer here lads.

At the last one I was like, “HA. I knew you were cute”

I do not switch from topic to topic randomly during a discussion, neither do my friends. again, it’s what idiots do.

German language is a crime against humanity…

Plus there’s Mighty No. 9.

“stop violating me with your different opinions”

Trump is a hypnotist and targets the weak minded.

Awesome video thank you

Amazing. Deserve my first comment on youtube!

Very interesting presentation, I learned a lot




Can I donate Marijuana?

Never gonna let you have stroke

He feels quilty every minute for that mistake.


Griefer has joined the server

This is a great video. Thank you!

Does anyone know the location of the picture? I would like to go there.

“potential dangers” ?? It’s already like that.

What this is is a very intelligent and objective analysis of the rapper in questions vocal style. and in the comments you’ll see writers being angry because what the person in the video says makes them wrong about how they felt about young thugger.

To be fair, what is described in the video is not even inter-textuality. It’s fan-service and self-references (which can sometimes be done well; see Tarantino, which constantly alludes to his previous films in his latest). True intertextuality is fishing elements from different works, IPs but also mediums / genres, then transposing them into your own work because it makes sense (and puts it under a new light), while keeping the original reference visible. For instance, if we keep Tarantino as an example, it’s all the references to The Thing that you can find in Hateful Eight (the biggest being the score) – because both movies are about a bunch of guys stuck in a room while there is a storm outside, trying to find who is not who they pretend to be. That’s inter-textuality.

The whole storys name is “The Empire” and has small sections, 5 to be exact, but if you download the entire thing (all 5 sections) it comes with a bonus “Removed Stuff and extra stuff!” Because why not!

I’m reading his book on my days off doing readings for all other courses (pains and joys of an english major haha). thoroughly enjoying it, though sometimes i get stuck on a page because what i read makes me challenge my assumptions of justice and freedom. a thought-provoking topic.

GDP and GNP, IFIA, relations are not correct.. please tell me

The happiness hypothesis by johnathan haidt. it’s kinda about philosophy, it takes “ancient wisdom” and modern science together and it works so well in 10 chapters

Nice reference to Heidegger!

Crisis: Monteriggioni siege



This is awesome

Even this won’t keep the thoughts away.. they’re everywhere.

Thank you in advance.

Awesome, I wish I watched this video in beginning of the semester.

1960’s version is much better

A womans smile. Over the years I have been very attracted to a wonderful smile.

Do Frankenstein.

Noam; in the belly of the Beast.

You should do H. P. Lovecraft, an immensely interesting and thought-provoking writer from the 20th century.

It’s totally fine if you’re a man who wants to be a girl or vice versa, but that doesn’t make it so. I jump around roaring and want to be a velociraptor, that doesn’t make me a dinosaur.

Thanks you tell very niccc…

Thank you!

Back to faith

I agree that education is one of the most contributing element when it comes to the development of any country.

You’re really cool and I look forward to watching every new video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience! Everyone appreciates it. 🙂



Seems more like the beggening of a low budget porn film

This is like a communist propaganda about why capitalism is bad. But Steve inspires me.

Kaise likhe

Existentialism is a poetic embrace of libertarian Free Will. It places absolute responsibility for one’s decisions rather uncomfortably (for a lot of people) on one’s own shoulders. There’s no Forgiveness Clause, no absolution. Although it approaches our subjective experience with integrity, it ignores our hard-wired nature. Its essential function is to compel introspection and foresight for one’s decisions.

The requirements for the Porn industry and HR Industry are the same.


Every time I finish a paragraph, I let myself come and read the comments all the way until it gets to the ‘show comments’ button, then I get back to work.

This is more than I learnt in two years, so good 😀

These stories told through the voice of Dr. Theodor ‘Soice’


What am I, I can’t focus on anything except the fact it said lamb and clam on the boxes in the walk in fridge

Is this for OCR?

By the surreal amount of affected answers, i would sugest to talk about about sexism trough Patriarchy and Colonialism, but im afraid that in that dialogue at somepoint you got to talk about Capitalism… and that will trigger too much hurt in our deep rooted culture of slaves with pleasure trough domination delusion.

Hi, love your videos.

I am in education. That will definitely change in the coming 50 years. More individual computer courses, less classroom teaching.

The interviewer: so tell me about yourself? can you bark like a dog? now walk on this bed of brimstone… okay, now jump through this hoop of fire, grreat now stand on one foot while you juggle my balls. do you speak spanish? good now roll around on the floor whoops! I never said Simon Says now tell why should i hire you?

You should be getting it, getting it while the getting is good

Donald Trump is nothing more than a two bit mobster, his ignorant, stupid the dull knife that can’t cut mustard. Think about a has an average vocabulary between 30-145 words, Trump only 140 characters. At Least a dog would obey the rules of law and protect our country. I have yet to see a dishonest dog, but we have all witness a Liar in the White House. Tweet