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That’s my assessment as a person that hopes to continue to take many many notes on your videos and very much enjoys them.

100 years of solitude.

I demand USD’s and supply EUR’s.

Congratulations, you’ve collated all the common myths about body language into one place.

Thanks for posting this, it’s very informative but it might have to watch it again! I’m studying Scottish Gaelic and they use Genitive case a lot to show possession and for other possessive like functions such as “color of the house” becomes “the house’s color”. Plus nominative and dative case. My teacher uses these terms without really explaining what they mean. So this video is really helpful.

Let’s say that you are a farmer. You grow crops, you sell your crops and then you earn money from which you get other vital services like medicine, or court. You need them because you are a human being. A human being needs things, but a robot does not. A robot does not contain life within it, but a human being does and to sustain that life a human being needs things. A human at the same time is not a very smart object like a robot, it cannot learn as fast as a robot. So it specializes on a certain activity, and earns a translation factor i. e money, so it can get all the services it needs for it’s survival. It’s not money per se that a human being needs, but the services for it’s survival and comfort.

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“Frizon, a chill”

Existentialism? don’t even get me sartred


Aweeee man… thank you. so good to know there’s other people like myself. I can’t tell you how incredibly difficult it is to go through my day and talk to other people, when this is the stuff that fills the majority of my thoughts and most people I come across are more interested in badmouthing eachother or the kardashians or some other shit…. anyway thanks again, it was infinitely awesome ; )

Who remembers club penguin?!

Wow, this is amazing. πŸ˜€

Well my job just quadruple cause I’m a technician that’s repairs machines with computers to bad for the rest of you guys.

But more importantly I am still unable to do the thing with my pinky and thumb.

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1:36 Hidden Hand acknowledged

Man, if only they knew what they were missing.

Since there not adding dubstep can some please make a mod for that πŸ˜€

Thank you πŸ™‚ Yes I should have stated in the video that to get good at this you’ll have to practice. I’m working on some practice videos now to help people. They’ll be free of course.

1.) What about over stimulation?

This crap sucks why you listen too it go listen to pop music

Excellent video. more please



If you are interested in knowing more about those issues, I recommend you to read Jared Diamond’s β€œCollapse” which amongst other subjects deals with cannibalism, and also Steven Pinker’s β€œBetter Angels of our Nature”, the latter one is about the improvement of our humanity by time. Pinker has also written β€œThe Blank Slate”, a book about the human nature in general.

Hail Baphomet..

This is a longthink.

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George H. W. Bush (senior not George W.), Reagan, Carter, and apparently even Nixon, did reportedly take actions to help the bottom 80% against the top 20%, e. g., incarcerating some of the S&L criminals, despite campaign contributions. Unfortunately, after George H. W. Bush things have gone downhill with presidents.

This is “The Thunderchickens”, an all-ages comic that portrays issues like father/son relationships and mental health.come show your support!

Daniel Day kills it…..period

You are way better than my econs prof

If I make ask, what if my research does not have any related literature?

I would counter the idea that education is a public good under the simple classification that there are private providers who can make a profit off of it (There are even $1 a day schools setting up shop in Africa providing education that the state cannot). Even a infrastructure projects can be funded by the private sector if they can charge people entry fees like with toll roads (Though this doesn’t extend to local roads).

Arabic is very complicated

I guess this is ‘general’ but in my experience a lot of body language is culturally specific. For example, in Japan people bow rather than shake hands. The list goes on. Otherwise it was interesting, but needs to be done again at a slower speed.

This a How german

Chances are you belong to the world’s bilingual and multi lingual culture…. yay!



Gona! En el segundo nivel las letras forman Load Program. Si lo lees saludame Pls!

Well, now I have to go watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies.

How many ACDC belts does this guy have? Hahahaha

This guy has a net worth of like 550 million lol he is obvsiouly doing something right

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Curiosity is inherent in us, humans, it’s that we’re evolving to better control our intellect. With genuine good intention we seems so cruel perhaps enjoying our surroundings as they are is another way forward in our quest to understand existence.

Reza Shah the great and Mohammad Reza Shah the late King of Iran, both were great men.

Talk Slower please.

Im a freshman in highs chool and my biology teacher assigned us a lit review and we never learned what one was so this really helps.



1:50 OMG this guy is a creep!

I believe your getting mixed up or haven’t played the Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander recently.



Is that Ottawa University shown at 7:53?

(Kfc uses normal chickens but mc’donalds uses toxic for chickens)

Fucking fiend.

This is one of the things that have stopped India from being a super power, a country that deprives it’s people of fundamental rights does not get respect from other nations.

Marvels for exemple is super cheerful, just like what the Marvel movies try to achieve.

Nice vedios I think Its covering the moral and ethical portion of our life. it’s give the moral responsibility towards society as well as a moral responsibility of an individual toward the doing ethical dilemma

Ur mum is intertextuality

I just lost 10 minutes of my life that i will never get back

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past… god i loved that reference

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of

The problem with this is it doesn’t account for psychopaths. they are people who don’t feel empathy, they can cause damage to someone and feel no remorse. nature rewards these kinds of people. the ability to manipulate and take from other people without the negative feeling that most people attach to that means that psychopaths get an advantage. these people then run the world because they can do what it takes to control things because they are not held back by empathy. for the most part i like to think that the average person does care about the world and would struggle to see a person or animal suffering, we have already reached that point. but when the power is held by people who don’t have any empathic abilities that’s when you get the world that we have now and to stop them, we would have to match them in their evil and our empathy prevents that.

You Nailed It……Great Vid……Alot of Men need to watch this clip….Great Job.

Can’t wait for Laozi

Thank you in advance.

Are they sold online? I couldn’t find them on Amazon. I hope it’s not another case of cheap knockoffs being made in China. I want the real thing even if you must pay a bit just for the LooLoo name.


Rise of nations ✌️✌️

The rules of grammar are a framework, not a cage.

“We could end poverty and give healthcare to everyone, but something is going to have to give.” You mean like maybe, perhaps, cut a few trillion off the military’s budget? Maybe?

Jack, I know you already know about it but I was about to blow a gasket over the jump thing!



1. what “we” produce

Can you do an analysis on accents from Narcos? Specifically curious about the accuracy of Javier Pena’s character vs the actual person. And how it affects our perception, historically, from the series. Accounting that Pedro Pascal speaks American English & Colombian(?) Spanish so natively.

She does not judge, she says what I know all ready, let an shrink judge about his ego that’s is bigger than his Trump building

Ah, the fruition of the modern education system has come of age and is voting now. A politician need not waste their respective time pandering to the scholarly, as they have become a gross minority…drowned out between fast food ads and sports stats. A modern politician dazzles the blunted populace with nice suits, and clever phrasing and the people swoon. With beautiful ideals and many secrets the modern state reigns, unchallenged by complacent heirs to what men bled for….


Could you break this down please? https://m. v=sTKgAJ_qzZ0


No “Pride and Prejudice”

Would you please make a video about greek language, that’s quite an interesting topic, many thanks.

Very powerfull

How the hell do people dis like this 😞 such a disappointment

Will you marry me?

I dont understand why is the great gatzby always first, i feel a huge english bias on this, title should ve been top ten english novels

Sir ek topic revenue analaysis pr b bata dgea..! i like the way how you clear the concepts via written way.!

“Well, here we are, Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why.” — Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut

LMAO did anyone else catch the last words, “charla-mag-knee” haha

So sad

Essay writing is such a stigma to me and this video has lifted this heavy burden i’ve carried with me all the time when i go to my classes in uni since high school. I’ve dreaded essays but after this video, im going to approach it as my EASY ESSAY.



Young Bernie could get it πŸ˜²πŸ’¦

Give me an ape with a banana any day! Apes don’t lie, but they are just as aggressive as Toxic Trump is…

SSC CGL + IBPS Quantitative tricks –

5 page essay due today and I didn’t even start πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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Reh Quee Um. Not Reh Queem. You seem to have trouble with a lot of words.



WTF Space RTS + Normal Land RTS, for the first time I see this kind of game, looks nice, I am glad that people everyday are coming with new ideas and pursue them, so everyone else who is interested can have a good time.

Yes, Romanian does have the masculine-feminine thing πŸ™‚ I guess it does seem strange and extra complicated for a speaker of gender-neutral language to learn. But I like it πŸ™‚ I guess….

What I don’t get is, if one currency is exchanged against the other then surely the supply is the same for both currencies! ?

Plants you shouldn’t eat.

It’s not a motive, its a motif, or what you described is a leitmotif. other than this, great video

God bless your teacher.

Sir you’re great teacher….

Thank you Armin for this lectures, they are really useful.:) Specially now, when I have to improve my English for my work:)

As though they were like you.

Leaf a like



Think of the media as an oracle that tells 3 truths and one lie, while those screaming “liar” at the media seek to tell 3 lies and one truth.

Thanks, Dr. Armin Trost for sharing your lectures. I followed all your videos, and I used that for the teaching this course. It was well organized and clearly explained every difficult topic with the interesting way.

I would like 2 know if anyone here speaks papiamento?

Sir pls next video upload

I read his book “World Englishes” and it opened my mind incredibly. I can recommend the lecture to everyone who is interested in opening his mind versus a global understanding of English.

My channel is about literary analysis of popular character, please stop by. We post new content every Saturday.

So cute girl



This is awesome. I bought a copy for me and a gift copy for a friend. I’m excited to see videos of you completing them and optimizing them. Looking forward to more episodes!

The watchmen example was an interesting segment. But the question I came up with was if you are adapting a story that was originally presented in one medium into another. Wouldn’t you want to be close to the original source material as possible? Also I have heard director’s say that comic books are essentially storyboards. Also I watched the making of Watchmen and they really prided themselves for putting the comic panels on screen.

LOTR only 9th; really?

Common (see most of ‘Resurrection’ album)

I rickrolled my whole final period class, yes!

Keep it up brother!!!

She could not understand him because he was a Piracha.




Investigation Does anyone see smarter this vifep

Very well done! Especially including the CIA involvement but with appropriate context.

Reminds me of what David Mitchell does with his books. Recommend.

How did he keep a straight face during all of that?

DANG mr. Clifford this is awesome!

I appreciate the insight but my problem is with those who insisted upon making character judgments of Matt based on the shirt. He was grossly mistreated by some sections of the feminist community, resulting in the man breaking. These sects of the community were hell bent on belittling everything Matt spent his entire life trying to achieve which I find frankly deplorable. On the women in stem fields thing I don’t think the actions of one man really reflect an entire industry, considering that women thanks to affirmative action policies have a significant employment advantages in stem.

I love the New York accents

Luther kicked the hell out of that piece of shit Trump balloon. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ˆπŸΈ

>πŸ‘• <

HAHAA lets enjoy the last days of this dying planeeeet peopleeee. As far a i am concerned this path of destruction has continued for years, the only problem is medicine, more poor people and consumers. SO its all over, and very soo the end will come, SO LET PARTY AND ENJOY WHILE WE CAAAAAAAAN

Your whole theory assumes that people are inherently evil by default, without even realizing it.

Could you explain shortage a big more? So when Shortage took place, demand quantity is higher than demand, and the price that is matches is lower the equilibrium price, how to explain this?

I love the way this video is put together! Great opening lines too!

It’s driven me nuts that people just say “easter egg” when they just mean reference.

So…technically Filipinos are bilingual considering we automatically speak 2 languages (English and Tagalog/Filipino) plus we speak native languages too.



Too many paragraphs in the books,

Check out the crow puzzles and the talking ravens, they are amazing.

I like Obama. Bush puts us in debt and Obama did a good job in trying to get us out of it.

Thank you.

Happy teacher’s day sir ji.

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I lost interest too much rambling, i’ll take a couple of the points

Good catch..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Show this in every classroom right fucking now

Nice SIR

Swiss German is any of the Alemannic dialects spoken in the German-speaking part of Switzerland

I’ve never seen anyone put a circle over the t that’s ridiculous

God i wish i knew about these videos sooner

Mosadeg nationalised the oil to improve the lives of the people, that’s why he was ousted.

Sanskrit which is considered the mother language of many Indian languages has eight cases: nominative, accusative, instrumental, dative, ablative, genitive, locative and vocative. I feel that it actually simplifies the language rather than complicate it.

R. I.P Chester Bennington

I know how to programm and watch your struggle iis sooo… cringe

Jack you kind of have the same eyes as Markiplier, do you have Asian in you?

In my opinion, whatever had happened, they should NOT punished for it.

What about Shawshank Redemption :(. Lame



That french butterfly is very strategic…

Why the fuck doesn’t it show all women’s abuse against men and stuff; all manipulation; cheating; having sex with men’s best friend in order to try to destroy him; all women’s madness; that kids raised by a women have great chances to become a fucking criminal and etc.?

First!, and great video Mr Clifford. 10/10 Would Econ again

What if I tell my kid about death at 5 years old in a very literal way(i. e. your body stops working and begins to rot away into nothing), bringing them this knowledge sooner than 8?

Waste of time

It’s part of a fairly large declassified CIA document that I did a report on a few months ago. The quite possibly phrases triggered my memory for anyone that wants to do more research.

Thank you for this — very useful! πŸ™‚

So she said nothing other than what we’ve all noticed… I don’t think she’s actually drawn any conclusions from studying Trump, unless the title is a misnomer and her task was just to describe features of his way of speaking, which honestly, it probably was just that.

Ap Stephanie – What were the Safavid important for?

Amazing!!! Great Help…

I am re-sitting Edexcel Unit 1 on Monday, is this aimed more at unit 3? Any help would be appreciated.

Been up for 4 days now. i can so understand the leia chick… you cant even imagine the motivation.. though I already know the fall is only a few hours away now. I m really afraid to go to sleep.. I know I will feel like shit again when I wake up


Thank you

This is poorly documented, probably put together by an intern and never checked for facts…Setting Romanian, which is clearly a Latin language with Latin influence dating from early AD as Balto-Slavic completely discredits your effort. As always Business Insider doesn’t seem to check any of the facts before publishing something.

Nice work.. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

The dollars are different

What was the name of the black and white film?

He is also credited with introducing the term gender identity to the International Psychoanalytic Congress in Stockholm, Sweden in 1963.

Sir ur lessons are awsm..thnkew sir..sir there is a confusion if we sell our second hand thing it will be considered as final good or intermediate good??

Of the deed.” –

I like your letures and yes it has useful info. I completely understand milk and almond milk are subsitutes. But why would you drink the milk throughout the lecture just curious

Nihilism can involve forgetting about caring about anything, but the founder of Nihilism was also a person devoted to taking in the good things in life like family and friends, saying that understanding we have no place in the universe gives us all the more reason to cherish and love the people in our lives.

Interesting because in all honesty a Indian is just a fucking Indian to the rest of the world. They all smell like curry rich or poor.

Does this mean you should also present two opposing main ideas when paraphrasing?