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Thanks im going to singapore to take a test my test are math essay and english

@Sic7777 I’m guessing it’s because we are still pretty much self-oriented and the self-preservation urge being stronger than empathy. Otherwise there would be no sense in individuals gaining wealth at the expense of others when we could have so much more if we joined strengths. I think it would probably take many, many more generations to make that ideal shift from individual benefit to collective benefit.

– Ground Control (+Dark Conspiracy)

I don’t know about the accuracy of this video but I think the music is pretty cool.

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Nice list. John Steinbeck is my all time favourite author. I like East of Eden better than Grapes of Wrath, but both novels are really great.

Awesome great video

“The Dovekeepers” Alice Hoffman

At approximately 9:56 you began your thesis statement with “I think” but my teacher said once that beginning your thesis statement with “i think” or “I want” for example weakens the statement but my question now is: Can I use “i think” for example at the beginning of my thesis statement or does this weakens the statement?


3:42 This is about me =)

Facci un serie

My teacher said “No one talks or laugh” a kid named Jon laughed and said “He lies” my teacher said “YOU GO TO CHINA SEE THOSE KIDS WAERING MASK’S JUST TO GO TO SCHOOL. GO TO THE PEOPLE WHO CUT THE TREES AND ASK”why?” THEY WILL SAY FOR MONEY. SO SHUT UP.”we were watching this video because we were larening about human impact.


I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed it when I did it, but I was far more relaxed and calm in the exam than I thought I would be, and found myself quite comfortable with the questions. Curley’s Wife coming up was no surprise.

Humans doesn’t deserve earth😔

Company of Heroes 2. The best.

You know philly d’s gonna pimp this out on monday

As a teenager and a conlanger, I thought this was brilliant!




Thank you for the video! I too am on my professional journey toward my EdD. Watching a video helps bring together the text and files the professor has given me. I will be sure to watch other videos as well!

Fema is getting ready for Nemesis

Students don’t want to do homework, they don’t want to study, they don’t make flashcards, take notes, they don’t know how to use a library online or in person, they can’t understand a vocabulary higher than sixth grade reading level because they don’t read beyond the casual social writing that permeates the easy social media they consume. In short, they feed on intellectual candy and choke on anything nutritious and then blame the cooks for not putting vitamins in their candy.

I am a new Econ student and I’m sooo thankful I stumbled upon your videos! You are truly talented and made me fall in love with Economics already! I bought your packet and I can’t believe you are only selling it for $10, because it is totally worth it! YOU ROCK MR. CLIFFORD!

So, crazyop2, I disagree. Did you live a hundred years ago? No. Yes conditions on a global scale were different, but that means that what was considered ‘better’ then is completely different from what is ‘better’ now. If people never complained about problems with the system to make things ‘better’, there would be no progress. So, get things ‘in perspective’. It’s just a video, and it raises a valid point; maybe it’s time for the educational system to change.

Large-scale infrastructural and environmental/urban cleanup projects sure could employ a shitload of people and generate a lot of tourism… but no that’s socialism and therefore verboten. How about mandatory service or a draft? Just spit-balling here.

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I like the girl better

Acting so so interesting. this is so interesting ♥️

I’m still gonna kill it

I came here from a dude who said they reuploaded a video

Literature is not a tool…


Good stuff.



What? About 6000 text layers in AE?!? 🙂

Please do re as I’m in yr 9 and I’m doing my exam early in May! Xx

It is good but not compared to the reggaeton :v

Yeah, but you gotta admit, that ghost at the end was pretty spooky. He’s after mu children? DRONE THEM!

Man you need to be slow at the important moments

Olympe De Gouges approves this.


Ted talks suck as a general rule. It’s like reading a magazine — highly enticing, but ultimately unsatisfying and forgettable.

I got 290, so 16-21. Makes sense. The description describes me to a T.

For dogs = kutyákért / ebekért (causalis-finalis)

Nothing what so ever.

My second video and I am feeling motivated. Thank you very much.

Wow we bosses came a long way

2. Persistence



This video is great!!! Batman has never killed Joker because it is not moral. We pay more attention to consequences. But with Batman not killing Joker he is able to kill more people so isn’t that considered not moral too? In the video he said that actions should be measured in the terms of happiness, or pleasure, that they produce. Wouldn’t killing the Joker produce happiness for the citizens of Gothem? You should choose the action that produces the greatest good for the greatest number. So wouldn’t that be killing the Joker?

Early Release: Too fucking bad, (I don’t have a damn explanation.)


How is that they failed to cover the $1 outscourced for production is lost forever?

I’ve watched this video and the video you did about Postmodernism. I have to say they are superb! Absolutely superb!

I was reading the comments during the video cos I was getting bored. The irony…

Is beautiful, but t same time is terrible when i saw USA, all this buildings, is jail,

I can’t believe this game is almost a decade old.

For Space novel I suggest people read Hyperion, its almost always ranked in the top 10.


Talk about common core?

At the moment the fastest-growing language is not the language of Cervantes but the language of Molière. People in Africa have way more children than people in S. America. And it doesn’t seem like we are anywhere near to stopping this proliferation frenzy.

To start with, it had a Germanic base. Whether you consider Scandinavian languages (such as Old Norse) to be Germanic or not doesn’t really matter, the base languages for Old English were those of the Angles (from modern Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany), the Saxons (from the parts of Germany still called Sachsen today), and the Jutes (from the Jutland area on the border of Germany and Denmark). Although none of those languages were probably much like modern Hochdeutsch or even modern dialects, they were all distinctly German – which is why our modern English is still so Germanic in grammar and our basic vocabulary.

I think this thing is quite, easy. Trolly experiment is not that hard. Our moral intuitions are highly developed over millions of year through evolutions, even though many of these are have become counter intuitive because of changes in civilizing. The point, is that 5 to 10% of our intuitions should be finetuned.

I love your videos! It helps me understand much better before and after reading the book.



If youre doing your essay on a passage from a book, should the intro be about the whole book or just the passage?

That never happened. JK

You people are insane. Not to mention you claim to be good people, tolerant of different individuals etc. but immediately once a person with a slightly different personality to the mindless, soulless cleaned out non-personality drones that most politicians are enters, you go full hyena…completely intolerant, bully-mentality, inhuman, just like all the reds before you. Absolutely insane, inhuman, intolerant, raving fanatics!

Isn’t there purpose simple?

Remyj15 is my Instagram 😂🙈💖 love you xxx

Don’t do economics please. It’s useless. Please do videos about real, useful topics, like medicine or astrophysics.

OMG!!!, he speaks so fast :(((

Economics in Alevel lower six student

The 1 thing people had better learn to pay attention to is that once you elect a president your stuck with him for 4 years no matter what he did to get elected or what he does while he’s in office.

Gary fff, admit to the fact that you are just homophobic!!!!!!!!! Having depression has nothing at all to do with anyones sexual agenda,,, being depressed is NOT A JOKE,,,,& not a pleasant situation of health to be in at all,,,,,,PLZ do your research b4 you comment nxt time,,,eg put your brain in2 gear 1st,

Hi! Can I borrow your source Code in this HRM. I badly need for my project! pls


God first created animals. Then he wondered what would happened if one of them got supersmart. So..he tried that with apes..

Like if your so tired but have an exam so you study anyway

“Wanna go eat.”

I never use writing music it’s always so boring i once tried to found myself asleep

Please i need to learn more about main body

Great sharing video, this’s call “activity teaching method ” , when I was student in tokyo, teachers use the same programmer let international student to learn Japanese language. I glad to hear and give me a lot of memories back again on YouTube video. Thank you.

Much of this is beautiful, and much of it is so deeply sad, that it breaks my heart…but I suppose, that makes sense. Because humanity can be so wonderful, so creative and filled with love….and then so incredibly dark and ugly. To think of the things that most Americans complain about…I don’t have the latest iphone, my car isn’t new enough, I’m not skinny enough. Ugh. The narcisism, self-interest and disconnect from nature. Capitalism and globalization. It is truly disgusting how much money and greed rule this world.

I always have my hands in my pockets, and I really didn’t know that the position of the thumbs really says anything! It’s just uncomfortable for me to stand with my entire hand all the way in my pocket, soo..

I might actually do my summer reading now cause it sounds way more interesting now

Actually it doesn’t



I think danny3793 has confused certain populist movements w/ the reality of mitochondrial inquiry. We can tell that our maternal genetic reality traces all the way back to Ethiopia; not the Fertile Crescent.

Sir u r greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt best teacher


In my language (German) we really notice when the words change. E. G. the sentence: Es ist des Jungen’ Zimmer (it’s the room of the boy). This is the genitive case. It’s normal that the noun changes, but in german the article also changes. I don’t know if that happens in many languages, but it happens in German. And as you probably know that the noun cases in German are hard as hell, even Germans are sometimes confused of it.

Love ya great vid help me me undersatnd tremeiuosly

This song truly is pretty romantic if you actually listen to the lyrics. I say this because my guy-friend (I say guy-friend because we’re not dating yet.) has used the lyrics several times in “poetic form” as a cute message to me. C: I think it’s cute. But I also die a little inside every time he does it…

Ya lost me at the bible crap

Good video, plan to work my way through some of them. I’m a Geography student who has just started a course in International Economic History with no previous studies in either economics or history!

I really hate this.

Your enthusiasm cracks me up, thank you

Why would we need jobs in the first place if we fully automate? We could easily implement some form of UBI and just go ahead and live easy and unstressful lifes. Maybe we could even go ahead and just start giving things for free if needed. By that I mean stuff like food, water, housing etc.

Little inferno, little inferno just for me

This was amazing! Awesome work.

In Finnish, the golden haven of cases, numerals also inflect. Mostly they agree with the noun they’re describing, but it’s a little different with nominatives. For the rest of the cases, the numeral will agree with the noun.

Writing a random fantasy story c:


I’d rather say “dem Tisch”

Im 13 and i got 16-21

Thank you!

If Parker gave his consent and it was NOT morally justifiable, then how will you defend the armies of nation states which recruit people (who give their consent that they are ready to sacrifice their lives for their countrymen)?



What in the hell is this lady talking about? Does she like the fucker or not?

You guys are absolutely killing it. 👌

She sounds a bit like Lacey (Noureen DeWulf) from anger management.

Animism masked as Christianity.

I speak 4 Languages and I’m 15 ! it’s not that deal but I hope to learn more in the futur ❤️


@jazzx251 you are speaking about communism in a very vague term, communism can vary and pure communism is actually a better more fair system than a democratic society.

I have to say thanks to Crash Course for this series, its really cool and engaging, and is helping me in my current course.

I am an Internet philosophy addict

Hi! Thanks for the videos could I possibly get the notes? –

i) if he does, good.

They need to make a peaceful translator for Trump

How statement of a problem relates with the background of a problem?

To be strict about it, the 20th Century were the years 1901-2000 AD (and not 1900-1999 AD). The 1st Century consisted of the years 1-100 AD. There was no Year Zero.

Hii madm: i am so weak in writing my requirement is 5.5 but i have gotten 5 band can you give me ideas please my grammer is also weak give me ideas please i have seen your videos you have a good guidance i like it

RIP snake 1 like = 1 prayer

19:17 Illuminati confirmed.

Is this applicable to all the cultures out there? I don’t think so :/

I’m just a fly on the wall!



My Hart crying

Yea, words.

Hey dani can you email me any notes and written question and answers you might have for AS level economics? Cheers!

Where was this guy in high school

Badass driving stick

I am 14 and I’m fluent in English, Spanish and German and am currently studying Japanese! As long as you believe in yourself and are motivated then honestly it is a lot easier to adapt to the language given.

Mind blown.

Thank you!! I’m a fool non-native speaker student, so writnig essay is so hardful. but i can get some tips for my essay with your video!

The Devil and Miss Prym. A book that is awesome to talking about and debate but no one has read it! Though it does have really religious overtones… It follows a small town that is on it’s last legs until a stranger comes to town with a devil by his side, 11 gold bars in his bag and a offer up his sleeve.

I’m kinda learning more, reading out loud some scientific magazine from my collage, practicing pronunciation.

I hate percentages with a passion for no apparent reason… it’s just… 100 is so arbitrary. Saying 25% is identical to saying 0.25 proportion/perwhole, but with an arbitrary scaling factor that occasionally messes up your calculations. It’s stupid!

Nah fuck the future

Nobody is perfect. But she is overacting



Big ups I have been looking for long intrumentals to study with I love this

Literally a legend

I loev your videos thank you for keeping it intersting pelase give me good karma i ened it

Hey, we got Shovel Knight from Kickstarter. I can’t hate it.


Btw pills make people worse from what ive seen. more violent. more depressed. not to mention numerous side effects that make you have to take more pills for fuck big pharma

AHA I FEEL like this video just turned into a rant on how we need tO LEARN OUR VOCABB! 😂😂😂

Omfg, kill me. The bitch doesn’t shut up so annoying.

So what do you propose? How would you run a country/world? Do you have an instruction manual that you could share?

More information can be found at http://bit. ly/1CigPeR

Many people undergo near death experiences. They have some contact with the divine. My co-worker told me about hers “NDE.” I knew that lady for twenty years and had no reason to doubt her.

Please, Please, Please Review the Song of Achilles! your opinion is really important for my esteem in this book!

Very interesting (^_^)

Surprised me to learn that American English has a unique R sound (Except with certain accents like Southern, Bostonian etc) I sat there saying words with R’s and feeling how my tongue was then trying to pronounce R’s in other languages. It is way different! Loved this video.

Well played Amy and Noam. Perhaps some fake news junky’s will start to look for real news. I as all other critical thinkers to Like and Share this video.

Chomsky, the man who supported the Khmer Rouge and dismissed any reports of genocide as Western propaganda, this is your hero.

What Asia developed morals without Jesus or Allah?!?! INFIDELS MUST BURN IN HELL FOR THIS!!



32.30, 33.20

The Modern System is teaching to label for instance a Creationist and Geocentric as a Cultist. And with Noam Chomsky we get as high as we can in tracking where that comes from.

That was awesome sir It helps me a lot in understanding the topics THANKS ALOT

Can you do a couple episodes on 12 Years A Slave by Solomon Northup? I feel like there’s a lot of symbolism even though it’s an autobiography and was wanting to learn more about it

Analyze This. LOL – I copied the fight choreography of the Matrix subway duel between neo and smith… it’s pretty funny to have it typed out. For example: Neo step into dummy left punch followed by right punch, smith deflects by right upper outside forearm block. Neo left and right punch salvo, blocked by smith with respective outside forearm blocks followed by smith right punch to chest, neo catches with chest crossed forearm block, but then smith does one-inch punch to chest (contact) followed by driving left punch to chest (contact) – Smith wins round. Score: Smith 4 rounds win – Neo 2 rounds win. Neo floored and coughs blood. But then rises with defiant upper and lower outside forearm blocks stance followed by right arm on-guard stance with patronising hand beckon to smith. bip.

Sc~ xmolly_griffinx

You are realy clever

If the situation in which murder occurred, would not that be a justification for assisted suicide? And if we are all not considered equal, would that not dismiss any defense of cannibalism no matter what the reasoning?

Kunta Kinte!


What is not Camus who thought up the concept of “the absurd”? He also insisted he wasn’t an existentialist. I’d like to hear more on this to help me make the dots connect

Next top 10: graphic novels: superhero and non superhero

Trust yourself!!!!!

Rest in peace you amazing human being

More of this!

This is the first time I ever said to someone on youtube, I love you

Acting is too much….

The first minute has me in fucking tears. kids are soooooo precious. its impossible not to melt seeing their giggly innocent faces. i want to hug every one of them. those with dirty tattered clothes too. i love them all. how can you not.